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Emily intensiver Genuss | May 28, 2013

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Spieldauer: 13:06 Minuten


Loving soft soaking
Emily is a wonderfull girl! Her skin is like silk! I like to see her in some videos. I installed my computer in my bathroom with my camera on to film myself during I was watching the Emily Intense Pleaure video. It was very exciting to see her to begin to touch herself and masturbate slowly in front of me. I was completely covered with bubble soak. The I started to do the same thing than her under the water....touching slowly my clit and inserting my finger gradually in my little pink pussy. I was enchanted to have the pleasure to masturbate together with her at the same rythm than her. Then I caressed to much my clit near the end of the video because I was so exciting that I orgasmed before she did. It was so delicious to play in my bath and I think it was the same for her in her bath. Thank you so much Emily to let me masturbate myself with you. Emily xxx
I used to really enjoy emily's sweet innocence. But I feel she is playing to much to camera now. Do we really need to see her roll her eyes back? I've been with 100s of women in my life and outside of porno movies, that's not a normal reaction. Can we get back to these videos being about a genuine moment of intimacy caught on camera? The over acting takes away from the otherwise gorgeous display that is Emily.
encor plus de regard et plus de zoom ! merci :)
fascinants minous/captivative pussies
Emily est encore une fois adorable. P.H. est vraiment comblé: Avec Domenika il dipose d' un minou exceptionnel confirmé Dans le même temps Emily lui offre un minou tout frais Le tout pour notre plus grand émerveillement. For my english speaking co-members I add : "Emily you look as so though the butter wouldn't melt in your mouth"
Wow..oh my gosh!! What a pleasure for my huge cock!
perfect body
thank you
Porcelain skin
Thank you Emily; I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as it appeared.
A lovely film - beautifully shot - and so nice to see Emily cum during the video. More of her please and soon!
Emily angel
beautiful , pretty ,cute and lovely. What a wonderful girl she is! I decided to repeat and appreciate her high-definition film.
Congratulations Emily
Wow, what a beautiful young lady ! She has everything ! A perfect body, a perfect breast, an angel face. On top a being a stunning model, she is a gifted actress , who knows how to play with camera. Emily, You made me dream for 13 minutes. I am looking forward to seeing your smile again and again.
an extraordinary beautiful model and comfortable with showing us her magnificent assets. One of the best from Hegre -- lets see her again soon.
Amazing breasts on such a petite body. Great video.
Emily Pussy
Well done Emy ....nice a juicy pussy still fresh
That is the smoothest pussy I have ever seen....Emily's pussy is for licking only.....
Forever Young
Emily has a young face, an 18.01-year old body, and an eternal smile. Just lovely. She will likely retain her youthful appearance throughout her life. She is fortunate and, we too, are fortunate that she shares with us.
I think she seems nervous to start with but then gets into as the movie goes on.
Adorable smile
You are a real find Emily. Such an adorable smile brightens up my day.
I like the way she thrusts herself up and down at the water. She looks like she is enjoying that.
Thorough feel
Good to see a girl giving herself a thorough feel instead of just playing around on the surface.
Smoothest pussy
That is the smoothest pussy I have seen in a long time. How does she do i?
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Heiß und durchblutend

Alles was Emily eigentlich wollte, war ihren Körper mit warmen Wasser zu verwöhnen.

Aber plötzlich beginnt sich etwas anderes in ihr zu regen. Es ist der Duschkopf, der sie auf solche Gedanken bringt. Er benetzt ihre Oberschenkel und inspiriert ihre Fantasie. Vielleicht würde etwas stärker über ihre so empfindsamen Lippen im Wasser gut kommen? Wenn das schon gut ist, vielleicht wäre es dann noch besser, wenn sie mit ihren Fingern anfangen würde an sich rumzuspielen.?

Emily testet alle Methoden. Ihr träumerisches Lächeln verrät: sie findet sie alle herrlich!

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