The Art Of Penis Pleasing

November 1, 2010

The Tantric arts go beyond normal pleasure, and we show you that once again here at Hegre-Art.

He looks a little nervous as she begins, but soon her hands have relaxed him, and his body responds to her delicate touch. Tantra teaches us how to extend pleasure and make it last longer. You can see this here as the Goddess uses her skill to keep him aroused for a very long time.

Learn and share these techniques, and make your own pleasure last just as long.

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Members' Comments

Well done
On the positive side, she really knows her stuff. However. Ahem. There are some in the Tantra profession that feel that ejaculation is not ideal because the male body 's sexual energy is lessened by it. etc etc. No no no, if you want to drive a guy insane, don't finish. If she doesn't, he'll find a way to finish in quick order...Especially a guy like this. And after a session like this one he's going to have more than just one "release" that day haahaa
Penis Massage
Very nicely done.
Please do show more male ejaculation. It is the sweet final and you barely show.
Im straight, but this is SEXY!!!
I'm a hetero male (but who isn't bi-curious). His cock is magnificent!
You show women having orgasms, why not men ? Your films are very well made, it would not be pornographic to show a man having an orgasm after a awesome massage from a beautiful woman.
I agree ejaculation would be better
lingam massage
Ejaculation would be good
the best
this has to be the best male massage on the site. hope the rest of them live up to this standard.
I agree entirely with Tommy: all very interesting and erotic and something enviable - but the masseuse certainly needs to be naked, or at least topless- in all these massage movies clothed masseurs and masseuses are a distraction. I actually found the video a little long - there's only a certain amount a pair of hands can do to a penis! I suppose showing oral sex would be too near open pornograohy, though it would be even more educational. But great, all the same!
Hegam massage
This is the most exciting erotic video you have ever presented. The sensitive and loving touch of the masseuse is wonderful. It probably helps that the man is so well endowed, too. I am a straight man, but the sensuality of this covers all areas. The slow pace with the frequent change-ups in movements makes one almost breathless. Where are these wonderful massages given? Can we sign up?
I agree Tommy. To see him cumming in slow motion would be magic and tasteful.........
WOW; Erotic as 'almost can be"
Wow, very exciting way to do a massage on the Penis. A few thoughts and comments. I think it would be very tasteful and even more erotic as "art work" if the woman were to be topless, showing her beautiful body while she is massaging the man's penis - however, you really need to culminate the video with her giving him a nice slow release. That would be total art; from finish to end. It's like a Painter, starting a painting, and never finishing it. Or the design of the Statue of Liberty and not showing the "Torch" which is the most important part of the Statue. Sensual Massage is wonderful; tasteful and every man and woman should have the right karma and knowledge of how to please each other. I only wish every woman would watch these video clips and learn what a man likes. By the way, you do have awful HUGE guys (meaning their Penis); how do you find them and what size is he in this video. OMG So, would you be so kind as to bring us the culminations that we really would love to see? Thank You
The point of Tantra is not have a release for the longest time. This is to keep your vital energy as long as possible. Visually though, it is nice to see it. I definitely will show it to my wife. Time to learn something...
End of video..
Such a beautiful penis! I'm disappointed about the end, the most important thing is missing - the release!
RE: adding more excitement?
I agree with you! I am straight male, and I wanted to.
RE: Love it!!! BUT...
Gotta agree with Dav. Need more penis videos that show the release at the end.
Love it!!! BUT...
While I can certainly appreciate the art of the worship, and I can distinguish the difference between JUST a handjob and a full worshiping/lingham massage, I do think that the release is just as important. Having watched the "Penis Massage" video several times...I definitely was a lot more appreciative of him having a release at the end. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED this work of art! But can we PLEASE have more videos that also include the male having a release at the end? I/we that all feel the same way would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks in advance and will be watching and waiting patientely! DAV
Would have loved to have seen some of the standing massage as seen in the gallery of this film. Excellent video nonetheless. Best female on male massage video so far. Would love to see future videos focused more on the male body as a whole rather than centered solely on penis stimulation. I know that my stomach and nipples are sensitive erogenous zones.
adding more excitement?
I agree with Mike.....the model should be nude. Also, once in awhile, she should move down and get her face and lips near his penis occasionally letting the penis gently rub against her face? That would certainly please my penis!!!
Great but More
These videos, with both male and female models are just gorgeous. What a beautiful man! BUT, can't he have his orgasm! To stroke a man's cock for a half an hour and not let him ejaculate is just cruel, especially as beautiful a penis as his... plus we would love to see it.... we'd love to see her nude body too. And by the way, don't these men have names?
I think this video is a big step-up from "Penis Massage" which appeared on Sept 21st. I love the incredible level of variety and complexity of technique shown here. The masseuse is shown as constantly shifting her focus from one area to another, and varying the type of movements she uses on a near-constant basis. All of this adds up to a really exciting video, and one that I really enjoyed.
she should be naked too
Great watching
My gf and I watched this video together tonight and really enjoyed it. She was mesmerized, and turned on, by his size of course. The woman really shows the importance of performing prolonged testicle and perineum massage as part of hand jobs; which leads to an increase in volume for the eventual orgasm. Also she shows how holding the blood in the shaft by squeezing the root increases his erection; especially effective near the end. We have learned some new techniques to say the least. Hope this is only part one, as we assume this could go on to a more traditional Western finish. My gf was surprised to see that the woman really did not use a fast stroke, or "jerking-off" motion, at all. As she got him very hard near the end we kept expecting to see that happen. A great video showing Tantric values of the arousal.
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Well even though I am a man and Love the female body, it is exciting to see this woman massaging this guy his breath and thinking what he feels because as a man I can almost feel her hands and the hands of my past girlfriends....I would rather though not see the comments till after I witnessed the video so I would be in suspense as to if he ums or not and not have the other comments ruin it ...even though I know it suppose to be tantric and I realize the conitations of it is a whole body Orgasm and not just and ejaculation but still would be more suspensfull..if thats a word , anyway just a suggestion..thankyou for great videos..erotic but not trashy!
On MY Way Over
I’ve always wanted to visit Spain, and now I think I have a very good reason to do so. I’ve noticed Zana has taken a sabbatical. Will she be available again anytime soon?
Did he...U know...
i know you probably couldn’t show it but i have to wonder if he at least had an orgasm after all that wonderful touching cause i certianly wouldn’t have wanted to go home after that without one
A bit Jealous
Do you purposely try to find men who have dicks larger than mine lol cause it’s working. Besides that, highly charged and very sensual. Not bad at all.
Honestly, I’d have shot within 5 minutes with hands like that on my penis. Maybe I should plan my next vacation to spain now...
Taking notes!
Petter, you’re work continues to amaze me. I am going to try this tonight with my BF, but I hope you don’t mind if I tell him I thought of it all by myself :) lol
Apparently, not pleasing enough.
My hope is that there is a Part II to this video.
Really, I can't figure out why you don't let those guys have an orgasm. It's frustrating :D
Sticky sweet evidence?
Here's another fellow left in limbo, poor boy. We've seen the sticky sweet evidence of Tasha's big O, of Dominika C, of Amandine, and so on. We have, in fact, seen all the most intimate details. Now, I understand the whole Tantric "seed retainer" concept. But you are pulling punches since that involves massage of not just the second, but also the first chakra. You've even shown us massage of the first chakra in the case of a few women already. You seem to be straddling the fence here: not quite the full Tantric massage (multiple internal orgasms), not quite the full Western (big external orgasm) massage.