Sensitive Stimulation Massage

May 20, 2014

The special attention you deserve.

You’re about to go on a slow and sensual journey. So relax and let yourself go in the hands of our expert masseuse. She is about to do things with her hands that will take you to another world. You’ll experience a wave of different sensations passing over your whole body.

Just don’t let your mind drift to other things. So forget deadlines, to-do lists and targets for a few minutes. You’ve been working hard; you’re entitled to a little relaxation. Just sit back and get ready for the ultimate sensual stimulation.

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Members' Comments

Charlotta seems to genuinely enjoy the art of penis worship. It's always a pleasure to see her, even if she doesn't a have dick between her hands.
RE: RE: Charlotta and friend!
Then don't come and troll others for liking something you hate! This site is not forcing you watch these massages. You could choose not to watch it. Nobody goes here for your nostalgia, they go here to enjoy the sets and videos but you have to ruin others enjoyment for your self-importance. Maybe you should never subscribe to this site ever again if you are going to complain how this site is not the same as it use to be. Things changed, if you want to be stuck in the past all the time how things were to your liking and be nostalgic then you should choose to respect other people's thought and opinion instead of attacking others just because they don't agree with you. Man, you are a toxic person.
RE: Charlotta and friend!
I believe it's an attempt to appease the masses (like myself). I'm sure the guy went and finished himself off! But, as I've said many times before, I don't care to see it! go do what you (understandably) gotta do, and, leave me out of it!
Charlotta and friend!
What a beautiful woman, and with pubic hair, fantastic!! The arguments for a nude (as opposed to dressed) masseuse need no other strengthening than to just watch this and be convinced. But, as with other comments here, not showing his release is just plain weird, and I would be interested in your reasoning to actually edit it out, (she didn't just stop, did she?! That borders on S&M!) and then carry on with the film. Is it some sort of copyright thing?!
Charlotta in this massage video shows exactly my preference. She is the ultimate nude masseuse, with an outstanding beautiful body. She works with most of her body touching in deliberate slow and soft touches. With increased mutual intamacy their next video may bring new perspectives to explore.
RE: Sensual Stimulation Massage
If the message is well done, there isn't any tension at the end, only pure bliss feeling and energy to spread around the body :) I've ended plenty of massages like he did, and for me this is the "happy ending" :)
RE: Charlotta
I too wish that a nice ejaculation would have occurred to round out the scene. The action toward the end looked like it was building up to it. Strange. Maybe I'm not getting it. What is so bad about showing a nice male orgasm in her hands. . .? Beautiful video otherwise!
If this is "just" the introduction of Charlotta, then WOW! I'm stoked and very excited to see more of this new massage goddess. She really is a very special discovery, reading her profile completes the lovely impression she gives. This massage film is very beautiful and peaceful. I actually don't miss the "happy ending", It doesn't have to always end that way. But i don't like is how the edit was done to give the illusion he "maybe" had a orgasm. That was a poor attempt, totally unnecessary and it takes away a bit of the unique realness factor of your outstanding work. Please be careful. It's still one of the way more exciting massages with a male receiver, it could have been the best. Charlotta is fantastic!
Sensual masage
Is this art or science ? It is both. And happiness. Congratulations.
As beautiful as the masseuse is, I agree with those that think that not seeing him ejaculate is a huge let down and it does take something away from the whole viewing experience.
The massage therapist was exquisite and a very beautiful young woman. I can understand not always including the orgasm, however to me this has a couple of aspects. One is an editing issue, in that just as he seems to be escalating and getting closer, suddenly there is an editing cut and he is relaxed and flaccid with the massage therapist warming down. It is a bit abrupt, especially for people watching who are enjoying the experience vicariously, and then feel a bit frustrated. I would love to see this young lady do things with the subject like Flora has done. If she was to bend over and actually use her mouth, even a little bit it would be amazing, or actually take him inside her? Or if Flora or Emily were to do the same. I think a lot of us would love to see Flora have full, passionate, penetrative intercourse.The hetero interaction you have filmed so far is awesome and perhaps the best filmed in the world currently. I would love to see more. My favourite model is perhaps the one that hasn't been named, but has been the massage therapist for several videos such as the "Playful Penis Massage" and the massage subject in the "Powerful Pussy Massage". This lady though is now in my top five. Keep up the amazing work Petter.
Not so happy
What a beautiful masseuse,all I can say is I hope to see her having a massage soon with a very happy ending...as for the male in this film he must have tremendous control because most men would have had trouble not cumming with the beauty and touch of this masseuse.
Great Show
Well everyone here knows Peter, by that i can say more of this two is coming so i am not disappointed that he was not allowed to cum, We will see more of this is coming and i cannot wait for more...
sensitive stimulation massage
Great sensitive massage but what a desapointment not seing the happy ending.
Youre such a tease!!!!!
Magnificent Masseuse
The masseuse is awesome............her body is tight yet curvy..............firm breasts..........tiny waist..........nice hips............lovely legs..........and very pretty face................we must have more of her.................oh, was there a guy there also..............
agree with the guys who'd have preferred a 'happy ending'. still, nice sexy massage by beautiful masseuse. hope we see more of her.
New film
The scene was great....would have been better if there were a final cum shot.
Carlotta è una nuova ok...ma troppo seriosa in video, nulla a che vedere con la scioltezza di altre... poi il fatto che il finale venga sempre tagliato è secondo me ipocrisia pura...siamo tutti maggiorenni iscritti a questo sito... credo che BONDAGE FENDOM sia il video più erotico presente nell'archivio.. la direzione è quella giusta...
I must also say, the LACK of a so-called "happy ending" made it much more watchable for me!
Great video, very nice model and sensual touch, but is not normal for not see cumshot ...
Sensual Stimulation Massage
Superb genital massage; slow, sensual and very erotic. The only slight criticism is that the receiver could have been allowed to cum, both to reward the masseuse for her skills and also to release the natural tension that she induced in the recipient. (I suspect that he actually did cum, but the scene was edited out of the film).
well, I must say that the presence of a gorgeous, buck naked masseuse throughout made that video much more watchable for me than most of your male massage videos! I know the question is coming: how is that guy not rock hard???
She is Charlotta, one of the new models.
Nice Massage
Really very nicly done. Slow and beautifully built up. The only thing that disturbs me, is, why is he not allowed to cum? Please Petter, let him the fun and let him cum next time :-)