Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage

February 25, 2014

Sweet but no longer innocent.

Get ready for this one. We give you two incredible firsts. This beautiful star of the movie is just 18 years old, a virgin and has never before had an orgasm – not once.

But this is no ordinary first time. In all the years and the hundreds of erotic films, we’ve never before filmed the mystical female ejaculation. And now we’ve filmed it twice! So, amazingly, not only have we have captured her first orgasm, but also the female ejaculation on camera.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Just pay attention; you won’t want to miss it.

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Members' Comments

RE: Fairy tale
Fairy tale, just a little info to educate you yes female ejaculation exists and it isn't urine it contains much of the same properties as a male ejaculate!! It comes from directly stimulating the female prostate or skene's glands behind the g spot!! It can happen before during or after orgasm this is the 21 century isn't it!! It doesn't happen for 100% of all women but all women have the necessary mechanics to ejaculate!! Please google female ejaculation or read up on the subject you will be pleasantly surprised!!
By far my favorite part of this massage - and one that makes it stand out from many of the others - is the way the masseuse caresses and teases Heidi's whole body throughout the whole massage (especially her breasts and nipples). There's more than one erogenous zone on a woman!
Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage.
Heidi is certainly beautiful and she responded well to her treatment which, I am sure, she greatly enjoyed. Efficiently effective and rapid the 'magic wand' may be, but it is rather impersonal. I would prefer to watch the giver's digital skills working on the receiver's body so that I can observes the techniques and learn more ways to please and satisfy my partner without any recourse to mechanical aids.
Sweet sights
The sighs and the joy on the face of this beautiful girl, tell no lies the intense pleasure she is trying. A pleasure but too technical, very professional, but not natural. I hope in the return to massage between bodies without mechanical tools, just stroking, looks and mutual pleasure.
RE: massages
Which is the Zana massage you mention?
Absolutely lovely.
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this massage but when I watch some of the massages from 3 or 4 years ago and compare them to this they are worlds apart,maybe some would say the site had to move on and evolve but personally if you are going to have a massage section then make it more like the yoni massage with Zana back in 2010...pure sensual eroticism,no plastic toys to excite a girl just the skill of the masseur and her hands. Surely making a girl cum with toys has plenty of space to be found in the films section...lets face it the net is awash with toy sites but has very few massage videos.for me they are sublime and hope they return to the purest form of previous times. Rob.
re: re: real vs fake
I am the female partner in "two-together". That some continue to think that women cannot ejaculate amazes me. Why is this so hard to believe, and why would we women (and the men who know better) make this up, to what end? And that some think that the appearance of a woman's sexuality will demonstrate her state of virginity is preposterous. I can only think that those who subscribe to this notion have not seen very many vaginas. Whether this her first orgasm we will never know. I don't know that Peter would say otherwise, after all it is his reputation on the line, so to speak. If this is her first orgasm then I'm sorry it had to be by means of a vibrator instead of simple human touch. A final note, I'm very distracted by the power strip in this video. I'm sure it was an oversight.
It's official...I'm in love!
RE: real vs. fake
I agree 100%... Heidi is a rare gem of a woman. Thank you Petter for finding another beauty and fellow Norwegian.
I'm sorry -- yes, she is a beautiful, young, sexy girl. But if you think I believe that a girl like this -- whether she is "squirting" or urinating -- would "save her first orgasm" for an erotic photo internet site, using a vibrator of all things, is preposterous. Sorry, I'm just not that stupid. Is he young, Norwegian, and sexy? Absolutely. A virgin? Doubtful. Now she does have lips that suggest being reamed hundreds or thousands of times, so I'll accept that she has some "quasi-virgin territory between her thighs. First orgasm? Oh, COME ON!
First orgasm??
Aww come on guys, there is no way on earth that this was her first orgasm. Further, I'm not totally convinced that what we saw was the so-called "mystical female ejaculation". Having said that, the massage videos here are fantastic nonetheless, and are without equal anywhere on the internet.
RE: real vs. fake
I agree wholeheartedly. Some people will not believe in a woman's ejaculation no matter what anyone says, but the truth is that women can and do expel watery fluid that has more in common with male prostatic fluid than urine. Sometimes it's a hard stream, sometimes it's a gush. Not everyone does. Even those who do don't always do it or do it the same way each time. It's just a beautiful expression of sexual pleasure like all others ways to express such things! And for those who missed it, you are probably looking for it too late in the video. It happens when she is face down, more towards the 10 minute mark than the end. You don't really see it come out, but you see it spray around the magic wand and the masseuse's hands. If you want a big show, google Cytherea. Otherwise, even if it wasn't truly her first orgasm ever, I thought it was lovely and a welcome addition to the Hegre repertoire.
Fantastic! Really fantastic! Just one comment: It is difficult to believe that just a gorgeous girl is still a virgin, but if it is true, why not show it? the massager could have opened her lips to have a close look at her virginity. Can you try for the next show? But don't delay too much because for sure she will not remain a virgin for long!
RE: real vs. fake
real vs. fake
Guys, what we see here is real and thats so much more beautiful than just the typical porn-business. Those massage-videos are exceptional, and this one is just mind-blowing, because of Heidi's story, her brave step to come out with it and to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience and a huge part of her sexuality with us. She lets us witness her first orgasm! No, a girl doesn't have to scream out loud, she doesn't have to spread her legs wide open and female ejaculation doesn't mean it has to be a powerful "squirt". What Heidi and Petter gave us here is a lot more intimate and exciting than a faked performance and orchestrated orgasm ever can be. Erotic-Art can't be more real, puristic and intimate. And if you don't believe the story, call it even a fairy-tale, then thats just your loss. The magic wand was Heidi's choice, this film is about making her happy, so let her do whatever she wants. This film is wonderful, Heidi is gorgeous in every second. I applaud you Heidi for your exceptional and brave step to do this here for Petter and us.
Gorgeous young lady, if she could have just kept her legs apart would have been slightly better. The ejaculation was kind of left to our imaginatiions. Good video, disappointed with the orgasm.
Good for you!
Wow--beautiful girl, beautiful orgasms!
Fairy tale
A Norwegian woman, virgin at 18? Who knows… No orgasm before 18? Highly unlikely, specially for a girl “with 6 years of ballet training”. One female ejaculation? It doesn’t exist (ballistically impossible) and, here [10:05 -10:11 and 10:46-10:54), the phenomenon is a lot more banal but, as Flora should say, “it’s just business”. Anyway, the film is pleasant: the masseuse is a real pro (we already knew it) and Heidi is a fairy.
When did she have an orgasm (time)? When did she ejaculate?
I love the massages on this site they are so unique but why on earth are they now featuring toys instead of the skilled hands of the masseur to give the receiver an orgasm...I am really disappointed and hope Hegre Art reconsider their fixation with toys.
Exactly where does she squirt? Time would be helpful
what a gift
What a tremendous gift you made us here. I'm a bit speechless. There is simply no better way to capture and share the beauty of female orgasms than with Hegre-Art. You found a new way to do this, so beautiful and relaxed. The massage videos here are a new genre. I love them. And today we have a gorgeous young girl giving us the chance to witness her very first orgasm and on top of that with that rarely seen female ejaculation. Stunning! I'm feeling lucky for the opportunity to watch this. Well, that was a outstanding first video for a new model. Unforgettable. No more words, just a big thank you dear Heidi and Petter.