Multiple Electric Orgasm Massage

December 24, 2013

She twitches like a rabbit’s tail.

We start of slowly, but really intensely. This movie is not over in a minute. It’s not a flash in the pan. It rewards the dedicated viewer. If you’re willing to go on this journey, you’re in for an electric treat.

This is one of the most powerful erotic massages we’ve ever filmed for you. And you can see it all over her face. Orgasms after orgasm after orgasm; forget multiple, think multitude. And when the magic wand gets between your legs.

  • Runtime: 49:53 Minutes
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Members' Comments

WOW Gaby....
Just wow! Thanks Gaby for sharing this moments !!! Speechless!!! XXX
RE: Fantabulous!!
It's not the number of orgasms who is important. The important is the quality of an orgasm. One and only one big orgasm is better than multiple one who are very weak !
The best of all !
I am near the end of my membership. I was thinking that I have seen the best Video with the massage of Flora and the massage of Emily. But I had a surprise when I looked the massage of Gaby. She is so marvelous and beautifull. I found that the masseuse does the massage of Gaby with a lot of attention. The masseuse does the massage very carefully. She likes to do massage to Gaby, she likes to touch the lips of Gaby and to insert her finger slowly inside Gaby's pussy, it's easy to see. She is so meticulous with Gaby. I watched the video totaly during the 49.53 minutes while I was masturbating myself slowly in front of the screen of my computer and eating a fruit during the viewing of the video. I was all the time during 49.53 minutes on the edge of my orgasm..I prefered to take my time and to have only one orgasm than multiple. In that way the tension climbs at a high level and the orgasm is stronger. When I had mutiple orgasms, the first one is more strong than the others which follow the first. When I had only one strong orgasm after masturbating myself during approximately one hour then after that I am totaly liberated. My mind is flying over my naked body and my legs are trembling like leaves which are blowing by the wind. Thank you Gaby for the good moment I had during your video!
There is little refractory time between orgasms this is proof positive for women who are multiorgasmic!! I am living proof of this it takes me only a few seconds to a few minutes to have another wave of ecstasy!! I have had up to seven or eight orgasms within 20 min a little more than a few seconds!! This movie was thoroughly enjoyable!!
Gaby masage
You seem to be happy. I hope it is 100 per sent true.
Lovely girl. Nice job with the camera work as well with the moving focus following the hands.
RE: RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms
I suggest that Andreas' claim to have '10 orgasms in a couple of minutes' is stretching more than his member. Perhaps he meant 'one after every couple of minutes' but, if any credence can be put in the many clinical studies that have dealt with male orgasms and their frequency, even that seems exaggerated. If he really can get there that often so rapidly, he's an exceptionally lucky -- and probably often very tired -- man. I'm sure that many others, (including sex researchers), would like to know how he achieves such success.
RE: RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms
RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms
hmmm.... I know one man who did not need 20 minutes to recover after an orgasm, just 2-3 minutes. Some people are just gifted :)
What a girl!!
I love the video, and I love the girl! She's seems just so natural and so modest, but at the same time she's wildly sexual and her hot firm body is extremely arousing. I love her proud perky tits, I love her sweet face with the dark eyes, I love her beautiful white skin, I love her sweet fingers. And I love the way she sighs and breathes; the volume, the intervals, the intensity, it's all just right. What a girl! What a girl!!
RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms
Andreas. if your claim is true you are probably unique in the world. You could make a colossal fortune selling your technique if you could prove that it works. I have read, however, that Kinsey, Masters and Johnson all calculated from their exhaustive researches that a man needs at least 20 minutes to recover after each orgasm -- the intervals become longer each time -- and that three consecutive climaxes are at the physical limit of male recuperative powers after orgasm.
hello, every body, but i love this video and the model of course and the masseuse too. it's the first video for this masseuse or not? thank for you answer. bye
Sorry but men can have this stamina just as well. ;) 10 orgasms in a couple of minutes is no big deal for me. It's just a matter of knowing how. ;)
i'm going to switch my lightsaber with that magic ward!!
A masterpiece
I enjoyed every single second of this amazing movie. The skills of the masseuse are incredible and Gaby's reactions to every single touch of her are one the most exciting thing I've ever had the privilege to see. Great great movie, to watch again and again and taste every aspect, every expression in an astonishing crescendo that culminates in such intense orgasms. An erotic masterpiece.
The sexual stamina of women leaves most men more than envious. For those who have a 'magic wand', the importance of foreplay cannot be over-emphasised. If the machine is applied before the recipient is fully aroused, the shock may be counter-productive and inhibit the achievement of one, let alone multiple, satisfying orgasms. Although not necessary to wait so long, Gaby had at least four before the wand was introduced after 28 minutes. During the next 10 minutes she had at least 4 more, though distinguishing between when one ends and another starts was difficult.