Milena Wax On Wax Off

October 15, 2013
Agony and Ecstasy

Physical Perfection Demands Pain.

You’ve enjoyed the perfectly smooth result. But you’ve never watched the procedure. Part torture, part pleasure, this is not for the faint of heart. Feast your eyes on the hot wax treatment usually performed behind closed doors.

The hours in the gym, the strict beauty regimes, the diets – they’re all nothing compared to this. Milena makes the ultimate sacrifice for beauty. Are you brave enough to watch? Just try and tear your eyes away.

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Members' Comments

So stupid, to shave... It was a great blond hairy pussy What a shame A
haven't seen
Thanks for this one. It's enjoyable. I've always wondered about this.
Her pussy looks better with hair
Her pussy looks better with hair
RE: Humm epilation
would you want to do it by me.hehe
I don't think either of them are having much fun. It's on TV all the time. The NONO a painless hair removal device. The lady in white should rethink panties under pants like that. Milena should feel free to scream.
Milena's shaving
Milena is really one of the 2 or 3 cutest model at Hegre. I don't like bushes, but well, it's a question of each one's taste. This said Milena chose to - most of the time - keep her bush and I'm really happy to see her changing this for a while. She has a figure, a look, a style, that make her much more sexy and beautiful once shaved, contrasting with her very long hair. Now that she made it (the painful way !) I really hope to see a few photo and video session of her ! That she did not suffer for nothing ;) Another hot session with Emily (massage, body-body, tribbing ?) would be the nicest gift you can do to us !
Brave Girl
Speaking as someone who's undergone the painful procedure of having my pubic hair waxed off before, I KNOW that it hurts! Milena is very brave to go through with this and she didn't need to smile on my account. Having your pubic hair ripped out by the roots is PAINFUL and if Milena wanted to frown or grit her teeth or grimace, that would totally be fitting. There's no need for her to smile for the camera and pretend that this doesn't hurt. As far as I'm concerned she can be honest about this.
The art of smooth
There are other videos of shaving, and if the model agrees to do it, no problem. But I do not think it is correct to impose it as a form of greater beauty. I would leave the decision to show the models as they like, with or without hair.
Just awesome! To see this real intimate but beautiful procedure is great! And the result is amazing!!! Please more videos of that kind, I thin Hegre-Art is the only site on the internet with content like that in a asthetic way!
amazing video you should do it on a man as well
Great to see such a procedure in HD! Really interesting and really hot!
Would be nice to see a similar experience on a man...
Beautiful movie on a sexy brazilian bikini. Love the new look. Could we see this done on a man?
Humm epilation
tres sympa ce film... moi je me fais épiler toutes le s4 semaines... testicules, base de la verge.. sillon fessier fesses.. malheureusement ce 'est pas fabi mon esthéticienne
merci !!Thank you! :)
Beautiful...but painful!
Milena, I love your new "look" - although it looks like it was a painful process. Never a big fan of pubic hair. Milena looks even more beautiful without a bush!
Totally agreed, this constant celebration of little bulimic shaped, silicon corrected, full blank models gives me a feeling of getting pushed into the kiddy porn corner. Back to the wild furry times of fun! Stop torturing the girls!
Bushy or not bushy : a debate
Milena's historical bush was unique on the net. I miss it. May be it appears again after a few weeks of mourning.
That is a different taste but she looks sweet.
It would be so nice if a few videos were shown here with nude models in which their HAIRY/FURRY pubic thatches were celebrated. Have a masseuse come into a room where a beautiful nude woman with a prominent hairy/furry pubic thatch is on a massage table. The masseuse then proceeds to apply ample amounts of scented oil to the model's body, with special attention given to that sexy thatch. THAT would be wonderful!
nice smoth vagina
I love to see a nice hairless vagina it so sexy
Glad all that hair is gone but boy that look painful. Would an amazing model. As for the massage at the end, wow!!!
And now ?
For years Milena has enjoyed a juvenile beauty together with a fine and thin pubic hair.She offered us a rare and delicious sight . And now she has joined the thousands of shaved"teens"that we can see everywhere on the net. Well,Nature is so generous that Milena's bush shall grow again. Let her keep it then. (see "we are hairy" archive for Kate/Milena's glorious bush when she was in her début :already a dream.)
Milena Hot Wax
PROTEST!!! Katastrophe! Wie könnt Ihr Milena nur so quälen und verunzieren? Macht das nicht noch einmal! Ich komme und mache das mit Pettre und Euch Männern. Ich überlege, ob ich Mitglied bei Euch bleibe !? Liebe Milena, bitte wieder wachsen lassen! Ich finde Deine behaarte Muschi wunderschön und so natürlich!! Ach übrigens: Wo ist Domenika? Ich habe lange nichts von ihr gesehen.
Next time body shave?
Hi Peter, great to see her getting dehaired. You would make a killer video if next time you get a girl to receive a total body shave (legs, armpits and pussy). And then shave the hairy pussy with clippers before shaving wet
Thumbs down on this. It's criminal to remove any of that beautiful pussy hair. Thankfully hair grows back.
Well done
After all ,a shaved pussy fits way better with the slender body type of Milena. And I like her voice when the masseuse pulls away her pussy hair. Seems like she is having a small orgasm. In my point of view, the hairy pussy is something more for a big-boobed voluptuous models you often see in 70's / 80's nude magazines, rather than for a modern slender girl like Milena.
Well, I like how she looks after, even more than before : )
RE: Milena - Wax On, Wax Off
I agree shave the bushy bits first then move in with the waxing. This looks like torture!!
Another video showing clearly the ANTI-PUBIC HAIR/FUR bias (no matter how sparse the hirsute spread some models dare to display from time to time on this website) Hegre-Art has. I did NOT like this video at all. YUCK!!!
this is the most brutal treatment of a woman's beauty, so insensitive and not for me.
I visit a depilation studio to remove my pubic hair with wax regularly a month. It's an special experience, but I love it! The skin feels absolutely smooth. Try it!
Milena - Wax On, Wax Off
Epilation does not have to be painful. This film was just a demonstration of one of the possible methods, possibly the most uncomfortable. I'm sure that Milena volunteered for the treatment, (which was very brave of her), but if she decides to keep the look she will probably choose one of the less painful alternatives.
My woman gets waxed, too. There's no blood (she bleeded when she shaved for the last time). As someone already put it: the hair has to be much shorter for waxing! Yet: 12 hours later there's pure pleasure where there was pain.
Semi trim preferred
This was indeed a new experience to watch. I would have stopped a few minutes in. Why can't we have more of the Alya kind of bush?
The bush was lovely.
Pleasure? Really?
I subscribed to this website to see the incomparable Milena and her natural bush. I could've handled a shave, but I do not find wax and blood to be erotic. In fact, I was a little nauseous after seeing this.
That hurts
But, who wants to be beautiful must suffer? I'm almost a little sad that the hairs are gone. But they grow back ... Nevertheless, thanks for this Milena. Thank you that you have taken this pain on you. :-)
Much better
Now if we can get someone to lick it......
1 Less Bush
Totally worth it!
No worries!
C'mon people. It'll grow back on, for everyone to enjoy for some years more :) This was.... different. And special.
I watched...will never again. Milena, as with Sylvia, pushed to submission...I suppose. And for what? I too will miss her more natural look. What's next...eyebrows...eyelashes...heads...I hope not. Maybe a strong warning ...for the non-sadists...would have been appropriate. I had been able to overlook all the "baldness" here...after this film, I will never see bald the same way again.
Sad, I really liked Milena's hair! It was a nice change. Sad!
Poor Milena!
The film is interesting, of course, but hard to see because of its sadomasochistic touch, even if Fabi is as skilful as ever. But why didn’t she use simply shaving foam instead of wax? Has Milena done a bad thing?
Sad day...
A little trimming around the edges, OK. Remove it all, BLAH! Ohwell ..
DAMN!!! that was painful to watch! lol I think "bye bye bush" might have some competition here!
Milena - Wax On, Wax Off
If waxing is thought desireable, or essential, it might be less painful to shave the area first.
For once you had a woman on your site and not a teen. Deplorable.