Bondage Femdom Massage

January 28, 2014

The scenes you wished they’d made!

The gladiator is wondering what fate awaits him. Will it be death or some other cruel punishment? What he wasn’t expecting was the mighty Flora. She straps him in and so begins the ultimate combination of pleasure and pain.

His body is completely at her mercy. And she uses it to satisfy her own lust. Dark and mysterious, this compelling film will have you hooked from the start to the finish. It’s the very best of Hegre-Art.

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Members' Comments

This is indeed a great video. I would like to see many more! I just keep watching, together with my gf. She loves it, too!
OMG one of the hotest videos yet I have seen on your site
Wow this is one of the most intense videos I have yet to have seen on your site, wish I could have seen if he helped her by using his tongue on her. Great can we have more videos like this one?
Flora and Kiki together?
A masterpiece! Bravo!
Could we get more in this genre?
Couples massages
This video has set a hot stunning and most excellent new standard in truly mesmerizing sensuality. The explicit details in the most exciting massages possible are unique. I do like to see more of these.
too bad the guy in the video didn't cum
I agree with all of the comments. Awesome. I was disappointed when we didn't get to see the man have his orgasm, why would you leave that out ?
Great Film!
Please make more of these!
Flora and Alex
Peter, I don't know if you read these comments. However, this is the best video I have ever seen !! If at all possible, please follow this up with more videos. Let the next film start where this one left off. Please let them finish !! You are setting the standard in artful erotic film !!
The best, by why!!!! only one!?
Now that's the best I've seen here, more!!! like this Please! Longer and deeper would be WOW!!
THIS IS IT !!!!!!
This is the art of film i've hoped for, when i have subscribed to your site, Peter! This scene is simply mind blowing beautiful! And to choose Flora for this art of filming, it's show me how good you know your models. She is absolutely amazing.... I hope to see more like this, but meanwhile i think it will be pretty challenging to you to maintain such a hi level of edge erotism. The danger to become a little to porny is big. Anyway, what you achieved already, Peter, is fantastic! Grossartig! Greetings from Gemany.
perfectly shoot
Like to see a few penetration!
Flora forever!
Flora introduce vaginal and oral massage! The result is wonderful, I hope to see massage like this again and again and again...
Best in Bondage
Never seen anything better. Beautiful!!!!
erotic gladiator
This is by far the best video I have seen on Hegre. It is amazingly erotic with an amazing ambiance. Please do more of these. I would gladly volunteer to be the Gladiator Well done
Not sure how she could hold back from sitting all the way down. Easily the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life.
RE: A Second Review
I agree with all your comments. The most beautiful and sexiest video I have ever seen! What I would have given for more! Beautiful lighting, beautiful everything. Teasing incredibly well done. Left longing. Thanks for such beautiful work Peter. What a gift.
The best male bondage film ever
A Second Review
I have watched this film a number of times. This is definitely the most erotic film that I have ever seen anywhere. I think that 'New Ground' has been reached with this video. It is apparent that Penetration, ever so slight, has been shown on the Hegre sight. The Hegre models are the most beautiful women in the world. Flora is gorgeous !! I don't view your films as just 'average porn'. I look at them as the ultimate in beauty and artistry. What can be more artistic than watching beautiful men and women doing what comes naturally, filmed well lit and in HD ? This would be totally awesome !! I know that some of the viewers seem to be put off by this. However, I think that the majority of us would truly appreciate such videos. Peter, I do not know if you read these comments. However, I would bet you 5 dollars that if you filmed a few of these videos as a test, your paid membership would take a 'significant' increase in paid subscriptions. I would gladly pay up if I am wrong !! How many of you out there share my opinion ?
Stunning !!!
This is the hottest film that I have ever seen !! Flora is totally amazing !! I would love to have a session with her. What a lucky guy !! Please, Please have more films with Flora like this. I can hardly wait to see more films like this !!!!
The guy is truly great looking, but Flora is heat personified! What a completely sexy woman, so out there and at ease with her own desire and passion. She is beautiful as well, and her orgasms are just wonderful.
RE: superb in excellence
Flora has put on the restraints. Alex and the whole of his body is there for her pleasure. Teasing him and us is part of her joy. This video remains so very hot and exiting. Seeing all these massages of couples in their stunning complete nude beauty it shows how many great video's are still to come.
Incredible. The best EVER on HegreArt
WOW. I watched this film when it first came out and have watched it at least twice a week since then. In my opinion, this is the most erotic film done on this site. I think the music is a little dark, especially at the beginning. Overall......FANTASTIC ! The breathing and moaning are at a perfect volume and timed great. I really cant get enoiugh of watching this film. i see something new every time. What a lucky man in this film.
This is my first comment ever on the site, but I had to compliment the chefs: SUPER. SEXY.
Bondage Femdom
How about another of these with Flora and the male from playful penis ,with more lighting ? EXCELLENT
When she gets turned on it is so sincere, uninhibited, passionate and addictively watchable while magnificently filmed. Could we please see more and more of Flora? I am being greedy but I would love to see full penetration and lots more of what you have done already.....massage, and slow oral....
pure erotic
what a video. never seen anything like it . more of it please would be most welcome .nothing but sheer control over total pleasure -anil
More Please
This is my favorite video on the site. Please shoot some more like this.
Flora e Clover
Sarebbe meraviglioso vedere un sequel di questo set insieme a Flora e Clover...vincerebbe un Oscar di erotismo oral glamour
Not bad, but I'd like to make a suggestion.
Not all of us like our men bulky, with big muscular arms and broad shoulders. Could your next male model to be massaged be a slender, male model with a less bulky build? Sort of like River Phoenix or Christopher Atkinson?
I came 3x during this video....need I say more?
Femdom Massage
I have all your massages handy as I have downloaded them all. this is the best, most erotic one you have done. more of the same please! both models are beautiful and very involved.
This is beautiful and poetic. It reminds me of Leonard Cohen's lyrics: "She tied you to a kitchen chair, She broke your throne, and she and cut your hair, And from your lips she drew the Hallejulah!"
great, thanks to this women man cane learn what it mean to have a good time, I wish this power from more of the women. I like that Thanks to Flora!!!
bondage femdon
flora is magnificent,shame she could not finish him off properly.would love to see Valerie in one of these movies.
Magnificent! - and go further
A stunningly beautiful and heart-stoppingly sexy situation. Two totally beautiful models with great sexual energy, amazing bodies and wonderful genitals (really the most beautiful penis and vagina!)... Petter, was is important is the flow of sexual energy, that is what makes it hot, and what is more important, real!! You can easily cross the line and show full penetration! Certainly between these two, it can only be completely beautiful. The issue is not the "line" of the cock going into her. As long as you keep it real and beautiful and full of passion (not phony porn passion, but the real thing) YOU can keep it great. Wonderful, give us more... go further and go for it!
RE: Best Ever!
Here goes my signature! I can't agree more. These words represent my exact feelings about this movie. Great work. I'm looking forward formore produtions like this.
Ugly perspective
Is this for man or woman? I don't like this full frontal perspective of a penis which looks like an elefants trunk.
Best Ever!
This is the first comment I've left on this site. Flor creates such a level of intimacy and eroticism that it blew my mind. My Hegre memberships would never expire if we had a couple of videos like this each month. Forget the stills and lesbian action, for me... this "does it". Great work and I enjoy the artistic approach over the hard core "ugliness" that the competition produces.
A great step forward for erotic ( steaming) film on the net. Especially the orgasme of Flora at around 30.15 is amazing. It is very rare you see this happen in this "soft" way. Maybe it is because i am not 20 anymore, but I would love more light.
Well thats was one great erotic movie The gladiator was at he mercy Flora had him every which way Excellent Excellent
The best video massage
The film was beautiful. Is among the top two. Coincidentally Flora is the protagonist of the other also.
RE: merveilleux film
Bonjour, Je partage votre avis sur ce film qui est sublime de sensualité. Bien cordialement Eric de Bordeaux
Totally hottttt from start to finish! Loved that it did not cross into porn but maintained high sensuality. A true celebration of bodies
Excellent film, probably the best I have seen in the site!! More please!!!
For a site about female beauty there's been entirely too much cock on it lately. That's 3 out of the last 4 updates now so with all due respect this direction has changed drastically from what I signed up for. I think it's a bad direction to go into HC like the 100s of other websites out there. If this is a separate direction you want to go then open a new portal or something. No offence to Flora, she's amazing. I loved her other videos. Esp the ones on the chair with the white vibrator.
That was the most amazing, erotic video I have ever seen. Wow.
I was hoping to see Flora's pleasure box get stuffed.
Bodage Femdom Massage.
This must be one of the most erotic films on the Internet, and in my book, Flora is one of the most erotic women on the net too! She is just gorgeous, and her slow and ultra-sexy approach to everything she does is amazing. I was left wondering however why we didn't see him come - there were some edits towards the end and I am wondering why this was missed. But what will Flora Do Next? I can't wait. Congratulations on an amazing film.
Flora really knows how to suck a cock! I thought she wouldn't resist burying stuffing the hot member inside her pleasure box and maybe she didn't after the camera was turned off!
Maybe sexiest 30 min. ever filmed!
Terrific film! Flora is soo freaking sexy and is just spectacular from start to finish. Would love to see one with the roles reversed. Keep pushing the envelop. Great stuff!
What restraint. How did she just not slide onto him?
In a word...
pushing the limits
Ok, this one needs a comment. ;) WOW! Flora and Petter are pushing the limits, again. This was something unexpected. At first i was afraid you finally have crossed the line, but after watching it, i'm glad to say you didn't. This is celebrating sex without doing porn at the highest level. It still has this feeling of being a intimate experience, not a performance. Thank you for keeping it that way while exploring new territories. I applaud you both for your bravery and say thank you, especially to the extraordinary and unforgettable Flora. Great video, pure erotic shot in a very creative and beautiful way. I just can't imagine how you will top that.
Bondage Massage
It seems clear from the Members' comments that interactive videos --like this and the recent Flora/Mike film -- are very popular, PROVIDED they remain slow, aesthetic, sensuously erotic and empathically respectful of the participants with a 'happy ending'. What is NOT required, I think, is frantic 'slam-bang' functional porn. We want to feel that both the giver and receiver are fully enjoying the experience and not just performing for the camera/audience. The dividing line between erotica and porn is very thin but, (as here), should be maintained.
The best video ever
This is the best "massage video" ever. Great actors and a very erotic story. Keep on producing this kind of stuff.
Flora's massage
This was the best massage ever done here. Flora is amazing, Hot, Beautiful and Sexy. You guy finally used multiple camera angels to catch all of her wonderful body. We need more of this type of massage of Flora.
Oh my
I can't wait to watch this with my wife. Can't get any more erotic than this. Now that's my kind of massage!
Bondage Femdom Massage
With this one my membership gets immediately renewed for a longer period than ever before. And, let's see what is revealed this year. Would LOVE to see Emily Bloom in Flora's role and where it may lead.
its WOW ! So often I asked for these ... Great erotic sensual and best quality couple films! And Flora - OMG More of this films a lot of members will become livetime members! thanks for this! Herbert
Flora is mindblowing in everyway! Just a shame she couldn't of done this with Mike :/
This video is, without doubt, the most erotic film I have ever seen. Everything was perfect, or damn close to it - lighting, sound, seeing enough to know what is going on but still leaving an element of tease. The bar has been set very, very high with this film. To top it all off, Flora is absolutely lovely and a pure joy to watch.
Thank you for a mind-blowing erotic movie. This has reinforced my view of Flora being my favourite model with her diversity of subject. This movie is Hegre at it's best with ground-breaking subject matter which is extremely erotic, natural and explicit without the sleaze of other similar sites which seem to think people want false screaming and moaning and put on action. You could see that both models enjoyed this movie and just to note, it would have been a very short movie if I had been the star!!!! ( in both senses!) Come on Peter blow me away again!
sensual massage
Please , more of this , brilliant in every way , so hot , thanks heaps
Interesting, but.....
Interesting video, but not entirely my cup of tea. I found the Flora/Mike video FAR more erotic.... but to each her/his own. But still interesting, particularly since it showed a woman using a man's body for HER enjoyment, instead of the far more common other way around. My compliments to Flora! She is amazing, and it is astounding how much of herself she is willing to share in her videos.
Perfecg erotica
This video excels not only because of its content, but also because of what is not there. I have to say, I almost didn't renew my membership because the price has doubled since last I did, but this video, and the buy 6 get 6 deal you were running ensured I would be a member for another year.
Femdom Massage
Wow! Flora is both skilled and lovely.
Oh my Flora, you have played this game before I think. Where does the lineup start to be a "boy toy". This film is amazing from so many levels, Models, filming and production. Captivating !
son of a bitch!!! this was the best video I have seen. You may have doomed your website because I cant see how you can ever top this one..
Thats it!!!
Go on! WoW!!!!
Okay, I have watched probably tens of thousands of hours or more of erotic video going back to the mid-1990s. And I have NEVER in my entire life seen a more heart-stopping film than this. Truly the most nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat riding, blood-pumping adult footage than this. I actually stopped breathing multiple times while watching this because I was hanging on every gesture, every angle, every sound. This honestly made up for every month of membership where I didn't feel like I got my money's worth. This one right here was the one. This doesn't even go to speak for my love of Flora who is incredibly sexy. Not one inch of her is off, with her amazing hair, her hot ass, her delicious genitals and beautiful breasts. She's just perfect. What a perfect pair of models for this amazing concept and beautifully shot production. Cannot say enough how great this was.
Heart of Darkness (tribute to Teodor Józef Konrad Korzeniowski)
This movie is without any doubt a significant event in the rise of hegre-art.com to surpass itself (since it already surpasses all the other websites of the same kind). Technically, “Bondage femdom massage” is outstanding because, first, it succeeds in keeping a good balance between darkness and sensuous hot light, enough to show and even to highlight the scene, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere, what wasn’t so easy. Its slowness is the other good point, with this very controlled progress towards Flora’s dazzling climax (whose intensity was maybe unexpected) and the one, more suggested, of her partner. That last point certainly adds a touch of frustration, but it is fairly understandable in this delicate sadomasochistic work. As for Flora, star above the stars, I think that the more she bares her self, the more she discovers herself… and captivates us. Goddess only knows what other skills she still hides! Bravo, Maestro.
This is exactly the type of video I want to see more of. Please more HC with Flora!
Watching Flora I am in shock. I think my monitor may be melting from the heat.
superb in excellence
Flora is at her very best in this hottest of all massage videos. Teasing at its peak. I have enjoyed this very much.
Amazing video. Love Flora's work and hope to see much more featuring her - a really sensual, sexy, stunner!
Flora like usually....AMAZING. Great film, great models. This is why I am a member.
The best shooting of Hegre
Fantastic. Breathtaking. In my opinion best massage ever. More like this, please. Missed a few details but still great. I almost got dizzy. Flora is stunning and sexy.
Wonderfully erotic. Flora is a sensual treasure and a beauty to watch and enjoy.
Flora is the best! Very, very sexy.
Once again a stunning effort by Flora. A great video, thanks to a great idea and as always, a wonderful editing and photography. Thanks to Flora for being the sexiest and bravest model: her body and her ability to use it in order to please her partner is a dream come true!!!
This is awesome !!!!! More of this please. Next time , let him be able to caress her body with his hands and she caresses him. More light please and please let the guy have an orgasm. Otherwise, one of your best erotic films ever.
Practically melted my computer monitor.
Best Kunyaza practice!
What happens from min 30 to 31 is the ending of one of the most powerful ways for women to feel pleasure and orgasm. The Kunyaza, rubbing a hard cock on her clit and labia, without penetration; that's the "thing" Flora does. The result a beautiful ejaculation of her, the best thing in sex. It's a shame not to have a closeup of that. Hope Flora make it again. If she does once she can do whenever she wants. And sure she wants. This is not pornography, this is what people loving sex would see ever. Go on.
Extremely hot and one of your best films yet. Many thanks!
no word to describe what i saw,.... i haven't seen anything more erotic and amazing in my entire life.. believe me i have terabytes worth of shit... but nothing comes to this close, one of a kind... every time i see flora in new pics or videos, it brings her that much closer to my heart... i just love her ... I am still waiting for 2ed part of mike and flora. 1st part was flora pleasuring mike but i want to see other end too... Great work by everyone... hopefully more of this kind will come soon...
Well Done
This is the most erotic video you have ever produced. Flora is incredible. Kept waiting for the penetration and his cum but Floras orgasm was really the best. Keep it up :)
put out a domination video like that with two girls, and I'm a happy guy!!!
Bondage Massage
Perhaps we could now see the roles reversed, where the woman is spread open in restraints and the man free to tease her and even, at the end, to achieve the ultimate conjunctions both oral and genital. If it is done slowly, sensuously and respectfully, it would make another marvellous video. As I have mentioned a couple of times before, I think this kind of fully interactive presentation should be in the Film classification so that 'Massage purists' don't feel that their interests are being taken over by these more 'natural' sexual activities.
RE: Bondage Massage
Flora is one of the best models on here and she puts everything into her shoots. I would have loved to see her put the guys cock in her pussy as well. But just loved the way she massaged him with her pussy and the way she wrapped her lovely lips around his cock. I would have loved to see him cum at the end but was happy to see the oral attention he recieved. More like this please. And what a fantastic pair of Models. Especially Flora.
Stunning / Amazing...
Abselutely amazing... although you never comment on member feedback, you obviously have been reading them because this seems to be what members have been asking for, and boy are you delivering.. (the last massage videos have been incredible!!) I propose a new tab, new type of video / photo updates, at the top of your website, next to massage, entitled "SEX"... Sex, as seen by Petter Hegre. What you are doing in your videos is so new, so incredibly erotic that I am sure that most of your members would like to see you cover the holy grail itself when it comes to erotica... sex. Thanx for a great site.
Flora Femdom
Flora is stunningly sexy, erotic and so sensual. This is the very best of Hegre-Art.
cum ?
Do did the guy cum ? There are some sudden drops of liquid around the 30:45 mark, but I guess it must he hers instead of his...
La più bella performance Artistica Erotica di Flora! set degno di Hegre luci caldissime e ben gestite ( anche l'ombra fa parte della scelta di hegre ) escalation erotica adrenalinica ottimo audio con Flora che sembrava fosse vicina a me credo che il TOP ora sia vedere una cosa del genere con flora e un altra ragazza interagire su Bondage femdom vol 2 CI SPERIAMO VERAMENTE!!!
Great video, could have been better without a little less editing and some better lighting. Flora is stunningly sexy as always. More of her and this please, its why I renewed my membership.
i like it, its so hot and sensuel wish i cut get the same treatment from lovely Flora
merveilleux film
Félicitations. Flora est très vrai dans ce massage, elle est sensuelle et érotique. Elle est de plus une très belle femme et je crois que l'homme attaché fait et fera des envieux. Superbe minutes, les plus belles depuis que je suis abonné. félicitations, félicitations et compliments à Flora qui ne fait pas semblant.
Amazing! Simply AMAZING!!! Can't wait for Flora's next massage video!!
It's a shame there is no penetration. That's what he was waiting for, and we too :) Not in the sense of "sex", but still in the sense of massage, the ultimate massage of the penis, inside the pussy. Next time with Flora or Clover would be great...
This is without doubt the best erotic movie I have ever seen. Flora is the most genuinely sexual woman I have ever seen. Bless her.
Bondage Massage
So near and yet so far, but a beautiful tease for the recipient. Flora is a very sexy woman, so I suppose he got his recompense afterwards. I do think, however, that this video should have been put in the Film category, rather than in the Massage list.
This is easily the hottest video that you offer. More of this, please!