Gia Hill And Noma Twin Shooting... | Mar 18, 2014

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Playing Time: 7:20 Minutes

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that was a classic - is there any way to get portuguese erika into a shoot like that?
pictures from this shoot
So, how do we see the photos from this shoot?...that would be fun to see the results.
Oh my God! Amazing! Hot, hotter, the hottest. The two drive me crazy. ;-)
Alya's dream
We have here a very good esthetic approach to the problem of the self and its double, a theme that is always Alya’s explicit obsession but, considering « Twin shooting twin » and some other signs, is probably Petter’s implicit obsession too. The appropriation, by our astounding twins, of the Maestro’s symbolic object is clearly heavy with Freudians implications but constitutes also one mythical reference since, through this device that fascinates, captures and reproduces, it is the presence/absence of Petter Hegre which gives itself to be thought in the Osirian mode. Lively, hotter and hotter, this film is both playful and pro: Gia Hill and Noma are splendid and show controlled natural (like in “American Apparel”) while taking up very well the space with no time-out ; of course, camera shots, angles, lighting and the excellent editing have had a lot of influence on it. The music fits well, too, at least in the first half of the movie. It will be interesting to see the results in photos. But… what have I read? « Don’t let the twins down »?! -Inconceivable: the twins are the kind of women who may let down somebody but nobody can let them down, in this world or in the hereafter.
Wowow, Wowow, Wowow, Woooowwwwowwww!!!!!!
RE: Next.... do realize they're sisters' right?
unreal !!
crazy moment with the crazy twins !!! Great fun to watch this !! Thanks
When these two touch each other's pussy, let me know
Twin shooting twin
What´s that? These both are no amateurs even having started recently at this site. And sorry, I can´t believe Petter allowed to use one of his precious cameras without his OK. However, these both girlies offers a fascinating performace show of her delightful bodys. Will there be a gallerie? There are differnt very interesting photos I´d like to isolate. I´m definately a fan of Ghia and Norma.
AWESOME!!! thanks for another great look behind the scenes! and, for letting me hear the conversation!
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Double Trouble

Get ready to be utterly mesmerised by twins Gia Hill and Noma.

Grabbing Petter’s camera they go wild in the studio, shooting each other in the sexiest and funniest film we’ve ever shown you.

Combining grace, humour and raw sex appeal into one beautiful work of erotic art; this is at its most original. So step into the studio and watch two elegant bodies (with two mischievous personalities) get into some stunning positions.

Don’t let the twins down, they love an audience and want you to watch!

Models in this film:


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