Victoria R Wet Show by Jon | Jan 07, 2014

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Playing Time: 8:49 Minutes

Members' Comments

A beauty from Brazil. Very nice Victoria, Thank You
please be trimmed
Thank you for the smile and the kiss Victoria - a beautiful way to end an exceptionally beautiful video.
Victoria R sexy shower
7:34-7:46 is 12 seconds of Paradise!
Well, one of my prayers has been answered: looking at Victoria nude on film! Lovely! Now for the second prayer: a look at her tight little asshole! Here's hoping!
RE:Oh dear
100% Agree !!
I hope the shower drain is connected to a bottle beneath the floor, because I want to buy that bottle of water and drink it with my meals.
Oh dear
She remains extremely beautiful but boring. Suspect it is another Jon production. When are we going to see Victoria in all her glory with less staid shoots
kisses to you too, my dear! so nice to finally see this goddess in motion! and, what a film debut it was! this Jon's a lucky guy!
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Sexy Shower

This one will make you dirty!

The water is hot. So is her body. Victoria stands before you, pulling at her bikini, revealing glimpses of her incredible assets. She’s teasing you, inviting you deeper into the shower.

You don’t need a second invitation. Now the water pours over your head. Victoria moves her body closer to you. She’s wet for you. She needs you.

Sensual and immersive, this steamy film is going to send your temperature skyrocketing.

Models in this film:


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