May 14, 2013
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¿Cómo mantiene Erika su culo tan moldeado y hermoso? Un largo y cuidadoso masaje en sí misma es la receta para la perfección.

Se deleita al frotarse intensamente. Mientras más hay más le gusta a Erika. Es lo que le da un sentimiento de brillante excitación. Se pliega y estira para revisar sus trabajos manuales. Todo va viento en popa. Qué manera de calentar para la acción. El prospecto es tentador para ella.

Es incluso más incitador para quienes echen un largo vistazo.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Now I understand the joy of breastfeeding. Yummy
Happier ending?
I love Erika - she's so sexy. Great short film but, like most men, was hoping for a "happy ending".
Beautiful woman.... video to short and needs to spread those lips! Pussy closeups is where it's at!
the eyes have it to look at you
Beautiful looking girl. sexy areolas.. Would like to see this girls dressed then get undressed.. make them more realistic.. tight pants, dresses, mini's ... yoga pants.. that is all part of it..tights, shotrs, long dresses, panties, bras.. tease us.. get us worked up versus just show us the girls.. even talking .. draw us in... don't like the tattoos..
Erika...are the eyes on your back modeled after the eyes of Buddha like on the Stupas in Nepal? I love your body and its proportions. Very enjoyable session.
Short & Sweet
Very nice! Waiting for part 2, part 3, to infinity and beyond! There's a lot of potential with these short viginettes. Keep it up Peter, you're the best!
I would say it is more like spanking than massage. No complaints from me about that. Let’s have more.
RE: Spanking
I agree with Bobby. There is a whole lot of possibilities in that direction.
RE: RE: Spanking
same here! although, I must say, it would work better with someone else doing it, IMHO
Aren’t these the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen? What does is it is that lovely colouring around Erika’ nipples.
Your tattoo
I just love your tattoo Erika. I mean the one above your ass. Hilarious!
RE: Your tattoo
When Baubo introduces herself to you like that, it's not necessarily a laughing matter.
Great body
Erika always delivers with that great body of hers!