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Film der Woche | Sep 09, 2014

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Emily and Herge started something new for this sight. This movie was very effective in being simple, sensual, and novel. I hope there are more.
singing in her native language is good
folkloric melody sang by a nude gorgeous girl in an exotic language most of us don't understand ( Russian I guess), that makes the film very mystic and yet relaxing at the same time. There are many hot nude models, and there are many beautiful vocals in this world. But the combination of both is rare. Well done !
Ummmmm, Next !
A charm offensive is also an offensive
Twobe1 is getting hot but doesn’t enlighten. As a matter of fact, it may be surprising that Emily, a gorgeous Ukrainian woman, sings in the Russian language a song entitled Зов крови [« Zov Krovi »], The Call of Blood, when Ukraine has faced, since six months at least, several invasions by wolves from the steppe, and armed to the teeth («When the death gives a lupine smile… »). But I guess all of this must be taken with a grain of Hegre’s salt, as well as, almost ten years ago, “Luba [She-Wolf] & Tania – Russian Army”. Anyway, this film is a real success, technically accomplished - even if it seems a bit less stirring to me than “Someone like you” -, and Emily is beautiful, radiant like the full moon (09/09/14)… with a voice! In this respect, like I wrote thirteen months ago “Emily above Adele”, I say today: “Emily above Hellawes”.
Emily Bloom covers ... uncovered
Once again a great music video of that great lady. I like as well her cover of 'Someone like you', where she even sings acapella. Her voice has the potential for a pop star - her body for sure too. @Petter: Why do you don't start a movie series 'Emily Bloom covers ... uncovered' where Emily sings more songs in that fabulose dress?
Missed opertunity
My mother never taught me the language. Its too late now.
Practise makes perfect!
The first video with Emily singing was annoying and it seemed like it would have sealed the fate of such exercise. But oh boy I was so wrong! This is soooo good! I can only assume that she is singing in her native language. the authenticity of the vocals matches her naked beauty. Peter your editing is also very inspired. Adding the wolf gives a nice context to Emily's singing so now it doesn't feel "out-of place". Emily I will remember you forever as the fist nude singer!! Beautiful please make many more songs like this. I am sold! WOW
She sings, that once your blood will call, you will follow the path it shows, and you will never ever look back nor return
Emily song
Merveilleuse comme d'habitude,en plus avec une voie superbe.
Emily film of the week
a film approaching some sort of perfection
Wolf Song
Is a very good song - perfance by Emily pretty good!
Emily warbles
No damn wonder Putin wants the Ukraine.
Wonderful !! She has non only a nice body, but also a nice voice.
Emily - Wolfsong
Emily has a voice to match her figure. It would have been nice to have a subtitled translation of her song so that we could understand it.
Emily Wolf Song
I see several aspects in Emily, she looks child-like at times while also being a beautiful adult. She enjoys life, can be extremely 'naughty' and must be great fun to have around you. Her singing talent is wonderful, and she is not embarrassed to let us hear her lovely singing as well as showing us her fantastic body. An all-round gem of a lady.
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Sexy Nachricht

Gesang an Ihre Seele.

Mysteriös, bewegend und Oh-soo-sexy: in diesem Film singt Emily direkt in Ihr Herz und Ihre Seele. Sie können vielleicht nichts vom Text verstehen, aber das Gefühl kommt sicherlich bei Ihnen an.

Emilies Augen sind einfach nicht von dieser Welt; so wunderschön und intensiv. Sie werden auch eine ganz neue Ebene von Intimität wahrnehmen, bei der sie nicht einfach nur ihren nackten Körper zeigt, sondern auch ihr wahres Selbst offenbart.

Schon von der ersten Sekunde an wird dieses Musikvideo Ihre Aufmerksamkeit gewinnen und Sie nicht mehr loslassen.

Models in diesem Film:


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