Powerful Pussy Massage

January 14, 2014

A god plays with her.

She’s about to know what it’s like to be pleasured by a divine being. With the strong sensual touch of the part-god, part-mortal Hercules, she feels the sexual power of the gods rushing through her human body.

And what a body it is. Perfectly proportioned, with stunning curves from head to toe. Your eyes will glide across her body, down over her neck and the contours of her breasts and hips – ending deep down in the valley between her legs. Watch her get taken from this world into another.

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Members' Comments

Hard dick
She should touch his dick more.. that would been sexier.... what a waste of sack full of cum...
guys and gals
Perhaps guys can learn from what women know about their bodies. Still, there is still something that a guy can do for a woman which a woman can't. I also agree with flower from Canada.
beautifully done
perfect shooting, good bodies. I like this.
More couples massage
As for Flora and Mike, it's very nice to see that there is great attraction between the two models, she is amused and relaxed, and he gentle and playful. I hope there will be a sequel to this couple and this type of massage, much more attractive than the massage with mechanical equipment.
The most stunning / charismatic girl on the site... just... wow! Please more like this
RE: Mysterious beauty
She's a lithuanian girl, they are the best.
Mysterious beauty
I've watched all the flicks that involve this beauty giving massages and now that we see her receiving one, it's such a tease that you don't even tell us her name. She is just stunning, even when she is clothed, its just... Wow. I do hope to see more of her.
On the one hand, him slapping at her with his penis seems a bit crude. On the other hand, I like that no body part is be off-limits for either giving or receiving the massages on this site. If he had used his penis to gently rub her oil-slickened skin that would have been very erotic. (And he's certainly got enough penis for that.) I sure hope we get to see this girl naked while giving a massage.
No hardcore
Well, I understand the comments, and agree some handjob could have been nice, although just teasing is not so bad. But I disagree with oral, 69 and penetration. In that case it would be hardcore porn and I don't think Hegre Art is meant for this. There's plenty enough hardcore site on the Internet, should you prefer it.
RE: powerfull pussy massage
I agree with Flower, the girl has the penis in her hand and chooses to do nothing with it. Is she not interested in him ? A perfect opportunity for her to grab his penis and massage him as he massages her. That would be so erotic ! Please repeat a massage with these two. but with some hand to penis massage.
RE: My favourite
I agree with every word above. It would be nice to have more videos with her. Will there be more ?... My next wish, is for the admin / hegre to try to find time to participate in the members feedback system :). Anyways, great site, been a member dor a long time
My favourite
This lady is in my view is the most beautiful on the site. These two seem to have either a relationship or at least a very good rapport, it would be fantastic to see them do something like Flora has been doing, with oral, or 69, or even slight or full penetration, they are both so perfect together. To be honest, even though I find her body both perfect and entrancing, her face is so beautiful I keep looking at her eyes
Powerful pussy massage
I really like this video, and this type of video. Naked massage is really where it should be at, whether g/g or g/boy. This is really erotic, I particularly liked the shots where he put his penis into her hands and she just let him, that, for me, was nice - not a single twitch of the fingers. Although.....I do agree that we really needed a camera at the foot of the bed so we could see more of what was going on between her legs and more of the dancing of his erection, which was also lovely to see.
Different Penis Massage
Something I do for my lady, and would love to see a video here, is massaging her clitoris with the head of my erect penis. Incredibly stimulating.
Est qui la modele?
La modele est-elle Gaby?
Agreeing with....
I am in total agreement with you both, MojoMa and lember. We are free to like or dislike these highly erotic films, but it can be done without complaints. If we want to view, or not view them, it is our discretion to do so. I find them to be very stimulating and enjoyable works of erotica art, but it IS difficult to cover all the areas in a single film. I do want to express my desire though, to see more of this extremely beautiful, sexy, and spirited hot gal in future shoots. She is not only an artist with her talented hands and fingers as an accomplished masseuse for both male and female erotic massages, but is also blessed with one of the very best proportioned bodies, toned complexions, and faces to be featured here... and/or elsewhere.
RE: Powerful Pussy Massage
Please dont reply this type of massage is not interesting for those that has chosen this site (I dont think there are gays here it is not for them I think). Here there are lesbian or heterosexuals that like beautiful women. Women are the center of films. Penis massage has a meaning because there is a beautiful woman that makes it. I ask again a new massage girl girl with more interaction. For what concerns penis massages they should last less to be more natural without cuts and with a cum that was near to the impossibility to resist. In many video they last for hours. Be closer to normal people. Happy massage to all!!
RE: Sensational... More please
Couldn't agree with you more. These two were in playful penis massage film. You could really see her attraction in that one. The chemistry is equal to Mike and Flora. Attraction with sensual touch that naturally flows into erotica does not make it porn. Massage has been a part of my love life. My lover and I get closer every time one of get on the table (emotionally and physically). Maybe we need a category here for all the viewers who are loving this. PLEASE, more!
Powerful Pussy Massage
I agree with Lemba that there should have been a camera at the foot of the table. It was impossible to see what the masseur was doing to her between her legs. I have no objections to seeing males and females together in these videos/films, nor to two females together. In this video the masseur certainly made himself available but the recipient didn't seem to interested in accepting his offers. That's her right, of course, so I don't criticise her for that, even though I would personally prefer to see more mutual interaction in these shoots between the receiver and the masseur/masseuse. Everyone has personal preferences, but I don't understand the response of those who say they don't like such presentations, because the advertising posters usually indicate clearly the type of action to be shewn and there is no compulsion for anyone to watch what se doesn't like. There are plenty of alternatives available. Viewing -- like participation -- is entirely consensual. One needs to remember that straight, gay and bisexual Members of both genders watch these videos and have their particular preferences. Hence, as a straight (heterosexual) man, I would not be very interested in seeing two males together, so I probably wouldn't watch them. If I did out of curiosity, however, I wouldn't complain about the cast because it was my choice to watch them.
powerfull pussy massage
I would have like to see the receiver grab the men penis and stroke it and have an orgasm both at the same time for the end, great sensual massage
Excellent camera work. I see the video work evolve a lot and now at a similar high level as on the photo work. That's why we are here for, aren't we?
reayl focus
Not sure if teh focus of the masseur was fully on the lady than on hs own pleasure. Overmuscled is in deed the right statement, espacially in contrast to the natural females on this site.
Sensual Massage
This massage in my view is most sensual. Stunningly beautiful completely naked bodies touched with soft strokes. The obvious mutual arousal is a great attraction to see. In another extended massage with more freedom for touches of the whole of the body of the masseur much more exitement can be achieved.
Sensational... More please
Incredibly erotic.. I hope their interactions will evolve in a way that flora and mike did... A new website, featuring these sorts of boy/girl massage / tantra interactions would take the internet by a storm ... I hope hegre will continue to go into this explicit direction re-defining artcore / art erotica ... And what a woman / man in this video... Wow... More!!!
I dont agree, he seemed that was mixing a cake. Instead shes really beautiful but would be better a girl girl massage with more interaction with the massaged. There was some time ago a girl girl massage bu the massaged touched only a little the masseuse. Of course this is only my opinion and I dont want to offend none.
Very enjoyable and exciting...
I do not know her name, but it is so gratifying and extremely exciting to see this beautiful and amazingly sexy gal receiving and experiencing the wild stimulations and powerful sensations that are usually the results of HER talented fingers and hands applying their sexual and sensual strokes, rubs, glides, and highly erotic grips received by her very fortunate subjects to the point of their tumultuous explosions and climaxes as she applies her unique manipulations bringing them to the height of their orgasmic massages. She takes every bit of pleasure as thoroughly as she gives it. I do truly hope that we see much more of her in the near future applying her skills and reaping the satisfaction, as well. She is the ultimate masseuse...
Powerfull Pussy Massage
these are the same models in Playful Penis Massage, in reverse roles. What is HER name?
Will there be a completion
Great - now we need her to bring him to orgasm
The Girl is stunning! Hope to see more from her in galleries! Love the massage, love the movie! It is a pleasure to see a girl like this so horny and reaching the climax! How much i wanted to be this guy! Please, keep giving us more like this! Massage, sexy movies, galleries! For sure ill not be the only one that want more from her….
wrong video for wrong audience
This video was the least worthy of a hegre title on this site. The male masseuse looks out of place. The cock slapping was weird at best. And the camera work was terrible. Why only a side view? The best massages are ones that focus on one person giving and another person receiving. There is a beauty to seeing a woman (or a man) completely give them self over to someone focused solely on their pleasure. Here we have an awkwardness that fails to meet the typical Hegre standard of visual artistry and instead succumbs to the all too easy temptation of being cheap porn.
beautiful sequence in classic style Erotik Peter ... However, emphasis away from the magic created between Flora and Mike .. the scene of fellatio will only improvised ... we hope to see something soon ...
feel a little deflated!
Was looking forward to this video when I saw who the model was. Watching it was disappointing as I expected to see some of her stimulation rather than being wacked by an oversized cock!! Camera angle crap for following up on the title which promised a lot but for me delivered little apart from the devastatingly beautiful model. Come on Petter you have produced ground-breaking videos in this category but this isn't one of them for me.
Powerful Pussy Massage
The masseur's upper body is somewhat over-muscled, but the receiver is stunningly beautiful. The massage itself was not very powerful, but it was sexy. Interesting use of his manhood. I'm surprised that she didn't grab hold of it when he was massing her slit. Overall, I enjoyed this video and would like to see more of them with some natural giver-receiver interaction.
Could have been great
As eagerly as I was anticipating this massage film, I am somewhat disappointed with so many missed opportunities. The mysterious, yet-to be-named model is really gorgeous, even compared to the generally extremely attractive models on this site. However, her magnificent body is shown only from the side, and then often obstructed by the guy's ass. I am not necessarily against featuring males in erotic or massage videos, but this lucky guy already was featured in a video, where he and his enormous erection received an undivided attention. This film should have been about the girl, and she should have been featured more prominently. If you go on about how stunning her body is, then why not show it? Where is the view from the foot of the table, or the overhead camera view present in most of the massage films? You have managed to make an OK film out of what could have been a mind-blowingly great one.