Awakening The Senses Massage

July 29, 2014

Give her whole body pleasure.

Watch and learn from the magical hands of our Tantra Therapist, Bara. In this sensual film bright orange feathers, soft furry gloves, paddles and leather whips are all used to awaken the senses.

This is your lesson in how to treat a woman in bed. When you take the time to touch her like this, your girl’s body will become sensitive to every touch.

So when the hot action starts, she’ll just be waiting to explode.

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Members' Comments

vey nice
love the backside usage in this video.....mmhhmmm Lyndsay
I think this one is my favorite. The young lady is beautiful, and the masseuse is very loving in the way she does the massage. Very sensual and a delight to watch.
Almost hyponotizing Molly Ringwald type girl
Love the tenderness displayed, this girls lips the tenderness of her features it all just plays so well together and puts you in a trance as you watch. I have never seen a porno flick that ever portrays the kind of love and tenderness your site displays. Women should be loved for their beauty and tenderness and you so capture that in your films. Great work this really is ART to show it in this kind of detail!
It is nice to see the response in the giver
Love is so missing from our society today it is so nice to see this love portrayed in your films. We so need this in our lives today with all the cuts in the social safety nets who will really care about US? The right wing religious nuts are so strung out on pornography it is great to see films like this great job you are doing.
Bara/Katia Sensual Massage
As I have said on other comment boards on this site, and having watched films with clothed and naked masseurs/masseuses, all the massage-givers should be naked, in my opinion. This dramatically increases the intimacy and the sense of trust between the two on camera, and provides us with a remarkable visual treat, which is why we are here.
RE: Katia/Bara
just enjoy the one that is naked!
All sexual activity must be consensual. Whilst most of us would definitely prefer that both the giver and receiver of a sensual massage should be naked - what I call the Principle of Reciprocal Nudity - the giver's state of un/dress must always be voluntary. This means that, if the masseur/masseuse prefers to be more or less dressed, (rather than naked), hez personal preference must always be honoured and respected.
RE: Katia/Bara
Bara is not a masseur, as "masseur" is male and clearly she is a beautiful young woman. masseur ( male), masseuse (female) massage therapist ( politically correct and gender neutral.) I don't want to be picky, but since the entire area of comment and these videos are totally about the subject of massage, we may as well use the correct term. Cheers.
Sorry, clothed masseurs just don't cut it any more. Naked, please.
I considered this very erotic and sensual and sexy and I liked it. Katia is a beauty and Bara does a great job. Thank You Lady's
RE: A modest erotic massage
Folks, let's keep in mind that the model very likely has a voice in the structuring of the massage, and should have, I might add! Bara makes it very clear in her intro and blogs that the structure of any massage that she gives is controlled by the client. So it may well be that Katia told Bara what kind of a massage she would like, and Bara, being who she is, respected those wishes in this massage. So let's just enjoy this film for what it is, a beautiful model being given a sensitive, sensual and relaxing massage. I say, well done!!
I considered this a very erotic massage. As always the lady's were beautiful. I'm sure Katia enjoyed her massage as much as I enjoyed watching. Thank You Lady's
Bara's tantric
When Bara will do her Tantric ritual. It'll be great!
action between the players
love to see more interaction between the model and the mussese
A modest erotic massage
Very beautiful and sensual - but I miss a more erotic element in this scene. Bara avoids real eroctic stimulation except at the very end where she carefully uses her thumbs on the mons veneris. To call this an erotic massage is a bit false advertising - it is a wellness massage. I accept the tantra philosophy and to move slowly towards climax, but to me this film is a bit too slow. Otherwise, I am an admirer of your Work and will go on following your fine Work also in the future.
Bara - Awakening the Senses
A gentle, sensual massage, despite the token employment of feathers, fur gloves, whip and paddle lightly to stimulate the model's skin early in the action. It all seemed rather tentative, as if Bara were literally feeling her way towards something more confident. It would be very interesting to see how she massages Mike, Alex or Brendon.
Great therapist!
Loved the video! Would love to see Bara in more videos.