Angie Crosstrainer

May 27, 2014
Arousing Athlete

And dripping with sweat…

Angie is super fit. And she has limitless energy. In this short, fast-paced movie she really shows off her athletic power. She’s running, jumping, pumping and turning on members of the public wherever she goes.

With beautiful scenery, dynamic action and a gorgeous body to adore, you’ll struggle to look away (even for a second). It’s a film that never stops, because our model never gives in. Angie has incredible stamina, pushing her body to the limit.

And it’s all for your viewing pleasure.

  • Runtime: 5:24 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Angie crosstrainer
Angie is fantastic. Please show us more video.
More Angie.... pleasel
When will we be treated to more of Angie, or has she moved on? She is incredible with her inviting smile and killer body. She was super as a masseuse and deserves more attention. Thanks....
If this girl ever gets close to a hot fireplace, she will have a life altering experience.
Magic Wand & Restraint Chair
Lets get Emily back in the chair, but this time lets use the Magic Wand. That way she can't pull her hips away for relief.
Angie crosstrainer
for me simply fantastic. We wont more please.
I think Angie is amazing. We all have different preferences, and viewpoints on boundaries, but my own view is that if you filmed Angie performing oral, it would be exquisite .......:o)
Nice, but not enough nudity. ;-) I wish this outdoor sport exercises in nude. Maybe next time?
RE: cross-trainer
this is an idea I can get into!
bonne video ! encors
Sssexy bikiniss. He finally got to know her name after a long time. Disss I like.
WOW and double WOW
Very nice...
Angie indeed is a wonderfull viewing pleasure. She is a great athleet with a stunning body worked in arousing sweat. I agree with Wheeler we are keen to see more of her complete nude body on the trainer.
At last we know her name! Angie is quite possibly the most stunning girl on the site! She simply oozes sex appeal with charisma to match. What a body! I cant wait to see Angie in photo sets! And more videos!
So we finally have a name and get a quick look at her full beauty. Too quick if you ask me. More nudity would have been very welcome. ;) I admit, i wished for this, since i have seen her giving massages, and especially since the one with that funny top. While Angie is gorgeous and i hope we see more of her, i have to say this film isn't as good as most others here, not really up to your own standards, not a real hegre-film. The outdoor scenes might have been a good idea in theory and are fun to watch, but they are too shaky and that ultra-wide-angle isn't something that should pointed at a lovely model. A fitness-themed film has so much more potential and with a model like Angie you should easily get more inspired.
How about her on the cross-trainer and other exercise equipment for 30 minutes and her working up a lot of sweat and then her spraying herself down with a spray bottle of water. That's erotic and hot !
hmmm...forgive me if I bitch a bit about the lack of nudity! I was excited to see you brought out the cross trainer again! I do hope we see a bit more!
... The #1 model on your site is back! More more more...