Clitoral Climax Massage

April 8, 2014

Slow build up for intense finale.

This movie needs no introduction, no fanfare or special announcements. It’s aimed at you, the lover of the real life female orgasm. We know you like to watch our stunning models build slowly to a genuinely powerful and authentic climax. So that’s exactly what you get here.

This film may be pure and honest, but the clitoral stimulation is still intense and the finger action deep. And trust us, the orgasms definitely blew her mind.

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Members' Comments

This model is simply perfect. She is so beautifull and exciting. It is a pleasure to watch her receiving a massage. Thank you for your excellent work!
The model is simply perfect. So beautifull and exciting! Pleasant to watch her receiving a massage!! Thank you for your good work!
Thank you for the information
That was so beautiful. An amazing film, and an amazing girl.
massage pleasure
My dear brothers , don't watch massages :do them yourself for your own pleasure and for the pleasure of your mate.
RE: Dakota's debut
I agree completely!! It so fantastic to finally see Dakota here and what a debut!! Just a lovely video. Hope that this will soon be followed by some photo shoots that show off Dakota's perfect figure. And it would also be lovely to have some shoots and even video of Dakota with Emily. Come on, Petter, how about it??
RE: Dakota's debut
I am with you Maik. This was a very genuine performance , and a wonderful Debut. Dakota is fun on chat room and easy to talk with. She is getting a fan club already LOL.
Watching a beautiful girl being massaged to orgasm is fantastic,no need for plastic toys when the masseurs hands are so skilled.The next massage update looks great aswell and just the sort of content I love watching on this site.
Dakota's debut
Yes, yes, yes, finally we have Dakota here. What a welcome addition, i was waiting for this for so long. It was about time! Seriously, she belongs here. I'm glad you invited her into the studio. Today, it made me really happy to finally see her here. And what a debut she has, with a extremely beautiful massage, outstanding and really stunning. You are right, not much words are needed to describe what i have just seen. It's wonderful to watch. A masterpiece, one of the best massages here. Dakota is gorgeous and lovely. Thank you very much Dakota and Petter. But pretty please, bring more shoots with her soon. P.S.: Petter, you really have to do some things with Dakota and Emily being together. Those unforgettable live-parties with these two friends really need to have a monument here.
RE: Clitoral Climax Massage
The model is Dakota. She is one of our live cam girls :)
Clitoral Climax Massage
Another excellent massage video; slow, sensual and erotic. Who is the model?.