Naomi Swan Body Parts

November 19, 2013
Hidden Sculpture

What’s the most incredible fact about the female body?

Each one is completely different. No two are the same. And just like a surprise gift you never know what you’re going to get until you unwrap it.

When you watch this short and sweet movie you’re in for a shock. There is no mistaking what this film is all about. But we don’t want to give it all away here.

Just don’t blink or you’ll miss it. You will definitely watch this twice.

  • Runtime: 7:28 Minutes
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Members' Comments

agreed/ Thats one meaty lips
This is the most erotic girl and this is the best film because it highlights every part of her wonderful anatomy. Please give us more of such films where all body parts are shown up close and in amazing detail. Perfect for introducing new models.
Naomi's debut
I had to go back again to this masterpiece. It's one of the best films and probably the best introduction of a new model, not only because Naomi is starring. I can still remember how excited i was when i watched this for the first time. After talking to her and already having fallen a bit in love with that wonderful girl, this was quite a different experience. This film is a great piece of art, the perfect way to show all the natural beauty of a stunning model. A well balanced variance of great composed shots, camera movement, lighting, music, everything is great. I love the close-ups of her face the most. It reminds me why i originally subscribed to Hegre-Art. Only you can deliver this kind of erotic art, being so respectful and intimate at the same time.
I need to know what this song is!!!
Sweet Naomi
Nice music ( especially the 2nd part). Naomi is so sweet. Now I'm waiting for her naked interview, or at least a behind-the-scene clip, where I can hear her voice :)
Wow !
I have been waiting butterfly pussy lips solo long, since DominicaC has scattered away. NAOMI can certainly new born star with great pussy lips. Cant`t wait photo session.
Pussy swan
Really a very beautiful film.The resumption is sweet and soft and the sovraimpressionis are very beautiful and you guess, especially that where the pussy coincides with the chin and that where the pussy to do from background to two great eyes. Very beautiful then they are the shots of the open pussy and also those in which the pussy is opened by the hands of the fotomodella. Sinned that the model is some child
Wow. Can we have a picture set of her as well? maybe with weights on this cute labia ...
Naomi Swan
Butterfly kisses !
Naomi Swan
Why over all the years, all the girls, all the pussies have I never found one like that. Imagine, you could be sitting opposite Naomi on a London tube train any morning. Would you give her another look (be honest) but you'd never guess what she is hiding in her knickers. She has got so so much that I want to lick.
Stunning model. So much to kiss, play with and adore. Step aside Dominika, this gorgeous girl is now the envy of all men.
How Lovely
This is the most incredible pussy known to man. Please do a massage film and let the world see these gorgeous labia oiled up and between the fingers of another Hegre girl. I am in love.
Naomi Swan
Amazing model! But, where's her profile page?
What a lovely model. Please let us see much more of Naomi. She is gorgeous, and her inner labia will make any normal man wanting to be with her!