Emily Masturbation

June 24, 2014
Private passion behind closed doors

Emily is horny. She has time to kill. And no one is watching. At least that’s what she thinks. With her hand between her legs she begins to play with herself. The result is truly magical.

Super sharp close-up shots capture the wetness escaping her. When her body behaves like this you can be sure Emily is not faking anything. In this film, you get a front row seat to this incredibly intimate and sexy private moment.

When no one is looking and the bedroom door is closed, this is what happens.

  • Runtime: 10:05 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Heaven and Earth wouldn't be the same without Emily. Oh God! Is she attractive!! This video alone is worth the price of membership.
2 orfices
Why not a tongue in the bottom and a finger on the G Spot and a camera to catch her expressions as she experiences her orgasm it would be so great to see true love not porn as two people come together in bliss! It is the difference between ART and just SEX, is it not that love that is missing in porn flicks, you have it all Peter very tastefully done.
Emily, mmmmmmm! My heart sings when I even think her name!
RE: videos
I agree. Music does give eveything a polished effect, but I'm more into the women themselves than relaxing background music
This is for sure the best close up movie ever made. Period! Watching this is like beeing in heaven!
Sweet Emily...
...I like all of you : the blue eyes,the smile,the gloriuos breasts,the gentle pussy and more.Why this 10 minutes close up of your fingers ?.
Emily Masturbation
Well, Emily is hot as always. Certainly she has fun and she keeps the people fascinated. You are a shining star.
I love watching a woman masturbate but I'd much rather hear her wet pussy than a bunch of music!
Reciprocal Nudity
I agree with Windmill that the ideal is to see both participants nude, whether they be male or female. I believe in the principle that if one person in a sexual situation (such as genital massage) is naked, then so should be the other. It's what I call 'the principle of reciprocal nudity'. Of course, some masseurs/masseuses may be unwilling to strip and their choices must be respected. Nevertheless, my concept is as much a matter of gender equality as it is of aesthetic-erotic pleasure.
Emily for sure is a beautiful model with a magical expression in the whole of her eppearance. In this video we are alowed to see her love herself in the closest possible details. Any man will be aroused by all he can see and enjoy. Emily is showing her most intimate desires. In my view there is far more viewing attraction when we can witness the close body contact and interaction of completely nude male and female models. Seeing the whole of the beauty of the human form attracts me more then just the genitals only.
Emily is my favorite model here..... More of her plese!
Sights on Site
I write as a heterosexual male nudist. In my opinion, the female genitalia are the most exquisitely designed and aesthetically beautiful parts of the human body, but there is nothing wrong or unpleasant about the sight of an ithyphallic (erect) penis. Some of them are quite impressive and also have a certain aesthetic appeal. But, in case the fact has escaped anyone's attention, a penis has a naturally close relationship with a vulva/vagina. They are intended to be totally complementary. Indeed, it is probable that none of us would be alive without the correlation of a penis and a vagina. So, whilst I recognise that there can be individual preferences - I myself prefer to see vulvas/vaginas - I do not understand why some members object to the sight of penises on this site.
RE: spelling
my sentiments exactly! lol
Emily - wow!
Such a hot video, one of the very best in a very long time (and wow Emily has a perfectly formed pussy...) : )
At least there is not a penis in site;)
pussy is good
shit that was FUCKING HOT!!!! and believe me, i watch a LOT of masturbation videos. this one SMOKES them all... that was real... thank you so much for sharing. more like this PLEASE!!!!
A really intense and intimate movie, maybe just too intimate since I'd loved more shots of Emily's body and gorgeous face. For my taste it was just too pussy-centric, expecially when the actress is such a beauty as Emily. Anyway a glorious work.
RE: Emily
Emily ...
I feel less alone ...
RE: masturbation
On the other hand, how many men or women ever get that close when a woman masturbates? Or watch through the whole thing to see all the subtleties that occur? I think that although it is a "gyno" that we have all seen enough of Emily to realize that there is a woman attached. This film follows her arousal from the beginning right to the glorious end.
What a great film. Only watching a girl live can be better. The title is quite a understatement, it should be called at least "magical masturbation" or something like that. But on the other hand you just made the ultimate masturbation film, so the title is straight to the point. I can't imagine how you will top that, but i guess you will find a way the next time Emily walks into Hegre studios. This is absolutely another artful masterpiece which shows who is the boss of the genre. This alone is worth a yearly subscription. Thank you Emily and Petter.
Talk about objectification of women! As glorious as it is, there is much more to Emily than her beautiful pussy. It would have been nice to be able to enjoy seeing the entire woman instead of just the gyno-view.
RE: RE: hi
I think that was sufficient! lol
beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!!
Emily..you are my shining star!!!!
RE: hi
You're such a chatterbox..;)))