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Alexia la chanteuse

June 20, 2004
15 Commentaires

Savoir comment s’habiller est toujours une sacré paire de manche.

Alors qu’Alexia essaie de se décider ; elle s’assied nue sur le lit, onctueuse comme un peau de crème, scrute sa garde-robe comme si au-dedans se trouvaient aussi bien des vêtements que des mystères. C’est le passe-temps préféré d’Alexia, être nue et choyée, avec son corps collant et humide, une chanson de Madonna sur le bout des lèvres.

Rincez-vous l’oeil comme vous l’entendez avec Alexia la chanteuse, un des classiques de Petter Hegre.

  • Durée d'exécution : 2:45 Minutes
  • Format :
    • SD 576p (25 Mo)
    • SD 480p (12 Mo)
    • SD 360p (6,6 Mo)

Commentaires des Membres

DREAM girl
I'm stuttering, speechless! Alexia has definitely been one of my favorite models, but to hear her sing?! Beautiful voice, an absolute siren! I've watched this clip at least a dozen times, now, spellbound by her enchanting song and cosmic beauty!
I'm sure it's wonderful!!!
I didn't see this movie but it must be very nice because I KNOW this girl... Happy but not surprised to see her in this great website... She was singing in my band long time ago... All the best to Alexia and Hegre !
American Idol
American Idol eat your heart out. You might have some generic pop stars but Hergre-archives had a real talent with a name as lovely as her stunning good looks. Watch out world! here comes Olivia!
Revising the Auld Allience
The Scots and the French have always had close ties, and after watching and listenind to this Angel it is easy to see why. Please can we have more film and songs from the very gorgeous Alexia?
I am in love. More please
Customer reviews for Singing Alexia
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No, it can't get any better...
...than that!
nice and innocent
she graciously and eloquently moves through out the film and even has a beautiful voice. The video is un interrupted and it appears to be impromptu with many wonderful close-ups mixed with full body angles.
Nice Voice, Nice View
Pleasant and relaxing high quality video, sexally mellow and engaging like a lost afternoon with a friendly and very classy model with both a teasing and genuinely enjoyable appeal. Downright civilized and very summery.
This is an amazingly beautiful woman
Please bring this model back!!!
Now this girl is special. I just love those gorgeous little breasts with those wicked nipples.
Stunning... talent and beauty.
nice song
Beautiful and very talented!
okay I have cocoa butter Sing to me Alexia !!!!