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Simone Behind the Scenes | Sep 02, 2014

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Playing Time: 6:25 Minutes

Members' Comments

Sensasional sexy Simone
This is one of the sexiest movies. When will we see another ????
Absolute beauty.great video Simone has beautiful body. hope to see more of her!
to heel, or not to heel?
that is the question! Simone would be lovely, either way! thanks for the BTS!
She is so sexy; she just turns me on. I would love to meet her.
She makes me shake all over... frighteningly beautiful! Be forewarned, viewing this might cause a heart attack!!
Magi Wand
Oh my god you are a dream. Please Simone gives us a long magic wand session as soon as possible.
Perish the tawdry thought of Simone wearing high heeled shoes!!! She's perfect here in this video, FULLY NUDE, body sleek and oiled-down, with her shapely derriere on prominent display.
yes a massage definitely - in an outdoor setting with LOTS of oil...
Black is beautiful
A very beautiful woman with a beautiful black skin and a fantastic butt. I hope that she soon gets a delicious long erotic massage with lots of sexual eruptions from the very best masseuse. I cannot wait ………
high heels !
Her beauty is astonishing. I look forward to seeing her wearing high heels shoes (Louboutin !) Her legs are amazing !
Simone is so beautiful.
Her brown/dark skin is just fantastic. Although she is clean shaved or waxed, her pubes and her armpits are even darker. It looks so sexy!
Beautiful lady
This is a wonderful film giving us another look at a beautiful young lady. Classic face, perfectly formed breasts right down to the aerolas and nipples, slender waist accentuating strong, curvy hips and a luscious ass, all atop long beautiful legs. During the usually quiet overnights a former guard in our building used to do wood carvings of nude women -- long, smooth, curvy, seductive finely honed pieces of art you would proudly have in your home or office. Simone brings them to life.
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Perfect Peach

An ass to blow your mind.

You’re about to see something spectacular. This is the roundest, juiciest, most tempting ass you’re ever going to see. For the rest of the day you’ll be staring out of your window daydreaming about getting your hands on it.

Go behind the scenes to see this incredible behind in action. With sculptural poses, and timeless black and white footage, Simone will turn you on, make you smile and brighten up your day.

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