Victoria R Slow Motion

July 8, 2014
Arousing Apple

This is how to sell an iPod.

Get ready for the Apple iPod advert they didn’t dare make. Instead of colourful silhouettes of college students, you have the beautiful form of Victoria R. With mesmerising slow motion shots and a sexy finale, you’re going to be totally hypnotised.

With tantalising glimpses of her nipples (and much more), she is going to tease you like never before.

We’re pretty sure if Apple had used our ad, they’d have sold millions more iPods.

  • Runtime: 10:32 Minutes
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Members' Comments

just a bit of trim/beaver Vic R - i hope wishes cum true
whats victoria -----R surname?
please get trimmed vic r
whats being played on rebbs ipod?
Boring, she did not take off her cloths till the end of the video
Boring, she did not take off her cloths till the end of the video
is victoria is unwilling to have a full tantric massage unclothed then just let her keep her top on.
RE: RE: The Appropriate Progression
Thanks for the comment. Yes I have always felt that progression can be such an important erotic quality for a video. Let us hope we also progress to more videos of gorgeous Victoria!
RE: The Appropriate Progression
I wouldn't call a translucent tank top "fully clothed" but I mostly agree with you.
The Appropriate Progression
In addition to the stunning Victoria, this film has the appropriate progression from clothed to fully nude with delight uncoverings of her delightfully curved bare buns, tits, and, continuing the progression, much applauded close ups of Victoria's lovely cunt lips. A job well done! Thank you Victoria!
please, grow ur pubic hairs
victoria grow some pubes and excite me
Stunning Victoria!
Truly one of the most stunningly beautiful videos I have ever seen! Victoria is now the "It" girl for me on Hegre, the one I wait for to see. This video truly gels: the music, the slow undressing to full nudity, it all fits together. I realize now that a bouncing girl is the best way for her to show off and express her nude beauty. Seeing Victoria's tits bounce made me love them as I never had before! Thank you Victoria!!
Mr Hegre let me say you have a great idea with the slow motion! WOW , i like the speed better here then the one with Heidi. I'm going to buy the wife a see thru tee shirt right now. Victoria is so perfect, so natural....oh my
One of my favourite videos from this site,Victoria is beautiful and she has better moves than most of the Brazilian soccer team:)
Victoria R
Miss victoria r would be MORE if she was more pussy trimmed, she would get awards from me if she did. For me personaly i would like to see to trimmed, thank you.
Victoria R
Miss victoria r would be MORE if she was more pussy trimmed, she would get awards from me if she did.
RE: Hail Victoria
this is actually one of the LESS "in your face" things on this site, lately!
A very nice piece, graced by a model who actually looks like she is enjoying what she is doing. Too many of the models here appear either wooden, bored, or, even worse, angry. But Victoria does a wonderful job, right up there with Gia and Noma Hill!
slow motion
Love it. Very well done. As others said, best of Victoria R so far. Some nit-picking allowed? Light still flickers, please fix it for future slow-mo-shoots. And then those transition-fx, light-leaks, they get boring real quickly and they're not needed for your films anyway, as they're already pieces of art. And please avoid heavy cropping in post, the resulting jump between softer "close-ups" and sharp hd-images destroys a bit of the flow. But all that is nothing big and this film is great.
who needs futebol?
Brazilians should be proud of her instead! Funny though, that the Brazilian model is the one that doesn't show a brazilian but shaving pimples. Which don't make her less perfect - just real. Still I got a complaint: you can see the makeup, which makes it a bad makeup. I'd rather have her without anything at all. How about that?
Nice work here
This is some of the better soft-core I have seen
Hail Victoria
Inspired artistic effort. Sensual and seductive with suggestions of ancient Greek art (had they modern technology to work with). I loved it until Victoria took off the shirt, and while still alluring, it devolved into erotica rather than keeping to the high road. Yes, I know, this is an erotic site, yet, every piece doesn't have to be explicit, doesn't have to be in your face.
Everything is Awesome Everything is cool when you're part of a team Everything is Awesome, when we're living our Dream
Victoria R
Fabulous piece of erotic art, well done. Add some pubic hair, and you were approaching perfection!
LOVE!!! nuff sed!
Easily, the best Victoria R to date (video or picture set.) Slow motion was invented for someone like her. She looks absolutely great. Starting off with the t-shirt with nothing underneath was a stroke of genius and she wears it well (and then not of course!), and it was nice to see her smile and have fun. A well done sexy video!
Victoria - Slow Motion
Beautiful smile. Beautiful body. Beautiful mover. Just beautiful.