Erotic Hotel Massage

December 1, 2010

Touched like this for the first time, beautiful Nicole does her best to remain frozen. Watch closely though and you’ll see her reaction.

First she is cleansed of the world outside, and then soothed with a massage as the afternoon sun comes through the window. You can see her relaxing. When the masseuse begins to caress and pleasure her pussy, can you tell how many orgasms she has?

We know, because she told us, and the masseuse felt it too. What’s your guess?

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Members' Comments

Hotel Massage
Wow, that was awesome. She has such a wonderful body, with that flat stomach, strong thighs, and lovely breasts. The finger fucking and clit play were great, and the legs in the air was a nice touch too.
RE: Erotic Hotel Massage
Actually, the client clearly and unmistakeably comes in this video. read the comments below where one of our more observant friends sets out the the exact timing. Cheers
Erotic Hotel Massage
Hello, While the client was lovely and the masseus tried and tried she was unable to get a rise from her client. She gets an A+ for her effort. Perhaps if the client put her MP3 player down and PAY attention to the task at hand. There would have been a better out come. Better luck next time with this client. Loved looking at her body however. Rusty_hp
My Massages
Wonderful sharing this. This is how I give my massage to some girls I know when they want a 'sensual' massage. They just love it; it is a true turn on for me also, then we switch places. :) Just wanted to let you know about me here in Texas. :)
The massage
Really one of your best: with the reservation that I would always prefer the masseuse to be naked also, and indeed would prefer a naked masseur! Never mind, the preliminary bath was great and the massage itself spell-binding. I thought for a moment at the end that the masseuse was going to pay a little attention to the anus, which I have always found the ladies very much enjoy - I'm not suggesting penetration, but a little tickling would probably have brought on yet another spasm! Many thanks.
Wonderful finger fuck
Wow, when she raised those legs at the end, it was gorgeous, and stimulating beyond belief! Please more of pussy massages, however let us hear the pleasure that the models are receiving the true sound.
Wish I was there
I especially liked at the end when the masseuse held her legs up. I just wish it had been my shoulders holding Nicole's legs up instead!
very erotic. by the end i was very hard and dripping pre-cum. please more videos like this.... perhaps with the masseuse naked as well.
RE: RE: How many orgasms ?
hum...3 et plus?
RE: How many orgasms ?
For you: How many orgasms for Nicole? One, two or more ?
RE: RE: Statue!
I look forward massage between Muriel and Zana! It would be awesome! States, What do you think? Happy New Year to all!
RE: naked masseuse
I am with you Pia.I am dying to see this masseuse naked.Those tits sure look juicy.What do you say, Petter? Dan U.S.A
RE: Statue!
Muriel has one.hot stuff, too!
RE: Massage Videos
LOL Nice try, Micheal!
nice. exciting. but when we will see also naked masseuses?
very very shy ... she was doing something against their will? beautiful woman but I expected more interaction. she looks like a statue! How about a massage like this with our lovely Muriel?
RE: U Can See It!
right on girl:) Jenni
I'm addicted
Ok, I confess, I'm addicted to these "orgasmic" videos...
Massage Videos
I think Luba's been looking a little tense lately. Nothing a good massage wouldn't fix.
Our opinion
Please allow me to speak for all of the men who finished watching this with stiff, hard cocks that had a drop of pre-come at their tips. I think we all imagined what it might be like to take advantage of the state in which that masseuse had left poor Nicole. We all realized, I think, that if we had been there, and if we had started to slide our cocks into Nicole's already liquid pussy, that she would have started to come again as soon as our flaring heads slid easily past her G-spot. By the time we were inside her, all the way, as deep as we could get, with our weight pressed against her swollen clitoris, we know that her hands would have grasped our biceps tightly and we know we would have felt the waves of her muscle contractions as they tightly wound themselves around our cocks. We know we would have looked down at her, and she would have turned her face to one side, and bit her lip. We would have made graceful slow grinding motions against her. She would have grimaced in total pleasure, and her face and neck and breasts would have flushed. Her lips would have been so red and full. Then, we would have realized that there was something inside of us that belonged to her. We all would have known that we had a message for her, and that we had to pass it on to her. We would have begun to deliver that message. We would have said, "I have this message for you. It is inside me, but soon it will be in you." And she would have replied to us all, "I know. I am ready. I want to hear your message." We would have felt the message begin to move towards her; there would have been nothing we could do about that. It would begin to move on its own. We would have said to her, "It's nearly here." She would have arched her back and said, "I can tell. Let me know what it is." And then, our message would have spilled out into her. Every muscle in our bodies would have tensed in delivering it to her. It would have seemed like forever for all of the message to arrive. The message would have flowed into her, and she would have said "Thank you. I hear you very well." We all would have had nothing more to say. She would have felt our cocks growing a little softer inside her. We would all have felt dreamy as endorphin narcotics swept through our central nervous systems. We would have rolled off of her to one side, and she would have nestled in our arms as we rested for a time. After some time like this, we know that she would have grown restless. She would have slid down and looked directly at our soft cocks, and she would have wondered what it was like to have one. She would have wondered what a cock felt like to the owner, was it like her clit? her vagina? She would have touched it gently, and it would have started to grow. She would have opened her mouth and taken just the head into her mouth, and she would have felt it continue to expand. She would have recognized that she liked it getting hard, that she wanted it harder. She would have worked at getting it harder then, and that would have been easy. She would have kneeled between our thighs and worked at getting our cocks as hard as she pleased, and when she was happy with her work she would have straddled us and grasped our cocks and slid them back inside to where they would have done her the most good. Then she would have been like a lioness, a predator. She would have fucked us with our own cocks. She would have known then what it felt like to own a cock, to use it. In our narcotic state, we would have wondered how she was fucking us with our own cocks; but that would be what we all felt. Nicole would be fucking us, and we would now be the helpless ones. She would have leaned forward and said, "Here is a message for you all, too." And we would have said only, "Yes. We know." And soon enough the cocks would speak again, and we would all cry out as its message was heard by every cell in our bodies. And Nicole would be quivering with our cocks' message. And we would love her, and she would love us. I think I speak for everyone here.
How many orgasms ?
Very nice For me: only two orgasms! What do you think about?
awesome movie
she doesn't look all that "shy" to me!lol very hot!
This is much better than the male organ pleasing ones. Thanks for work. Nicole is such a beautiful woman.
Simply wonderful stuff. Would love to hear some audio of the models breathing, however. Would do a lot to convey the full experience. Keep it up!
this has to be the best one ever. thd girl is unreal, the massage is awesome. i'm in love.
Spectacular, Pedro, just Spectacular! Especially loved at the end when her legs were lifted....sweet. For those who want more reaction from the model I would say that, in my humble opinion, we want the girls' natural reaction. I for one am not interested in the type of orgasms we see in porn movies. That said....would be nice to find one who is a screamer....LOL! keep up the good work....massage movies every week, PLEASEEEEEE!
U Can See It!
Watch closely around 30:00, maybe 28:00 and you'll see the first orgasm. She tries hard not to move, but I know what sucking in her lips like that when your breath comes faster means! HEE HEE!
Move More
She is lovely, but she should move more to show us how her pleasure comes. I know women can be shy but comeon this is different on here. Besides this a beautiful film and talented masseuse.
What's She Listening To?
Because I want to lsten to it too, and think about what was happening to her at the same time :-) No, seriously...what was she listening to?
Love Those Tanlines
AN all over tan is nice but for full effect there must be that strip of white around the most delicate area as contrast. Good for her!
She seems so nervous, but watch her face and her breathing and you'll see it! I never thought Nicole would be so embarassed!