The Making Of The Emily And Mike Photosession

September 10, 2013
Chemistry & Contrast

Pure Innocence Meets Dark Mystery

Despite the contrast of male and female, of purity and mystery, you could not find two more perfectly harmonious creatures.

And when you imagine a nude photography shoot you probably don’t expect to see such tender moments. While Petter Hegre directs Emily and Mike into some ambitious acrobatic positions, it’s his ability to capture their human, authentic side that really stands out.

And while Emily completely naked is pure ecstasy for the eyes, it’s watching a hand slip down her hot pants that’s the real treat.

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Members' Comments

films in 4k resolution would be nice
please more films with her and mike
The making of ...
Thank you, Peter
Interesting contrast...
… with the Marcelina and Leo behind the scenes movie. This girl is very professional and never even sneaks a look at Mike's dick, whereas Marcelina cannot resist taking peeks. Both are giggly and I find that cute.
How in the world could Mike not get an erection? I would've been tempted to thrust something inside of her.
I thought this video was adorable and hot at the same time. Made me appreciate the shots all the more. Wonderful!
Emily and Mike
I would love to see more of Emily and Mike that was a great video
Mike and Valerie
All I can say is more , more, MORE. This was a great photo shoot and would love to see more of the same or at least similar !
Girl in blue shirt
Does anyone know who's the girl in the blue shirt? Gorgeous
reminds me of the movie "Beauty and the Beast"
Emily and Mike
Mike ,you have been a perfect gentleman _and a hero_ avoiding erection in the face of young Emily. As for her I am happy (unlike "Flier")to see that she has not lost her juvenile spontaneity.And I think that P.H.likes it so.
Love more of these
Very interesting to see the "behind the scenes" perspective. Would like to see more of these. Would be sexier with a woman who didn't giggle like a school girl though. Probably just need more mature models - which would be my preference anyway.
Mike & Emily
Love this film. Both the girls look great with Mike. Can't wait to see these girls perform with make in a massage film. That would be great to see!
RE: Making of Mike and Emily
I think she is the gorgeous masseuse of "Seductive Sensual Massage". One Emily's friend, maybe...
Now that Emily week is over all I can say is... I can't wait for some more Emily :)
Great photo session with 2 great, physically contrasting bodies! I especially like the warm, human interaction between bubbly Emily, and the more reserved Mike, showing that you can have fun while also being very professional, thanks to Petter's direction and encouragement. Keep up the great work!
RE: Emily & Mike
Yes I agree the second part of the film in complete nudity the sculptures are great. Emily in girlish smiles and joy is wonderful and authentic. The strength and stability of Mike is a great contrast against the athletic and gymnastic souplesse of Emily. I hope we can see more of Emily and Mike in steamy physical workouts
Very cool look behind the scenes. Emily seems to be having fun and the contrast of the 2 bodies is great. Have to give kudos to Mike. Not many guys could stay calm in the face of such beauty and be such a solid foundation!
Allways cool and interesting to see Petter's directions during shootings. Beatifull body sculptures with a very smilly Emily eheeheh . Thank you P .
Making of Mike and Emily
Very nice. Presumably we will soon be able to see the film 'proper'; but who was the stunning blonde at the start of the shoot?. We should see much more of her!.