Therapeutic Sports Massage

October 22, 2013

Sculpting the perfect female form.

Like a lump of clay in the hands of a master sculptor, our sports therapist shapes Alya’s body. Making sure every muscle and every joint is in just the right place.

You’ll not be able to look away as these expert hands work Alya’s sensational body. Limbs pulled, rubbed, bent, stretched and twisted.

This is the ultimate deep tissue release of tension and stress. And now she is loose and ready for some action!

  • Runtime: 25 Minutes
  • Format:
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Members' Comments

A Great Massage ! Where in Germany can I get such a beautifull Massage ! Did someone has an Idea ? :)
Wow - I thought the masseuse did an amazing job - 11 out of 10.
the best bodywork!
Great body, Bad angles... why weren't there and views from the foot of the table?
Alya is definitely in top shape. Seeing her long, lean and luxurious body pulled, stretched and twisted is a visual feast. It's great to see her back as a model and now also as an interesting photographer in her own right. As much as I enjoy her creativity behind the camera, I get excited the most about her modeling work, both photo sets and video. This film doesn't disappoint.
very erotic massage video... alya has a great slim and sporty body! at the end, you can see her strong visible heartbeat... wan't more of alya :-)
Beautiful as always
I would love to be able to give Alya a massage every day. Such a sensual body and her personality is most playful in many of her films. Keep her galleries and films coming.
miss Alya lovely as always! more more more please!!!