Master Masseur Massage

May 6, 2014

You want to make your lover scream your name in orgasmic pleasure. Who doesn’t?

But let’s be honest, it’s not always that easy. This film will show you just how to give her a deep, long-lasting climax.

Watch and learn how to treat her to the ultimate massage. Don’t go too fast. In fact, slow the hell down. Tease her and build that anticipation, it will send her nerve endings crazy. It will be like nothing she’s experienced before.

And don’t forget, she’s going to owe you big!

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Members' Comments

He was very gentle with her, and he really knew how to handle her crevices. Wonderful.
RE: Is Alex Gay?
Alex must be gay.. not only because of this video!! He never reaches orgasm.. the HOTTEST video on this site was the FEM DOM vid.. where she does everything to keep him erect and he cant remain erect. I am so saddened by this video.. this site is about art.. erotic art.. and NOTHING is more erotic than a man and woman reaching orgasm.. Lets get another FEM DOM video with a non gay male model.. and i will return happily.. if not.. to be quite honest.. this site is well over priced in comparison to other sites which are just as classy but allow us to reach climax along with the models!!
It seems to me everyone is being so critical about things not being perfect to their own standards. Had I been the giver or the receiver of this message I would be pretty happy about it either way. You guys are missing the point in my opinion. Its not about perfection in anybody's point of view. Come on. This was really good. relax and enjoy. This is about happiness and having fun. Could it be better somehow? Sure. Could he or she have an orgasm? Could he or she have one sooner or earlier? Could I touch him or her better? Come on. This is for enjoyment, not criticism. watch it if you like it. if you don't like it, dont watch it. If you watch it but you can do better, then do better. I have NO gripes with anyone here, but come on. I dont look that good. I am not so pretty. Who is perfect? We get to see something really special here in my opinion and I am grateful. Sorry for my typos but please. This is beautiful love making and if you are critical about what you see then move on. I personally feel very lucky to see something so beautiful.
Master Masseur Massage
This was not billed nor performed as a Tantric massage, but as a secular (erotic/sexual) presentation. That's why there was some disappointment. In Tantric massage, there is no reciprocal interaction between the giver and the receiver. It is a sacred practice in which the giver transmits therapeutic energy to the receiver who simply absorbs it. The primary aim is to achieve psychological healing, not physical orgasm, though that may happen. In secular (erotic/sexual) massage, however, different principles apply because the ultimate aim is for the receiver to achieve orgasmic pleasure in which the giver may also participate.
Master Masseur Massage
First of all this is a nice video and i like alex and flora. This is a really sensual massage and thats whats the difference between hegre-art and others. Alex is not getting an erection because he is fully concentrated on the massage and on flora. Sometimes i give tantric massages to friends or private clients. I never get an erection and i am not gay. The important thing is. As a masseur you are just concentrated on giving your client the pleasure he or she wants and is comfortable with. The client should only recieve the massage and is only concentrated on his or her breath. As a client you look inside yourself. You close your eyes and relax. If you try to give something back to the masseur you cant be focused on yourself. During a tantric massage there can be really strong emotions that can come along. Thats why sometimes clients begin to cry during a massage. And even if you massage the yoni or lingam it is possible not to get an orgasm. As a client you sometime can feel the energy floating from your yoni or lingam, through your belly, heart, face to the top of your head. This can be a cosmic orgasm. There is so much more to say about tantric massages but my english is too bad. Just try a real tantra massage. And just something more. A good tantric massage takes more time than just 30 min. If i give massages they start with 90 min and can go until 3h. but most clients prefer 120 min. And there some tantric rituals that would be nice to see as video from Peter. love. Lars
Flora & Alex
I agree with the majority here. Flora is a known quantity and she is hot, hot, hot! I was stunned at how this video ended--last thing in the world I expected from these two. I don't look near as good as Alex, but I do give sensuous massages, and I can say I certainly don't have the control that Alex has nor do my clients have the same control that Flora displayed in this video. I thought the end result was both unrealistic and frustrating.
Is Alex Gay?
I notice he didn't become erect during the massage, even while masturbating the beautiful Flora. Very strange!!!
I really disagree with some of these comments,the massages are lovely on this site,they are what separate Hegre from all the countless other porn sites on the net,there are tons of mutual masturbation sites,countless sites where you can watch a dildo being used but hardly any where only the skilled hands of a masseur brings about an orgasm.This site has an outlet for various form of pornography and that is the film section...please don't change the way massage films are made,they are unique.
Mutual Massage
"Without becoming pornographic", who are you kidding? Movies of genital massage are inherently pornographic -- it's the sensitivity that separates Hegre. I'd like to see more mutual massage / mutual masturbation, where both partners climax. Girl-girl, boy-girl it doesn't matter (boy-boy, meh, maybe not). This could be done to Hegre's standards, and would provide a real thrill. I'd also like to encourage more dildos, lifelike Cyberskin ones.
I agree with other comments. How about showing some real feeling in the massages, both seem so emotionally detached from each other. How about showing some strong emotion and sensuality and fun. How about some double massage action from both, not just one. You can do this without it being pornographic, please show us some real passion, real intimacy and the man and the woman having fun.
RE: Master Masseur Massage
Finally watched this massage. I agree partially, but i'm not disappointed. It was nice, but yes, it's not under the best, something is missing here. I'm not talking about screaming orgasms or more action but more the subtle things we mostly can find in other films, things like tension, excitement and chemistry. The male masseur being naked is a useless addition here, i'm not a big fan of that. This time it looks a bit more like a job being done than normally. Don't get me wrong, a job being done for Hegre-Art is still way better than anything else, this is nagging at a high level. And of course, someone, me included, who saw Flora's previous films (and the cover of this one) did expect something else. So coming back to this kind of a more "normal" massage might surprise a little. You probably should have released this one before her other masterpieces. But putting things into a different perspective, it was nice to see Flora enjoying it and letting go in a different way, more silently and with less control over the situation. Don't worry about censor-ship, it just takes a while sometimes before a comment gets posted, especially if you write more than a few words.
I would have to say I did enjoy this massage,without doubt I prefer watching females massage other females but the male masseur in this film was skilled and had a nice touch,however as with most of the female masseurs I would prefer the male to be clothed...that comes down to sexual preference of course and I guess the site will cater for all members:)
Master Masseur Massage
These videos and films are edited to save time and money. That must be obvious. So there are probably 'recovery times' that occur when the man can relax and reduce the tension between the filmed sessions. It could also be that he has had so many previous genital massages that he needs longer to climax than is habitual for most men. Or he could be an experienced Tantra practitioner who has learned how to control his climaxes until the director, or his partner, tells him to let it happen. The aim is to give an impression of 'real time' activity, but the reality is that a 30 minute video or film may actually take more than an hour to shoot. It is difficult for most men to maintain an erection for such a long time, so the participants cannot always be blamed if there is sometimes an apparent lack of natural spontaneity. The art is to create the illusion, but that is not always possible, which results in a sense of disappointment in the viewer. Overall, however, most Hegré-Art films and videos are successfully satisfying for everyone, whether participants or viewers.
Master Masseur Massage
Pleased to see that my original and follow up comments have finally appeared, for the reasons which I gave therein.
Master Masseur Massage
Once again I cannot find my original comments which, I admit, were not entirely favourable. I do hope that there is no censorship involved. I wrote to the effect that Alex might be a good masseur, but I thought there was a lack of chemistry between him and Flora in this video. There were opportunities for natural personal interaction which didn't happen and Flora seemed almost unresponsive, let alone orgasmic, by the end, so I was disappointed. I would add here that, (unless I doze off at the critical moment every time I see this video), Flora certainly didn't scream in orgasmic pleasure as implied in the blurb. Apart from some twitching fingers, and perhaps a faint smile or two, she was almost inert throughout. I want to make plain that I do approve of these more explicit videos and films - they can be both highly erotic and usefully instructive - but I object to censorship, (either of images or of comments), on a site that asserts its erotic content and whose paying members are all consenting adults. This is currently the best site of its kind available but, without honest comments, improvements cannot occur and it will stagnate. I do not want that to happen.
Great video but...
Once again another great video with the outstanding Flora, she's such a beauty, but why no interaction with the masseur? It was clear that she was ready for somethhing more or at least to have some fun with him. It seems like a missed opportunity...or maybe there's a part two?
I dont like
excsume me but I continue to dislike these type of massage. i dont like to see men I like to see women. The massage should be made by a masseuse with interaction. an alternative could be to repeat oral massages or penis massages, but giving a real cum timing (it is not representative a men that lastes one half of hour massaged or sucked by so beautifulu and expert girls, it seems a competion to last the most possible, massage has to be real representative of standard men duration)
Master Masseur Massage
Alex may be good masseur, but I thought that there was a lack of empathy between the couple on this occasion. There was scope for interaction, but it just didn't happen. And Flora didn't seem to get very aroused, let alone orgasmic, so the video was rather disappointing for me.
This masseur must have icewater in his veins. He must be uninterested in women not to get an erection!
Beautiful vaginal massage
Flora has a beautiful pussy. Great way to highlight it in this massage video. Towards the end she is ready for much more.
sensual massage
Great video, Flora is the most beautifull and sexiest woman of hegre art. What a nice pussy but i would of like Flora to grab the masseur penis and masturbate him and let him come on her thighs. Maybe next time!!