Mesmerising Penis Massage

June 17, 2014

Performing a masterful job.

With a body that looks like it was carved from solid hardwood, our lucky model is about to get some very special treatment. Gripping, twisting, pulling and stroking him, our skilled masseuse applies every trick she knows.

The pace picks up, his body starts to tense, his muscles twitching with pleasure. Faster and faster she works until her hands become a blur. Soon this intense action becomes too much for him and he loses control in one long final convulsion.

Completely mesmerising, totally unmissable!

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Members' Comments

Penis Massage
Yes, this was very nice. She is so pretty, and I love the black to white body contrast. I know this is acting, but she did seem to like his penis. Well done.
love this.
love watching a man cu,
Beautiful film. Charlotta loves his penis.
Reminds me of the asian massage parlor
I love the massages that are female to male. very sensual and as for the release great way to build it up with speed increase. I agree all female to male massage should end with male release, getting to the release can be made to be very artistic instead of it being viewed as porn.
Art that moves me to feel or react positively is the art that I want to experience. That being said, those things that move me to feel or react negatively I do not want to experience. While I understand that there are those who are the opposite of this and like to react negatively and try to "censor" the art rather than simply choosing not to experience it, it makes little sense to me. Porn can also bring positive results if done well, so it can also be art.
RE: RE: Eroticism vs. porn
Then stop whining like a child when you see something that is not your liking and trying to convince this site to change and revolve around you with your gang. Are you trying to start a flame war and a drama here?
RE: Eroticism vs. porn
it is the fact that it is explicit that makes it pornographic
Eroticism vs. porn
This is eroticism, not pornography - even if that kind of eroticism is of course absolutely explicit – and eroticism is art. Jan Saudek said that “the difference between pornography and art is simple: you can look at art for an eternity, while with pornography you take one look and put it aside”. I personally never tire of watching this film, like some others of the same level: “Mutual erotic massage”, “Playful penis massage” or (with the unforgettable Fabi Jaya) “Blistering lingam massage”, “The art of penis pleasuring”, “Oily lingam massage”, etc. Here, Charlotta is magnificent, Mike reacts well and the shots are very good (but, for the next time, please try to set a darker background when he has orgasm) so the film really excels. Once again: this is the good vein.
To echo some previous comments, what a fabulous sight is Charlotta, AND with pubic hair (at last!!), see, I told you! And I was right, she is so hot it is almost dangerous to look. I noticed at one point Mike is gently caressing her foot as she 'attends' to him, which is maybe a (Oh God please!) hint to a future vid, as he massages her?! All in favour? Motion carried!!
RE: RE: justme
I've been a member a lot longer than that. and, this site was a lot more artistic, and a lot less pornographic in the beginning. (and there was not a schlong in sight!)
Charlotta is taking this to a new level and makes such a massage a lot more enjoyable for me, not just because she isn't wearing anything (don't ever change that ;) ) and so damn gorgeous but also because of her peaceful aura, her skilfull work and dedication to the cause. I love the way she uses more of her body, not just hands, to give pure pleasure. Her clients are really lucky. She is out of this world. Do anything to never loose her. I can't wait to see what is coming next.
Wheeler, what you on about? Hegre's been doing this for over three years? Keep up please! And Hegre, more like this please! Brilliant
Very Hotttt
Nice cum shot....all vids should end like this.....the male deserves a release after 30 minutes of teasing....very nice!
I have to be honest massages featuring males don't really do it for me especially when the male has a penis the size of my arm:) would hope to see Charlotta giving or receiving a massage from another female in the future as she is beautiful.
Mmmmm.... very nice. He's a very lucky guy pamperd by a beautifull an talented girl. She's got great skills.
I wonder...
Why doesn't he look at her. I know I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of her. Even if she were fully clothed.
RE: talk about staying power
It's the skill of the masseuse that keeps him strong for so long.
If you don't like it, don't whine and bitch. Even better don't watch it at all and try to create a gang who agrees with you.
mesmerising penis massage
With the greatest possible complements for Charlotta, she shows her most beautiful body in such a high state of sensuality. In intense concentration on her massage movements strokes and grips she is the the talented and most beautiful masseuse model at Hegre. Ofcourse I would like to see Charlotta in more massage and Tantra films.
We love this one!!
Best video I've seen on Hegre in a long time!!! Please more "just like" this!! Amazing!
mmmkay...well...ya done gone and did it! ya made the crossover! this video is nothing bit common dime-a-dozen porn! fortunately, this lady is anything BUT a dime-a-dozen porn star! she was the ONLY thing that made this watchable for me! wonder if we can see her in an encounter with another woman, some day? or, even solo!
Wonderful, erotic video, and for my money I think Charlotta has the most exceptional breasts! Very attractive lady.
talk about staying power
Wow, How on earth did he last so long with all that stimulation both visually and physically. It would have been a very short film if I had been the subject!!!. Not into men but good to see at least an honest outcome and catering for all tastes! No doubt there will be some moans! Love the variety of this section of the site and await each offering with relish. Keep up the good work and give us clear camera angles, as sometimes it is disappointing.
A superb video. Charlotta is a very talented masseuse. Apart from Charlotta, there are so many beautiful and skilful masseuses and female models at Hegré-Art that I am almost persuaded to move my place of residence to Barcelona/Sitges and offer myself as a male massage model. Whilst I consider the feasibility of that idea, I wonder when we we will be able to see Bara, the new resident Tantric Goddess, demonstrate her own personal massage skills in a video or film?. I hope it won't be long before that happens.
wife went crazy
watched this with my wife this morning and she went crazy :) great film!!
Good one