Radka on a chair | Nov 28, 2004

Playing Time: 3:54 Minutes
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This film is tremendous. The cut scenes of Radka, empty chair, Radka, empty chair, these are fascinating. This is an excellent film. Kudos Petter, Im a fan forevermore. SCW
radka on a chair
good film, i like it, very i like it, thanks very much
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The Music Stops

With her boyish movements and feminine body, when Radka makes herself comfortable in an old sewing machine chair even the chair gets excited.

Is that Radka sliding into so many poses? Or is it the chair turning this saucy 22 year old from Budapest into a sex siren? Either way, Radka On A Chair has a surreal edge and a cute performance from all concerned.

With her tousled mane of sandy gold hair and lustrous eyes like pools of liquid onyx, you'll adore ravishing Radka in her debut movie.

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