Flora And Mike Extreme Attraction

July 16, 2013
Ying meets Yang

Watch Flora and Mike take it to another (very special) level.

Two elegant sculptures come together, two beautifully contrasting bodies. Mike gives a slow and sensual massage. Flora opens her mouth, licks her lips and gets lost in the moment. She returns the favour.

Witness what happens when a sexual connection is allowed to flourish. The energy and intimacy build - the action allowed to go wherever it wants. There was no need to say anything. No need to do anything. Just keep the film rolling and wait.

Warning: viewer discretion advised!

  • Runtime: 25:32 Minutes
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Members' Comments

My favorite Hegre films
Is the ones with Mike and the ladies.
Flora doesn't give Mike a blow job... she makes love to his masculine organ. Flora is a powerfully sensual woman and when I can see her powerfully sexual side as well... WOW! I would have liked to have seen Mike tonguing of Flora's flower - that omission left the film wanting some. Flora captivates and mesmerizes. Having her become oral with a man is like teaching karate to a gorilla: what, it wasn't powerful enough before? An orally inclined Flora is the stuff of the sweetest dreams...
Great video and great music
What is the name of the song that is playing?
As close to sex as this site ever gets
This is the closest this site ever gets to pure sex. One scene with her and Alex and that's it. This may be my last month here. I keep hoping they will do more. The girls do each other, the guys go down on the girls but this is the hardest core you will see
More blowjobs please.
The best, Kel
Flora you are one sexy hot women,you are a pleasure to watch,the man in your life must be on cloud nine,you're the reason I signed up to this site,Thank you,Kel
Flora and Mike Extreme Attraction
This film is wonderful; however why don't your ever show Mike tonguing Flora's vagina? That would be out of this world!!!
One of the best films here. I've never said that before, but this "porn" is magic!
Flora and Mike
I've watched this film many times. One of the best Peter has delivered. Very intense and believable. Great intimate massage.
extreme attraction
extremely attractive!!
This lady knows what she is doing..
She knows how to suck ,etc. too bad the camera man did not show him eating her.. what a waste..
This was such a super hot and sensual video....please add more like that one :D !!!
I'm sure it's 'art' but i really feel sorry for the poor bloke...
RE: Flora & Mike
Flora and Mike in this video are definitively at their best. They may be out of control. Their outstanding performance is something to revisted often. It is true Flora and Mike together make magical erotics to show here.
Flora and Mike
Every time that I revisit this outstanding film, my opinion is reinforced that the perfectly matched Flora and Mike have presented us with a demonstration of genuinely aesthetic eroticism of the very highest class. I hope that Hegré-Art will produce more masterpieces of this type and calibre in which natural interactions between the participants are permitted, but with more interesting viewpoints and fewer editorial cuts that tend to disrupt the smooth flow of what is happening.
RE: RE: flora - wow
I agree. Flora and Mike are such a beautiful couple, and so natural together, that it would be great to see them fully consummate their physical relationship in a film. I expect, however, that we may have to wait a while before Hegré-Art takes that next step.
RE: flora - wow
I agree 100 % with every point you two have made. I thought I was the only one that felt that they went further than was originally intended, and that is what makes this video so great! The passion and tension is so strong between Flora and Mike, it's almost like you physically touch it. The turning point for me seemed to be when Flora instead of just being on top turned into her clearly straddling him as if to silently say to Mike: "Yes, you may". And from there...wow! There's a reason why this is the top rated non-massage video (as of me writing this) . Even though it seems pretty obvious it's going to be Flora with somebody else besides Mike, if Hegre decides to take things to the next level, Flora and Mike should absolutely be the vanguards for that new level reached! Great video!
I love her ass.
perfect combo!
The expected final
After many photo sets and videos of this beautiful couple, it was nice to see that between the two was born a beautiful complicity. This is only for art, maybe so, but it is nice to think that there is an intimate friendship.
flora - wow
We realize that the director does very erotic and sensual filming. He does seem to have a line that he won't cross, although that seems to be changing ever so slowly. We got the impression that in this video there was no intent to show oral as graphically as they did. However, Flora was so very turned on she could not resist. That first time she inserted him in her mouth you could see her body and breathing alter. Nothing was going to stop her from doing this. The director let things happen. Flora knows how to give oral and she completely enjoys it. After a while she clearly wanted to pleasure him completely. I am certain she wanted him to finish in her mouth but decided not to. We are also certain that she wanted to have intercourse with him right then and there. If the intercourse barrier is broken on this site, Flora and Mike would fog everybody's computer screens. We agree with others comments on this site - full penetration if done correctly and with passion - is not pornographic. Please allow that passion to happen.
I can't get enough of Flora. More please.
Very Hot!
I am new to this site. What an awesome scene! More videos like this will keep me here forever. Sensual massage with both having a release at the end...very exciting. I know this is not a porn site, this is sexy and tasteful. But, a little intercourse every now and then would be awesome
Flora and Mike
This is the most sensually erotic massage film that Hegré-Art has produced todate. The spontaneous interactions between this pair were so natural that one can believe they both really enjoyed the experience. This is how erotic massages should be presented; slow, sensuous and full of feeling. I would like to see many more superb films like this.
Well, after all that time, Mike comes and we get to see Flora's arm! Great work, cameraman. thanks a whole lot.
What a climax and what a pair .love to see more of them having some serious climax.thoroughly an enjoyable film
Loved It
Great film...i would like to see more like it....I think the two had great chemistry......More...More..More
Acadamy Award
I have been a member on and off for several years. If you had more performances like this I would be come a year round member. I have watched this so many times and each time it has brought me great pleasure. I only wish you had caught a little on what he was doing on the other end. I don't watch the other porno that much because it is just the same old thing all the time and they do not respect the girls. Making love is a two way street and should not be dominated by the male. You have great photography and beautiful girls. You need a lot more updates. Two weeks after I join I am really bored with looking at the same thing over and over. We understand these girls and boys are not Hollywood, but I think they could handle a little more performing on their part. I would like to have some one answer my comments. Thank You
flora + mike
agree with all other comments that this is really a superbly made film, beautiful and erotic, with two wonderful 'actors' - can hardly imagine how it could be improved. Many thanks for this However, this begs the question: why are there not more films like this on this site?! Nearly all the other films seem to be from a different planet compared to this. Can we expect to see more quality stuff like this?
Absolute beauty! Certainly the most beautiful, most erotic of your short films! A show for young people aged 16 to teach them what a healthy love! A true desire from each other, so far all these films classified "X" are that degradation to the woman, and an image of the man so degrading! I want more time!
This vulgar comment
You know, I have been viewing Hegre stuff for years, and it's absolutely consistently beautiful. Why is there always somebody who wants to make sex vulgar? Action. Pounding. Disrespect. If a close-up cumshot is all that gets you off, you have a problem. There's plenty of ugly porn out there. Why don't you go find some and leave the rest of us alone?
Climax Scene
Great video that was wonderfully shot as all of your vids are. My problem with this video is: I watch the climatic build up for over 20 minutes and when it's time for the release, for some reason I can't see it well! The flowing juices are blocked as she pulled him into her body blocking the view! Then it is further obscured when her arm blocks the action even more! 25+ minutes and I can't see what I have been waiting to view! Also as another viewer mentioned, why not have them take turns pleasuring one another. We would enjoy seeing him pleasure her as well.
Really??? Are we serious?? When are we going to see these gorgeous girls get pounded??? I mean, let's be honest, and stop all the bs comments. They're having more fun off camera than on, we know that. Back me up here, man. They're not going to take your membership away because you called it out. Let's see some action!
Great Film !!
This is by far the best video that I have seen on this site. Flora is so erotic and sexual. She has set the 'Standard". This goes to show that 'real' sex can be extremely erotic and artistic !! I would love to see more films like this. I am certainly looking forward to the next video with Flora. She is one beautiful and confident woman !! That Mike is one heck of a lucky guy too !!
Going further
This is so hot! Your classy, sensual approach is second to non. As you are getting a little more daring, it would be amazing to see one of your boys enter one of the girls, in the high class way that only you could do.
Flora and Mike
Maybe the next time you film them they could take turns. take turns giving each other a massage and an oral happy ending. Flora 1st. Like I said I love eating pussy so that's what I like seeing the most.
Flora and Mike
Makes you wonder if they are a couple because the have really good chemistry. I hope you film them getting each other off again.
Flora and Mike
I loved this video. Totally hot. The only thing that would have made it better is showing angles of Mike eating her out. I love licking pussy so that's what I would have loved to have seen. She looked like she had an orgasm so why not show how he gave it to her>
Flora and Mike
This is how a sexual massage should be; slow and sensual physical interaction between the partners leading to mutual satisfaction.
Mike & Flora
Terrific film; one of the most erotic films on your site, and indeed on the internet. Slow, subtle and really intense, from beginning to end. I envy Mike hugely however.......
More interracial
This scene was great. Lovely to see the movie. Finally they get in deeper touch with eachother. I would like to see Coxy or the new girl Milena get in deep touch with Mike or any other black man. Those interracial scenes with really dark black men and beautiful white girls is great!
Yes. I came back because of this video too. I hope to see more like it. Artistic hardcore is beautiful.
The shot would of been for her to take it down so her lips were at the base of his shaft and then give her sexy look to the camera. Keep practicing Flora, you are wonderful.
Once again you have naild it. A beauty of two adults making most intimate thing. Difference between this and any other blowjob film is that, in this film you can actually see the sexual attention between of these two. Only thing that I was missing was a perspective of Mike. I wish someday we can see artistic and beautiful penetration on this site. Also I wait to see massage that ends to squirting.
Flora and Mike make a perfect couple, and this film is incredible! Please pair them up again.
flora n mike
this is a great( erotic, sexy, fun , horny, pornographic and fuckin A) example of two consenting adults allowing us to watch them have sex. so why is viewer discretion advised ? if you don't subscribe to this site you don't see this. This movie is why I came back to this site . MORE PLS
RE: Ying Meets Yang
The sexual chemistry between Mike and Flora was evident from the very start of the film. I don't think there was any faking; both of them obviously enjoyed the experience. If anything was missing -- apart from the cunnilingus -- it was the final culmination. But maybe that will be shewn eventually. One has to progress step by step whilst keeping the aesthetic quality at the highest possible level of artistry. The site has already gone a long way in a relatively short time, so a little more patience will surely be rewarded.
Interracial Sex
We think this is 'in vogue' and extremely erotic. More please.
Gorgeous: this is what makes this site so good - real tenderness plus eroticism; loved to see Flora's still at fellatio, though I must confess I would have liked to see what was going on between those beautiful white thighs, which roused her to such a convincing paroxysm. Apart from anything else, though the fellatio was great to watch, it really went on for a very long time, and despite Flora's best efforts was perhaps in the end slightly repetitive. Not sure why we weren't shown the cunnilingus, which was obviously equally skilful. Obviously nto because it's never shown . . . so, another time, maybe?
love male/female films ..
Flora and Mike
This beautiful, slow, natural consensual sex between two handsome people cannot properly be described as porn. The film is simply superb. More like this would be welcome.
This may be the sexiest film I've ever watched. So tense, so natural and real, and so beautifully shot. It's the first time I've seen the realism you usually only find in amateur video being combined with the visual beauty of professional erotica. Petter, I think you may have just reinvented porn.
nice to see male/female couples. It would be great to see more videos of women receiving massages from men. Female:female can get a bit repetitive. Not sure how many women watch this site but my other half does though only the male:female videos. Might improve sales to that "market".....
It is not difficult to find explicit sex movies with beautiful women, now it's very rare to find a movie with a sexuality so authentically natural as this. Loved the sensuality of Flora and I enjoyed the delicacy of Mike. Flora and Mike, please make another movie like this, if it is possible. The producer(Petter?) You transformed the vulgarity in art. Beautiful work.
one of the most erotic videos i have ever seen. the tension builds and builds. very, very well done.
flora & mike
loved it , lets go all the way. would love to see Valerie do a similar film.
Great film! My fantasy woul be to join Flora and Mike and do all they did with each other. I wouldn't know though who I'd start with. Tough decision.
Super! Very exciting
RE: RE: GREAT!!!!!!!
or, better yet, it's own site!
I would like to see them go all the way :)
ditto,ditto,ditto. awsome
RE: GREAT!!!!!!!
Since they obviously enjoyed the oral stage of their relationship on film, Flora and Mike might eventually volunteer to go to the next level on film. But let's give them -- and any other couple -- time to decide for themselves whether that is what they really want to do. I would not object if they did. I think the Film site is preferable to the Massage site for this more intimate kind of production. That would ensure that those who do not want to watch explicit sexuality do not have to do so, whilst those who are happy with such a development can enjoy their preference. The key factor in all this, of course, is that the models' opinions and feelings are paramount; they should not feel under any pressure to conform or perform. Voluntary mutual consensuality is essential.
Awesome! Not just beautiful bodies but sex on a higher plane. More please.
I knew Petter could do it, make art out of intimacy that many would consider porn. The angles of the shots, the timing, the artistry of Flora's lips, everything made this movie great. I wish we could have seen Mike's tongue on/in Flora - maybe another time. I disagree with those that don't find artistry in the penis. Both the female and male form (especially a male like Mike) are beautiful and can and should be captured. I think Petter is capable of making pentration artistic and wish he would do so. (Petter, maybe a companion site for those of us that would like the see your models in more intimate ways - I'm sure you have the films and pictures already :)). I joined the site for the beautiful women and would be disappointed if it did not continue to feature those women. But variety is the spice of life and adding males to some of the shoots and movies is nothing but great.
Mike aqnd Flora
Absolutely wonderful and real.I look forward to more of this.
Very Nice, Need More like this!!!
Beautiful work!!! Need more like this, black on white, sexy man sexy woman. Mikes big dick is mesmerizing ! Wife is in love with that well hung man! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Most amazing erotic video! Beautiful art!
Flora and Mike
Perfect. Teasing is what it's all about. You can not see much in the angle when Flora is getting licked but we can figure this one out. Clips like this one is great!! Sexy, tease, and finishes with the woman excited and of course Mike could not fake his.
RE: WTF, Over!
Dam Flora brainstormed the hell out of Mike... his bains were being sucked through his dick... and Mike brainstormed Flora... she was giving birth to her brains....
Thank you so much for this beautiful film! Both models are so artistic in their movements and beautiful in appearance. You have highlighted the contrasts, not only of skin color, but between male and female and shown their interaction as naturally as any I've seen. I find Mike especially enchanting, and you show him, not as some "black thug", but as a sensuous lover. I hope you will make more of these kind of videos with him included. Thanks again!
Very well done video; it appeared Flora and Mike had a great time even with the cameras, which is what I want to see. As for the whiners: it was obvious from the banner pic what was to be in this video; you were surprised? First time on the internet? If you are afraid of a penis just wait for the next video. The verity is what makes this site great. I notice some of the same people bitching about some of the themes getting old and boring that complain about new stuff. Constructive criticism is one thing, the preview of the site lets you know exactly the verity you are in for. You are just bitching; Bitching about this kind of thing makes you look like an idiot.
Très beau film, sensuel, doux...merci
flora and mike
great film. i would like to see more films like this where both partners get complete satisfaction without the usual "porn film" penetration. this film was very erotic, without being pornographic. more please!!!!!!
RE: Where is Muriel?
Barney, I second that question. I left thoughtful comments on several of Muriel's films such as Nude Beach, Fitness Ball and Elliptical Cross Trainer. As a fellow Muriel admirer, I would welcome your, or other members, responses to these comments. Thanks.
RE: RE: Flora & Mike
I'm happy for you, Mike! lol
RE: WTF, Over!
Please don't spoil others' pleasure. Many members -- no pun intended! -- want to see the models interact with each other in ways that are natural in sexually explicit contexts. If you don't want to see dicks, there are lots of videos, probably a majority, on the Hegré site that don't shew them -- in both the Massage and Film sections -- so you can watch those. The quality of the Hegré videos, (whether or not dicks appear), is usually so superb that they are worth watching as artworks in themselves.
RE: Flora & Mike
I'm sure that, for reasons of time or space, much of what happened -- including the 'pussy-eating' angle, which can be difficult to film effectively -- was cut. Indeed, if I have one small complaint, it is that there were too many editorial cuts. But, to experienced eyes, the outcome for both Flora and Mike was genuine, not faked, as Mike himself confirmed in his comment.
Best. Video. Ever.
not bad, but ...
well, Flora is a naughty girl we see didnt expect a bj movie with her .. great movie, yes BUT I dont really care about bg or bj would be much happier about seeing her masturbate for us I really hope to see such a movie with her someday ;) cheers!
Flora is the one that made me sign up for a year. More of this quality performance and I will be in for another year. P.S. Where is Muriel?
Not a normal Movie! For me its one of - or better: the best video ever seen! Thnaks a lot for this piece of ART!
RE: RE: Flora & Mike
I'm happy for you!lol doesn't change the fact that this is not the site that I joined!
Lucky Mike wou
Re: Bloody hell!
Good or bad, who knows. I consider myself a VERY big fan of Flora and I have spent hours talking to her and listening to her on livecam. I absolutely know that everything about this website is an illusion, yet it feels like we have a certain level of connection. She has shown me things, she remembers me, etc. This video really excited me and it has changed my illusion of her. Which makes a difference for me.
Absolutely astonishing
Been waiting 14 months for a video like this....you are finally on the right track.....so fucking hot.....Flora is gorgeous.....would love to see Mikes cock fucking Flora slowly and then cumming on her swollen lips....
by far the best hegre film i have seen.. . more please... best duo..i wish i could have seen mike's tongue in action..
RE: WTF, Over!
No need to complain about stuff you don't like. No one is forcing you to watch it. From the other comments it's clear that quite a few people like it..
RE: RE: Flora & Mike
Mike ;o) you really enjoyed that :o)
It is just fantastic. Pure eroticism. Flona is so hot and beautiful (and Mike of course, too ;-) ). And poor Mike is finally allowed to have an ejaculation. In the past it has sometimes been felt sorry for me. Still, I wish I had put in his place.
Beautiful and sensual
Flora and Mike - Finally the video / film that we have been waiting for. This could be the best Hegre film ever?! Really gentle and considered film making of the highest quality and caliber. Mike receiving fellatio from Flora - and Mike returning the favour by eating Flora's pussy, 69ing. Mike being masturbated by Flora to orgasm and spilling his seed - Lovely and sensual. And Flora obviously having an orgasm too. So tastefully done - More please.
Beautifully erotic
This is at once a beautifully erotic and an erotically beautiful video. Mike and Flora are fantastic physical specimens and two of my favorite models on this site. Their deep physical attraction has been obvious in previous shoots and films, and it is satisfying to see their intimacy slowly build here and reach its climax almost simultaneously. Like others, I would have preferred some shots from Mike's perspective, but I understand the desire to focus where their mutual satisfaction is seen in one frame. Fine work, Petter. Please, more of this.
The Sensational Flora & Mike
Nothing but compliments for this well done and passionately performed film of erotic pleasure, not only for Mr. Hegre, but for the sensual Flora and the artful Mike, depicting the two lovers extraordinaire. The entire scene was captured so magnificently... subtle, but yet so sizzling hot. One could actually feel their tender touches building for the emotional and physical overload shown by Flora's elegant expressions and Mike's satisfied example of his ultimate ecstasy that Flora coaxed from his manhood.... absolutely beautiful and poetic sexual bliss for the both of them... and for all of us. I will definitely extend my membership as long as there is promise of more films of this nature and quality. Bravo to the cast and photographer for a job well done!!
RE: Flora & Mike
Mike here! Working with Flora in this film, I die as the happiest man :-)))
Film der Woche
Ich bin mal wieder begeistert! Großartig die Beiden. Flora und Mike habe mal wieder alles gegeben. Mehr davon...
RE: WTF, Over!
glad I'm not alone in my opinion
RE: Bloody hell!
lol is that a good or bad thing?
Amazing video! Simply amazing.
Flora & Mike
Stunning, breathtaking excitement in great seduction. Flora and Mike are so great together in their shared intimacy. Their beautiful shining oiled bodies in close movements connected. In this excellent film I see the difference and all the reasons for joining this site. Great work to be continued and explored. Many happy days to come.
Flora & Mike
WOW! This is Art at it's Fineness, with the Perfect couple. EPIC!!! Like to see more video like this. Great Job Petter!!!
Oh my god
That was simply the most arousing, exciting thing I've seen since...En's massage. Absolutely stunning. You are to be congratulated for capturing that, and Flora and Mike for enjoying each other so much. I would like to have seen what Mike was giving Flora, but that's not a complaint. More like this - real, intimate - please.
That was a pleasure to watch and wish I was in Mike's place!! Flora is hot on so many levels...
beautiful view 21:56-22:05
Oh... perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect! For me the most artistic part of the film are minutes 21:56 to 22:05 - the lighting, the curves, the beauty of the two bodies... it cannot be better! But... knowing Petter - there will be even better films soon. I cannot wait! Thank you Petter!
Flora e Mike extreme attraction
E' fantastico.Beautiful blow job more, more,more. I desire an acttraction with Mike and Valery.
That was truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. No story line, no lead up, just what it is: artfully beautiful. I know sometimes this graphic of subject matter is frowned on with this site, but it's still art and it's still beautiful. I'm not saying do this all the time but I think those who want just posing, etc. get their fill with this site. Those of us who like a little more depth, get their fill with this site, as well. A balance must be made to us who pay our money just like everyone else, but want a little more graphic scenario. This was well done, with great models who have amazing chemistry together. Thank you Petter for filming this and allowing us to see it. Thank you Flora and Mike for being involved. Truly amazing.
I am so very pleased for Mike- and, imho this is probably the best video on the site. Flora and Mike seem to have real chemistry when they were on projects together!
Best Ever!
This is the best video on this site! Bare none! More of female/male eroticism. I will re-new my bi-annual membership for videos like this!
How disappointing! You can show Mike having his cock sucked, but not Flora having her pussy eaten. What's wrong with your film maker? Stuck in the old porn cliche about the money shot? Is cunnilingus taboo on Hegre art? Or, as with most low-rent porn, is the male orgasm always the main and only event. Of course, there's always the possibility that Mike is gay and doesn't like pussy, and Flora was faking it.
WTF, Over!
Enough of the dickfest that's infecting this site. I come here to see nude women not this so-called artsy fartsy male-female porn! Like most of the male viewers here, I seriously doubt any of us would shed a tear if this is the last dick ever seen on this site. For the love of God man, give it a break with all these dicks running around this site! Please come back up to the standards this site was originally known for, beautiful nude women.
10 out of 10
Finally Mike gets what been coming to him. This is a near perfect video, and probably one of the best I have ever seen on any site.
Flora & Mike
chat with Flora in livecam about this video...seeing is believing...really broke my heart :)
In Praise of Slowness (tribute to Carl Honoré)
This movie is simply excellent. It will be a benchmark, like “Behind the Scenes”, with Alya and Valerie: staging, lighting, image quality, close-ups, etc. and, above all that, maybe, this slowness which always suits intimacy and sensuality. Flora is a real star: she has not only one great body and two marvelous eyes but also exceptional qualities and gifts. Go on, Petter: it’s the good vein!
silence is real and erotic
This video as well as the one before ( with Alyia and Valerie) are my favourites among new hegre videos. Why, because it's real. The models are having real pleasure. So this is not a cheap porn where models just have fake pleasure ( over-exagerated reaction and screaming) to please the male viewers. Definitly not. Porn is porn because it's fake, not because it has jumped over the wall of moral. So congratulation ! I hope hegre videos will continue in this direction in the future.
amazing piece of Art.
What a fantastic piece of art this movie .. what and excellent combination between Flora and Mike . The details on this movie are just a delight for the eyes !!! keep more couple movies with this quality please . Not enough words for the last part of the movie.... maybe " mesmerizing " Thanks Petter.
In crafting this video, a milestone has been reached. In measured tones, we see a well-matched couple pleasuring each other, wholly oblivious to any watching eyes in the cyberverse. Bodies sleek and well-oiled. Making sensuous rhythms. FLORA y MIKE's passion for each other takes on the force of a waking volcano, with its show of sparks and echoes of crackly thunder. Thus, for FLORA y MIKE, their animal selves are at long last free! (Now that a new standard has been established in Hegre-Art, may there be more videos of this genre wherein fully nude couples may pleasure and indulge themselves sans limites.)
one angle
Absolutely stunning film which was superb except for one thing a somewhat one sided film. Although there was obvious arousal and stimulation from Mike's point of view there was little detail of the reciprocation of Flora's arousal and climax. Please give us more please more!!!with this detail addressed as this is one of the best of your films without being crude, just honest, in that there appeared to be no playing up to the camera just doing what comes naturally
anther piece of beauty
No need to do or say anything, it is just a great moment of astonishing contemplation. Many thanks to the team
RE: Flora & Mike - Extreme Attraction
Exact: More, more and more and more ... :)
REALLY - BEST - I wish more of such GREAT films ! I am happy to be a member here and come back with pleasure again and again. Please more of such couple films ... Thank you
Flora&Mike Extreme Attraction
Petter, this is the best film yet. It is a long time since I have seen anything as elegant, sensuous, and so extremely tasteful, between a man and a woman. Congratulations. It was made even more so when the two people are Flora and Mike, and so perhaps this was inevitable. These two have been demonstration a connection for a long time now. Wonderful.
Can I be Mike? Can I? Can I? Please??
Just like I said!
Well, I emailed you recently to say that my membership was dependant on male/female interactivity and particularly a 'happy ending' for the male. So, I saw this video was on, and I rejoined straight away! Sexy solo women are nice too! But no solo males please!
Bloody hell!
I was not ready for that.
Flora & Mike - Extreme Attraction
Superb!. Excellent empathy between Flora and Mike who both achieved a 'Happy Ending'. What else can one say, except: "More!...more!...more of the same!.