Massage Sensuel | Oct 08, 2013

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Durée : 24:43 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Fantastic wonderful I would love to be in that chair I found it very erotic and arousing. However, why do you use such young models? obviously they have beautiful smooth taut bodies, but they are not believable, I mean after the cold water (I am assuming it was cold) and that wonderful massage I would have squirted for England at least three times and I would have cum numerous times with multiple orgasms in fact I did, watching it..but your model only (appeared) to cum towards the end and I am not completely sure she came at all. I am sure your clients like myself would have wanted to see cum dripping from her tiny body all down the fingers of the masseusse and down her legs hitting the floor anda few squirts would have been mind blowing. The concept was perfect, but in actual fact it could have been improved.
RE: Emily - Nuru Chair
What I wouldnt give to be sat in that chair instead of Emily - any offeres grin
RE: Emily - Nuru Chair
I soo agree with you
I don't think you could make this one any better. Both lady's were perfect. I enjoyed watching Emily respond with heavy breathing while giving herself the little extra stimulation she needed. Great job lady's. Thank You
LOVE creamy pussies. She was dripping creamy juices. Could have used more close ups on this one. More of this porcelain lady!!!
It's a type of film that one must learn to appreciate, and I certainly appreciate it! It's wonderful to see Emily's striking beauty exposed and explored in such a delicate way. The flawlessness of her body is simply incredible. Apart from her obvious jawdropping standout features, I really love her superb figure and the whiteness of her skin, especially her delicate and sexy neck and her creamy white thighs. Furthermore I think the way she reacts to her treatment is highly arousing. She's able to hold her pose for about 19 minutes until finally she can no longer withstand and just has to touch herself! I'm not sure if there was a true orgasm, but then again Emily doesn't seem like the type of girl who screams it out aloud. So in the end, a highly sensual and enjoyable video, and it must be said that the masseuse is a hot girl as well!
Beautiful and Musical
Beautiful video. Pure and simple and sensuous. For a few moments it appeared that the masseuse was playing a cello.
Emily Sensual meditation
I love this video - it is perfectly made.
So yummy!!
I wish I could be in that chair with 2 girls massaging me like that..
Emily - Nuru Chair
Very nice to watch and Emily also seemed to enjoy the experience. I like Hegre's move into more adventurously innovative films and videos. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, especially in erotica and sexuality.
love to see emilly reaction when she losses her nuts
i NEEEEED a chair like that! most sexy thing i have ever seen!!!
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Méditation Sensuele

Machine d'extase avec accès facile.

Parfois les moments érotiques les plus extatiques surgissent des choses simples. Contemplez l'eau dégoulinant du corps d'Emily au ralenti. Et soudain une main mystérieuse jaillit sur la chaise Nuru pour la réjouir. Puis vous perdrez la boule lorsqu'Emily plongera sa main entre ses jambes.

Ce film a une atmosphère du tonnerre, idéale pour vivre une expérience méditative. Alors si vous voulez voyager, oublier votre vie quelques instants, ce massage et ce film vont vous réjouir vous aussi.

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