Emily And Milena Sexual Surrender

October 1, 2013
Emily & Milena naked (need we say more?)

Something tells us this is not Milena’s first time with a girl. Magical Milena really knows how to cast a spell on Emily’s body. See her biting Emily’s nipples. See every hole, close up. See tongues doing what tongues were surely designed for.

And then sit back and watch what happens to Emily. She thrashes about. Her back arches. She’s no longer in control.

All she can do is hold on tightly (really, really tightly). Until, finally, she begs Milena to stop.

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Members' Comments

Great film with these cute girls. Wish to have more of them.
Emily and Milena
Gorgeous, erotic, arousing film; guys can learn a lot by observing the attention women pay to each other's cunts. Loved especially the parts where they were playing with each other at the same time. Incidentally, the contrast between the shades of skin are excellent, but so is the contrast between the shaved and unshaved cunts. I'm not normally as fan of pubic hair, but Milena's is fairly closely cropped, and the contrast between her's and Emily's is fine. Alas, my lloudspeaker system is low, but the gasps of Emily and the squeaks of Milena are good! Not always a fan of lesbian encounters (though find the Japanese ojne for real passion); but I loved this. Hey, a foursome with these girls and a couple of guys would be - interesting.
Emily and Milena
What beautiful women! Makes a guy wonder if there is a chance for him, too...
Must See
This is one of the best videos ever. And I'm sure its one of the top five girl-girl videos of all time. Both girls are relating beautifully. An I don't even need to describe how good looking they are.
Emily and Milena
Please tell me there is a part 2 of this with Emily eating Milena's pussy.
Perfect. I especially liked the contrast in Emily's pale skin vs Milena's darker complexion. Lady's you were fantastic. Thank You
Very sensuous
Very artfully done and two beautiful young women! I hope all is well for them in the Ukraine and that they stay safe. Emily you make my heart ache!!
Emily and Milena ...
Love and perfect beauty Suggest eternity L'amour et la beauté Suggèrent l'éternité
The best
Please more films of Emily...she is the most erotic girl I've ever seen! Thanks Petter!!
Absolutely the BEST!!!
Wow, these girls are terrific together. More please!!
These two girls are absolutely the best. More. More. More.
New film...
Awesome. Surely one of the very best movies yet, anywhere...
It's the BEST ONE of your movies! Oh la la lalalala.......... ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!
This is perhaps the most erotic and beautiful piece of film I've ever seen. It is simply beyond compare.
hot duo
For yours truly,the most pleasant part of the film is the "behind the scene" where we see two beautiful young women spontaneous and showing their joy of living after the routine of another shot...True,the web abounds of embracing girls and pussies fingered -eventually in close up. And let us remember that those scenes are just for fun and nothing else .
Emily & Milena
No other film quite like it
I can only think of good things to say about this film. From concept to photography -- calls for a series.
One of the best Hegre movies in a long time. These two girls really know each other well, so natural and so hot. Really intimate. More of these two please... more more more.
Nice job of putting the behind the scene footage after the show
It's Hot...........but
It's hot, but she is more vocal laughing, than cumming or building up to cumming. These films, to me, are better with the vocal part of panting, moaning, etc. and cumming, as well as the visual. If she would let go vocally, it would be 10x better. With this? It's just very average. See vocal parts from DomincaC and others in massages. Now THAT, is hot!
Thriple treat
Emily has it all; very pretty , a body that is out of this world and has orgasms that are truly unbelievable! She can come and come and come some more. Lucky her and lucky us. Wow, what a sight for our eyes. MORE PLEASE!
Sexy Playmates
No denying it, these girls had a great time that was full of sensual sensations. I enjoyed Milena in her subtle mood, taking the lead and not letting up on Emily, and the 69 was fantastic. More films like this will keep me cumming back for more...
Emily & Milena
Great film; these girls are so relaxed and love to have fun - and clearly know how to make each other happy; I really liked the bit at the end (which otherwise might have been an 'out-take')when they were laughing and teasing each other after the shoot was over.
Good film....better if Mike joined them
So beautiful. Yes, more like this.
It's Playtime!
Hot, Real, Satisfying Performance by two lovely girls.
Absolutely sensational, overwhelmingly emotional and sexually charged. Bravo girls, that was utterly irresistible...
Totally AWESOME!!! Like to see more videos like this. Thanks Petter!
loved the way she slipped her finger into Emily without her knowing while laying in 69.....
It is very interesting .... what a delight for my eyes !!!
well, that was just lovely!!! (and, LMAO!!! I do love bloopers!!!)
Emily and Milena
Beautifully done; and both girls obviously enjoyed themselves.