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Eine amerikanische Ballerina in Paris

July 17, 2004
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Die Hauptbühne

In einem alten Tanzstudio in Paris ist Annette ein Schmetterling, der auf goldenen Punkten über den polierten Fußboden schwebt.

Die Nachmittagssonne ist ein stummer Beobachter, der durch die großen Fenster in diesem Augenblick nackter Intimität schaut. Es gibt nichts Bewegenderes und Sinnlicheres, als den Anblick von Mädchen, die ihre Ballettübungen nackt ausführen.

Annette kam aus Maryland,USA angereist, um für Hegres Kamera zu tanzen und ihre Performance in "Eine amerikanische Ballerina in Paris" ist ein kleines Meisterwerk - beide Daumen hoch!

  • Spielzeit: 9:27 Minuten
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I guess someone has to say it; Please Peter. its 2016 can you & your team UPGRADE your older Films to HD & Possibly 4K. 4K Looks Soo Damn Gorgeous. You Have TOP EXQUISITE Beautiful Models here at the site. They should be appreciated in 4K & HD always. sorry if i sound Soo demanding. I would pay & i'm sure many other's would also a LIFETIME Subscription to the website if your Film & Cinematography upgrades to 4K Lens & Screens.
So, so nice and sensual
A Wonderful Dream
Annette is a wonderful dream to me. The way she moves her firm slim body is also artistic and sensual not to mention her extraordinary beauty. To watch this clip is one oft the greatest moments in the history of erotic movie.
Balletic beauty
An absolutely delightful film portraying a young woman who has such elegance, femininity and control of her lithe, supple graceful body. Thank you for contacting Petter, pretty, wonderful Annette.
Execllent Video!
What can I say, that was a wonderfull video, a very erotic fantasy...totally shaved, young girl, streaching like that...would love to see more...thank you!
a pirouette to my heart
what can i say....she is amazing and is the encapsualtion of a fantasy.....a superb film. keep up the good work
Annette the butterfly
Wow! You are so awesome, I enjoyed every moment. Thank you and "The best to you from this moment on". Wow! Truly a beautiful woman.
your films
Your photos are quite amazing, but your films could use alot of work to get up to the quility of most of you photos. some suggestions: more movement and playfullness (of the model), less seeing set poeple by accident or in reflections, better music, no flashes, less hand held footage, etc... thanks for all the great photos!