Henrietta mise à nu | Sep 28, 2004

Henrietta mise à nu
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Durée : 3:49 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

enjoy watching interaction between photographer during shoot
She's my No. 1 !
She's the most beautiful girl on this site. Shame there's only few movies and sets of her. Hope to see more of this beauty perfection!
Best video ever
This is the best video ever, and she is the most beautiful girl on the site! Henrietta ist perfect! she has a nice smile, georgeous body and for all misteriously eyes! I hope for more videos of her!
Henrietta, peerless perfection
Feline, girlish, dark, sensuous, stunningly proportioned, flawless skin, perfect breasts, the prettiest, neatly trimmed pussy, the wonderful smile, the sultry pout, the hint of mystery and mischief in those deep brown eyes ... is there a more beautiful young woman on the site ?
henrietta is one of my favorite models - never tire of seeing her. hope there is more to come.
she is gorgeous.... my favourite model...
henrietta exposed
would see in real!
I have decided to look through all my favorite models here at Hegre-Art and leave my comments. In this film, Henrietta appears to be a complete natural and very professional. Put that together with gorgeous and what a winner. It's too bad that she no longer seems to be a part of the Hegre-Art family currently as I've not seen anything with her in more recent times. And finally, the song used for this film is amazing. If only the artist was listed, I could order it for my listening pleasure. I would think that the artist would probably appreciate the mention too. Can you at least tell me who it is so that I can order it?
An absolutely beautiful and gorgous woman.
such a pretty girl,and a stunning body.
Henrietta Exposed
One of the best looking natural beauties on the site. I would love to see more of her.
Unquestionably incredible beauty! Perfect in every delicous way. This is the woman who brought me to this site and secured my subscription.
She is so cute! The best video! I want to see her films on full screen. Her dvd please!
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Son truc à elle

Henrietta a un caractère bien à elle et vous surprendra toujours.

Dites-lui lors d’une séance photos de montrer son profile gauche et elle vous montrera le droit. Demandez-lui de s’allonger sur le dos et elle s’allongera sur son ventre. Ce qui n’est pas gênant, surtout dans Henrietta mise à nu où elle se n’arrête pas de gigoter, et elle est si mignonne que vous en viendrez à apprécier cette philosophie du paradoxe, comme tout le monde dans sa ville natale de Budapest.

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