Massage Sensuel | Sep 24, 2013

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Durée : 27:39 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Sensual massage
Bravo l'artiste. Tenderness is great.
I couldn't agree more. Silvie is the best!
RE: Orgasm?
My thoughts exactly!! Some bumping and grinding, a few oooh's and aaaaah's, does not an orgasm make!!! IF, and that's BIG if, a model actually reaches climax, her masseuse rapidly wipes the evidence over the models' body. Amandine is the only exception, where, in one of her massages, she remains on the table and stimulates her clit for four beautiful minutes until she climaxes. The evidence is there for all to see,
Orgasms - Erotic Beauty Massage
It is certainly more exciting to see strongly overt orgasmic convulsions, but not every woman is like that. It was clear to me, from the movements of her body, that Milena had an orgasm, albeit understated. Much of the pleasure I derive from these videos/films comes from the naturalness and mutual enjoyment of the models and masseuses/masseurs. So I wouldn't want models to exaggerate responses merely for effect. I think that would devalue the aesthetic integrity of the occasion.
Re: Dakota
I agree with 'Uwe'.... Dakota is HOT! Would love to see her in a Hegre shoot. ;)
intimate examination
wow.greatest pussy i have seen here at the last films.please more natural,hairy pussys.i will seen woman not teens.thanks.
Can someone tell me when Milena achieves orgasm? A few sighs and that's it. When my wife reaches orgasm you know about it. I understand that it must be hard for the models with cameras and people around but some heavy breathing cannot be described as an orgasm. One of the most disappointing in this regard is Valerie. For those of you who like genuine shudders I recommend Dominika's film 'Orgasm', Kiki's amazing shrieks and En's beautiful clutching of the sheet whilst being massaged by a woman seated on her bed.
Hey guys - you should see Dakota. think she should be here modelling...
That was a great video! Love the bush! A woman look's better with som hair on that pussy! More videos with natural woman!
Erotic Milena
Milena is perfect for receiving such a such a subtle, but sizzling erotic massage. She is so into it, as she builds up for her ultimate pleasure from her artistic masseuse's talented finger movements. Damn, it's such a treat to see Milena being 'over-cum' by her inner sensations. Lots of credit to the masseuse for hitting the right chords in Milena's 'hot spot', and to quality videography in capturing Milena's release. Very nice...
From shadow to light
"Mysterious masseuse"? Come on! It's Zana the First. The One.
love her bush! ..and man would i like to see my wife in her place :))
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Examen intime

Si tous les rendez-vous chez le docteur étaient comme ça !

Sanglée sur un fauteuil spécial de docteur, cela a été un examen médical comme nul autre. Notre masseuse mystérieuse donne une leçon au corps de Milena la magique - qu'elle n'oubliera jamais.

L'action commence lentement et sensuellement, mais prend de l'ampleur et de l'intensité. Plus vite les doigts de la masseuse jouent avec ses points sensibles, plus vite ses pouces vont et viennent, plus vite va la respiration de Milena, jusqu'à la vague de plaisir ultime.

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