Larisa: A Taste of Arabia | Jan 25, 2005

Playing Time: 4:59 Minutes
Members' Comments

Beauty and bliss
This provocative film reminds me of the time I lived in Saudi Arabia. I was surrounded my beautiful young women all willing. I met a girl that looked much like the one in this film. She took me to heights I never dreamed I could reach, both sexually and mentally. Her tight and toned body was more than any man could ask for. It was the time of my life and now I am reliving it thanks to the artistic vision of a great man, the king of sensual erotica, Petter Hegre.
No smoke
Pretty girl but no smoke in this one, literally or figuratively.
Great Stuff! For me the movie starts at the cover and the cover doesn't lies about it, EXCELLENT!! As i am from Holland, i appreciate it very much that you guys bring me this piece of art! Great filming, great music and oooohh.. gorgeous model! I wanna zzmoke a bong with this babe! Gimme more of this stuff! Smoke it baby, smoke it...
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Desert Queen

Larisa tastes like sugar almonds, like honey, like ripe figs, like all things sweet, forbidden, Oriental, mysterious.

Larisa loves nothing more than taking her clothes off, lying back as she is here on a magic carpet and sucking smoke through a water pipe. Watch her eyes grow bigger, her lips more sensuous as she slowly gets higher and higher and finally floats away.

Pure ecstasy captured exclusively in Larisa's film d├ębut.

Models in this film:


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