Intimate Massage

July 1, 2010

Come and watch Silvie as she receives an intimate pussy massage that she will never forget!

Silvie’s unshaven pussy is expertly caressed and massaged, sending ripples of pleasure through her lithe, naked body.

You can pick up some tips for yourself on how to create prolonged pleasure for your partner or you can simply relax and enjoy the experience as Silvie does.

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Members' Comments

Silvie is a hot beauty with a natural and womanlike bush of hair. Thanks! The masseuse with bare boobs is equally delightful - and not afraid of using her skilled fingers also in Silvie's tight anal opening. Please give us more videos like this one. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give this video at least 14
Lovely anal orgasm
This is one of the the most erotic video I have seen lately. The anal penrtration is very erotic and so sexy, gave me an satisfying orgasm. Would have liked to hear more expression from her though.... The pussy lips are also so beutyful. One of the better hegre-art videos.
Intimate Massage
I liked this massage very much. It wasn't really a massage, but an incredible expose of this beautiful young ladies pelvic area, to include the anus. I liked the gentle fingering of the anus, and the insertion of the finger in the anus was good too. I also liked that she parted this young lady's meaty pussy lips to really show her pink delights. And the masseuse has nice sized tits with great nipples. Well done.
anal/pussy play
this is the most erotic video I have ever seen. I think the anal penertration is very erotic an sexy. If there was one thing I do not like is the pulling apart the pussy lips. I am not a doctor I do not want to see her insides. I alos love the fact that she still has a bush around her pussy. I use to like the shave thing. But now I prefer to see some hair down there. I would love to see more girls on hergre-art with a bush around the pussy.
Not everyone likes anal
Sorry but the anal play & 'hold it open for the camera' moments spoiled this one for me. I personally don't find that sort of thing sexy or interesting. However the other massage videos I watched so far are quite possibly the most erotic things I've ever seen!
anal bud
The finger followed by the thumb gently worked into the anus (though short lived) was a definate plus. We need to incorporate this into each massage, starting with the pinky and working in maybe up to two, at the time of climax. I personally love the brief moment when the masseuse sniffed her fingers, what a nice touch. I would like to see an entire session of anal stimulation while the clitoris is manipulated, anyone else?
Anal Massage
Great to see anal penetration on Hegre! Let's have more!
Here's a new thing - a masseuse who realises that the anus is an erogenous zone! Great to see this. Not usually a fan of public bush, but this one is certainly attractive. Interesting folds of flesh around the cunt, beautifully explored by a masseuse whose only fault is that she keeps her lower half covered!
I want to see Silvie pleasured for 1 hour 30 minutes at least, because she is my favorite here.
Salut le film est un peu vide d'emotion de la part de sylvie malgré les gestes de la masseuse.
I liked the pubic hair,
the finger (and thumb) penetration about 34, and the views of the bare breast and nibbles of the giver (about 35). I would like more of those elements. The view of the giver's breast and nipple(s) on the side of the frame is a bonus, and gives value when the main scene is in transition. Using two simultaneous hand results in obscuring the focal areas. Better to show anal stimulation/penetration, with clear view of her vulva, then a brief transition with both hands, followed with vulvar/vaginal stimulation/penetration with clear view of anus and perineum. But these are suggestions for an already superior and highly enjoyable product.
These ladies are incredibly good looking, and you wont believe where this lady's fingers goes in this video. Not an episode to be missed. As usually, beautifully lit and shot footage.
Wet Wet Wet!!!
Its unbelievable, how fast Silvie gets wet on massaging her pussy. She gets totally wet all over her pussy. I've never seen such a wetness on a pussy! And I guess she also had some very big cocks in her pussy. Such a cunt like hers just begs for very big, long and thick cocks! I bet you coult stick the front end of a baseball bat into her pussy and it would be just thick enought to give her some pleasure. Her pussy is incredible!
RE: Beautiful
Silvie's inner fat labia exite me.
I'm assuming your crew leaves a sizable tip....
I love these
My favorite models and this a favorite fantasy of mine, this is a great addition to this site.
intimate massage
model had great body, but little pulse. my favorite just the same.
nice, but also the other girl should have been naked
Beautiful Bush
Thanks Peter for this beautiful model with a full Bush more like her please
Lost Lesbians
It may come as a surprise to you that there are lots of lesbians enjoying Hegre's work and really we are not lost! ;-)
RE: Beautiful
your obviously a lost lesbian...
This is way hot gotta give this a try!
This is a beautiful film featuring a beautiful woman. And the whole experience looks wonderful.
Intimate Massage
This is very sexy with the close-ups of Silvie’s pussy being given a thorough massage. Certainly looks like fun to me.
Where’s the bush?
Wow! Silvie is amazing!!