Ksenia Nudistin | May 21, 2013

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Spieldauer: 10:32 Minuten


RE: Pretty ass
A most pretty ass and a most delightful film. I could stare at Ksenia's ass all day. Love watching her frolic in the nude. Was thinking today about Ksenia's butt along with Muriel's. Two very different girls with two quite different butts, but both that I cannot get enough of!
When ladies get sand all over their bodies and their genitals this is a turn on for some viewers and a turn off for others. It is a turn on for me; so this part of the video is good. I don't like tattoos, but Ksenia's is small and shown infrequently. Perhaps I can tolerate it. I enjoyed watching Ksenia cavort on the beach. The film is technically well done. However in the last two minutes or so I did get bored.
RE: Ksenia Nudist
I, for one, have always loved the wet and messy stuff! and, if the girls objected, they wouldn't do it!
Ksenia Nudist
Do / did your models, including your wife and her sister ever say words to the effect "Please Petter, let me stuff sand and gravel into my tender pussy and other down below areas."? Do members request this kind of action? If the answer to the 2 questions is no (as I am guessing it is), why do you continue to include this kind of action iin your shoots and movies?
RE: More poses
lovely! it's called "nudist" for a reason, andy! it wasnt meant to be overtly sexual! I'm sure we'll see that stuff later!
Ksenia Nudist
Bravo Petter. What a wonderful film. And Ksenia is wonderful, beautiful, fantastic. A sweet girl playing happily on the beach and in the warm water. Just a film for me. Technically better, sharper, longer than many other.
RE: Pretty ass
Pietro is right about that ass of Ksenia’s. There is only one word for it – superb.
Pretty ass
Oh Ksenia you have such pretty ass. I want to watch you run and skip all day.
I’m loving the detail of all those close up shots especially her pussy about 7 minutes in.
More poses
This makes a good trailer for her but I am sure that she is able to do a lot more than run up and down. Bring it on with her trying more exotic poses.
Real slow
The best bit for me was at the end when the camera tracks over her real slow.
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Ksenia kann es gar nicht erwarten die Freude beim Nacktbaden aufzusaugen. Alles ist so aufregend für sie.

Sie fühlt voller Wonne wie der heiße Sand auf sie herabrieselt. Das rauhe Gefühl auf ihrer warmen Weichstelle beschert ihr einen köstlichen Sinnesreiz. Dann ist es Zeit sich abzukühlen. Am besten geht das, in dem man das erfrischende Meerwasser umarmt. Mit einem Kitzeln auf der Haut stellt sich ihr Körper der Herausforderung der Brandung.

Es wird Zeit sich des Körpers bewußt zu werden und anzufangen zu träumen was der Tag noch alles bieten könnte.

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