Seductive Sensual Massage

August 27, 2013

Lush Long and Lingering Climax

The most intense and deep sexual experiences come when the build up to the big event is not rushed. With this seductive and sensual massage this is exactly what happens.

Two hands work together in harmony, exploring every inch of her body, bringing Emily from this world to another place. She’s taken higher and higher until there is nowhere left to go and nothing left to do but… let go.

Just watch the waves of pleasure wash over her again and again.

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Members' Comments

The wondrous mounds of sustenance . . . the tabular plain spanning the hips . . . from which a God has sprung whole . . . and holy.
An event entirely calming & tranquil . . . the provence of humanity . . . the eschewal of all violence vibrating in her every limb.
Truly the only fitting ritual fir the body of peace.
I am wondering why the masseuse is not credited in these films, after all they are doing most of the performance. It would be nice to be able to search a favorite masseuse as you do for the models, especially this one she is a stunning beauty!
The masseuse
I'd love to see this masseuse being massaged. Any chance of that? If so, what's her name?
Who is the masseuse in this?
The masseuse has such a great looking tush would love to she her naked, she makes my heart want to jump out of my chest just watching her. The tush is such an attractive part of the female anatomy love seeing it get the attention it deserves!
it takes a woman to know a woman
I love the tenderness displayed in your videos it is so much better than the non caring attitude I see in the porno videos I am used to seeing where the only thing important is the cum shot. This is done with such love and tenderness I just want to see the masseuse breasts to see if she is getting a nipple erection and I would love to see her without the pants I could only imagine my getting my tongue up her ass while I finger her G Spot and give her that loving touch.
I'm a bit amazed at the differences of opinions on these massage videos. Some love her orgasm so couldn't even tell she had one. Both lady's are beautiful. I liked the masseuse wearing those shorts. I liked the contrast between the darker and lighter skin tones. Excellent video lady's. Thank You PS... Hope she is staying out of harms way with all that's going on in the Ukraine. Maybe you guys could give her a long shoot and a safe place to hang for a while.
Emily sensual massage
Why not a candidature for the next NOBEL PRICE OF PEACE ? Pourquoi pas une candidature pour le prochain PRIX NOBEL DE LA PAIX ? Jean Paul from Belgium.
I am amazed on how beautiful the Masseuse is. Hope I see her more often!
Sensual massage
Emily is natural. She has the ability to be real even thoough there is a camera in the near. She is perfect in any way.
RE: Beautiful Masseuse!
As I commented on Milena's massage, although it might be more exciting to see a strongly overt orgasmic response, I would not want the models to exaggerate their reactions merely for effect. That would cheapen the experience. If one is watching closely, one can almost always tell if the model actually orgasms. That is sufficiently satisfying for me; as it no doubt is for the model and masseuse/masseur concerned.
Emily is beautiful and alluring as always and the addition of the masseur is the icing on the cake. She has a great body and I'm sure we will see more of her in future. She is just too hot for Petter to not shoot her! "Seductive" is certainly the right word to describe this massage. The viewer can feel the interest of the masseuse and see her expression and where she is looking as she "seduces" Emily. Very erotic and it makes one wonder what happened between them afterwards :)
After an Emily week we have an Emily film and an Emily massage. It's Emily-Art.com!
Emily is beautiful, as is her masseuse. It was certainly an enjoyable video. However, it was a shame that whoever else was in the room could not keep quiet. It would have been nice to hear the sounds of Emily's body during the entire massage instead of having to lose that audio because of external interruptions.
The other artist
Loved adding the masseuse as part of the video profile. She was gorgeous and her expressions added to the sensuality of the film. The other artist, so to speak, equally important.
oh the sensuality! sublime form...intoxicating erotica...addictive! i dont know how you manage to stay proffessional petter. i know you have a stunning beauty yourself, the original hegre girl, but i would be squirting my load every time i film these amazonians in the throes of their own pleasure. where do you find them?? they are all exquisite! just one nite with any one of your bevvy of beauties would equate to a life time of happiness for me! and my girl, as stunning an eastern european lass as she is, agrees. do the girls just leave you high and dry after a shoot?? or do they feel sorry for you, and with your ladys permission you get to fill whichever one you choose with your sack full of love juice! it is after all..a very liberal and consensual world we live in nowadays...also..when oh when are one of your girls finally going to be entered!!! with mike on the go surely he is going to be able to give one of the girls the fuck of their lives! finally!
The massage
Good to see such a satisfactory orgasm! My goodness though, what a slim body- hips like knives! - and why she doesn't fall over when she stands up, with those disproportional breasts on such a tiny lower body, I can't imagine. Perfectly true what everyone says: the fact that the masseuse has those unattractive black pans on is a downer - especially when she stands so that you can't see the action at all, just black pants with a touch of buttock showing beneath them. Totally UN-sexy. I guess you can't force masseuses to be naked if they don't want to be, but it's all a sad business <grins>
RE: RE: seductive sensual massage
I agree, the very subject I raised in my comment on "16 hands erotic massage"...
RE: seductive sensual massage
Sensual massages naturally induce physical interaction between the giver and the receiver -- as we recently saw in the Mike and Flora video -- so it would be enjoyable to see more of that, which would be more likely to happen if both were naked.
Beautiful Masseuse!
It's time for the masseuse to have her sensual or erotic massage now. Please make more videos with her! As always, Emily is amazing. However, it's hard to tell when she's actuality having an orgasm.
seductive sensual massage
Supper massage i would of like the masseuse naked and Emilie touching her breast and vagina. Could be very special and sensual. Good job
RE: RE: Seuductive Sensual Massage
You're right. It is the same model. Then she was partly covered for most of the video, so one would like her nude from the start. The masseuse in the Sports massage also had her face obscured, which seemed unnecessarily timid.
RE: To mortis117
Yes, you are right. Thank you.
Hot massage!
Wow this was fantastic! The one thing that would have made this shoot even better is if Emily reached out to grab a handful of ass!
RE: Seuductive Sensual Massage
The girl giving the massage was the same one who received one back in Sensual Sports Massage (#92)
It is, indeed! I thought she looked familiar. You could power a small town with the mental energy I spent wishing those silly cloth bands would slide off of her in that video! It did work in the end!
Please can you make a film with the stunningly sensuous Masseuse in this film.....
I love Emily! But, I must agree, masseuse lady is a stunner!!!
It's the same girl who received a massage in Sensual Sports Massage.
Best masseuse in years
Great Video! I would like to see this masseuse in future videos. You can notice that she knows what she's doing by looking her hands and those powerful moves. She could become the top masseuse. The only downside of this video is the lack of close-ups like in other videos. I guess Petter used 2 cameras, one is over the model and the other a open shoot to have a good look on masseuse (she deserves it), but that leave us without a good close-up on her work on the pussy. The other masseuse that I love is the one that Petter used for Dominika's Full Pussy Massage back in 2010, but unfortunately never seen her again. Extraordinary strong hands, you can see that she's an experienced and professional masseuse by looking her hands. Keep bringing masseuses with fit/strong hands!
Exquisite! It is good to see Emily receive a "reward" for all her hard work as a model! Love the smile on her afterwards.
Happy Emily
It's indeed a "good pussy massage". The masseuse is a stunner. Who is she?
Seuductive Sensual Massage
Yes, I like it. Emilly is beautyful. Who ist the other very beautyful lady? She has a sexy body and a pretty face.
Sensual Massage
Pity that the stunningly beautiful masseuse wasn't as nude as Emily. She must be one of the loveliest girls around and would look fantastic being herself massaged by one of her fellow masseuses/masseurs. But she's obviously quite skilful as well. because Emily seemed quietly to enjoy her attentive technique.
the girl was pretty but the lady giving the massage was absolutely sexy!