Full Pussy Massage

April 1, 2010

Let your voyeuristic side take over and watch this highly erotic, explicit film.

Dominika’s full pussy lips are expertly teased and caressed by the female masseuse, resulting in an explosive, totally authentic orgasm for Dominika.

Dominika chats at the end of the film about the experience and her new found love of women!

This is a stunning film featuring beautiful visuals capturing this gorgeous model’s pleasure

  • Runtime: 57:41 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Hot stuff I do this to my lady when'ever I can .
More like this with men technicians, possibly two,
beautiful Dominika
nice and oh! so sweet! every second of it. Dominika seems right to me when she says that guys are too brutal. This is an extraordinary learning experience for guys. I only wish that we could also see a gentle man add to this wonderful video only what a guy can add.
Someone must do a 3 foot high bronze sculpture of this vulva in all its unsettling detail. It would be the only fitting tribute. Fare you well, Peter.
For every 1000 introverted withdrawn and reclusive kitties hiding deep behind their locked labial doors there is the Amazon Venus, loudly conspicuous, unabashedly labial, with an almost masculine pendulousness, boldly proclaiming the vulva's here-ness with a barbaric and unbowed yawp.
very beautiful
Full Pussy Massage
The slower the build-up the more intense the orgasm when it comes. Dominika certaily seemed to enjoy the experience!. It's not just the receiver's ability to delay orgasm that is impressive, but also the stamina of the givers who energetically exercise their manipulation skills over a long period to achieve the ultimate effect. Just try to imagine the strain on the muscles of their shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers!. It is important, however, to see the rapport between the giver and receiver, so why was the masseuse's face obscurated?. Was it her choice?. And the tattoo at the base of her left thumb was rather distracting.
Massage Films
I love the massage videos. All the models are erotic, especially Dominika C. However, I would love to know who the female masseuses are. It is very sexy to see these women dressed professionally yet masturbating the models to orgasm.
RE: Full Labia
GET THE WORD OUT! The fastest growing plastic surgery procedure is labiaplasty. An australian TV journalism piece recently interviewed the popular magazine equal to our Playboy about how they use photoshop to make each woman's vagina "Neat". They render the labia minora invisible so there is a single "pleasing" line. [I have parephrased] The unintended consequence is that women with visible labia minora are having their labia minora removed!!! The popu;ar media is making them feel abnormal!! Just go to Wikipedia and enter Labiaplasty. Two women's Labia Minora are shown before and beautiful then after and absent! Vaginas completely without personality! So spread the word that labia minora are beautiful and sacred! And shouldn't be cut off!
As a bisexual woman, I find Dominika to be a deliciously erotic and beautiful woman. Her pussy is both fascinating and mesmerizing. The pleasure she gains from her massage is delightful. I'd love to have this type of massage......will definitely try this soon. It's great to see a full pussy and large labia celebrated like this. I have similar attributes, and love tasteful erotic photos and videos that depict the same. Love her enjoyment, release, and watching how quickly her pussy becomes engorged. Truly breathtaking. Looking forward to more of the same! It's also great to read all of the comments from men that are attracted to full lips and large labia.....
Je suis l'huile qui enduit son corps...
RE: 想知道更多按摩師嗎?
want to know more about the masseuse ?
the masseuse is so hot. any nudes or films of her
RE: dominikacgs4420@yahoo.com
I agree. She need more. Her face told the whole story.
What a perfect anus for digital entry! You can not tell me that it had not been entered before, due to the size and shape of it. Lovely but why not take it to the next level?
she really wanted to cum again, a shame , because she was glowing and ready for another orgasm
Vill massera denna underbara kvinna, hon har en sexig och kåt kropp. Fittan hennes vill en bara slicka och glida in med min stenhårda kuk... en blir kåt när man ser henne bli masserad....
I agree with everyone about this lady's beauty; what I don't understand - and it's true of all the girls on this wonderful site - is why it takes her so long to come! With this stimulation of the clitoris most girls I know would come in five minutes! I realize this would make for a short film, but their restraint is nevertheless astonishing! Another excellent film, despite the masseuse being clothed.
All i can say is wow.
c est vrai que cette demoiselle est vraiment belle comment ne pas rester en érection devant une sublimité pareille!!!
All I can say is, "Thank you Dominika." What a wonderful video.
Un émerveillement pour les sens...
Dominika possède sans conteste une chatte merveilleuse de sensualité et de beauté. Juste envie d'y passer mes doigts, ma langue, mon sexe...
She is the definition of sexiness and beauty.
strange how the moment of the legs being parted is elided with a dissolve - i would have thought that long awaited exposure would have been something to dwell on...
wow. my friend and i really liked that it was beautiful. i was sort of holding my breath along with her without realizing it. thank you, jenni & alice
I Love Dominika ... she's a sexy explosion! My compliments to your eyes & Mind, Hegre. Regards
i'm utterly speechless. that's the hottest thing i've ever seen in my life.
A super masterpiece
The first twelve minutes, those that the preparation shows, are enough boring and they make to come the temptation to leave, but then the remaining minute trentadues, those central of the film, are an explosion of pure pussy, of pure erotic carnalità, of pure high eroticism. They are images thrilling, explosive, erotic, mythical and splendid it is the frame in which the pussy is taken back all intiera in close up, turgid, elastic, soft and brim, endowed with an abundant and compact meat that makes the desire of erotic appagazione to explode in deep way and suggestively erotic and romantic to his way. This film is a masterpiece. An explosive film.As great as is the complements that you deserve, they are not enough great to thank you. Skilfull Petter!!!!!
This is the best of the massage videos so far. Although it takes a while (the masseuse has to work like hell!!), when Dominika comes it's....well, she's practically in heaven. Her orgasm is SO INTENSE!!! And the look on her face as she recovers in the moments afterward is just precious. She is so beautiful, I could watch again and again. I hope she does many more of these videos....I'll never be able to quite Hegre if she does!
I can barely type after watching this film, it is amazing to see such an authentic ‘real’ orgasm we can really see Dominika’s pleasure get more and more heightened and when she cums – well wow I wish I could have the chance to make her do that!
So Damn Hot!!
That was totally awesome, nuff said!
I can barely pick myself up off of the floor. Thank you thank you thank you for this totally awesome film. Your model’s pussy is just the most juicy ripe perfect pussy I have ever seen in my life, those lips are awesome and to see it being teased like that over and over and watch her scream. Well like I said – speechless. Great stuff more like this please.