The Art Of Japanese Penis Honoring

October 1, 2010

Through the ages the penis has been honoured and worshipped. Now we see exactly what this means.

And it is absolutely clear why it arouses such strong feelings of desire. The petite Japanese worshipper gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Whole body massage” as she uses all of herself to honour the man.

This ground-breaking film lingeringly explores the contrast between the soft delicacy of the feminine and the rock-hard firmness of the masculine.

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Members' Comments

No Orgasm
Why did you show the orgasm? Cruel on the guy
I like the Japanese girl well formed erect nipples. Her half shaven pussy and projecting hair from the unshaven area.The way she messaged in between her boobs and rode the dick
This Japanes masseuse is one of few in your videos using the whole of her body including her Yoni on his lingham. Off course this is what sets it appart from most of the other massages we can see here. I do wish the other masseuses would involve their Yoni in the massages also. It is great viewing pleasure.
All involved are nude.
That's the way it should be. I only hope these two fucked off camera or he was pleasured to climax. Couldn't endure this otherwise, if I was him.
japanese pleasure
my bucket list is to get such pleasure from a gorgeous japanese woman trained in the art of sensual massage! lucky man!
I don't see how they could have avoided intercourse. When you have a hot, sexy chick rubbing against your genitals, I don't see how you can resist having intercourse. If I were in his shoes, I would have released during the video.
Count me among those confused and disappointed that we didn't get to see her finish him off. I can only assume she did, since she spent the last several minutes jacking him off and was still doing so as the video faded out. Maybe she freaked out when his come got on her? Still very erotic. Her body is up there with Muriel.
He would have loved to stick something inside of her.
completely naked massages
These completely naked male female massages are so vey exiting to see here. The clearly erotic scenes are filmed so well standing out among all others. The focus is on the sensualty of strokes and touches. The human form of both male and female is so wounderful and beautiful allowing for so much interaction in complete nakedness. I believe there is still lots to follow in complete naked male and female films and pictures.
Hopefully, this masseuse took him all the way to a finish after this video was filmed. I was feeling his pain. Looked like she was seriously trying to get him off, but for some reason he didn't let go. No lack of skill on her part.
Very Disturbing
Agree w/ previous comments. Any male will find this very disturbing to watch. Failure to provide a release is constitutes torture in this situation.
RE: the girl is a dream
the best I saw so far she do everything so perfect , WAOOW the last day of my life I want spend with her
Japanese Penis Honouring
The non-penetrative genital-genital contacts were particularly well done. As for the 'cum factor'; it is possible for men to have an orgasm without ejaculation, as any Tantra therapist will confirm. His body-language near the end suggests that this may have happened here.
Japanese Penis Honouring
This was so popular, in part, because both heterosexual participants were naked and there was full body-body contact. Members will surely enjoy more like this if both participants -- whether M/F, G/G, or M/M -- are nude and visibly interact with each other.
The woman slipped through barriers and achieved closer intimacy with the man throughout the near hour long video. The mood and music fits. I agree with the above criticisms and wonder why his release wasn't included. His release would've made the 50-minute bonding complete.
RE: RE: Massage
No, I'm 99.9% certain that's just the light reflecting. Look at Blisterling Lingham Massage, when Mike cums, he explodes!!!
What a fantastic movie - my favorite of your great site. This woman is just soooooooooooooooo hot! And its great when you have such a hot woman, naked, giving a man a massage. The fact she is hot and naked makes it fantastic viewing... But the ending was a real let down: after 50 minutes, it would have been great to see him have a release... What was going on there? With this hottie, I could have exploded a dozen times in 50 minutes!!!!!!!
Please add final few minutes to this
This is such a hot, erotic video with two beautiful models. Petter, please edit to add the final two or three minutes where he finally achieves the release we all want to see. Don't leave us hanging!
Why have you not done another massage with these two? The combination is the hottest on the site. Please do another but let her give him some head. She got so close but so far....
Massage for 2
That was torturous. I don't understand how intercourse was avoided. I feel sorry for the both of them... I hope they hooked up off screen
I agree with Madronas, please do not change the site. I find it Beautful and so sensual. The body, sensuality and femininity all comes together to be one of the most erotic and sexually stimulating and artful experiences one can enjoy. Thank you. Niki Free
Please don't change the site
I've searched the web for a long time trying to find one that focused on what I liked. I didn't expect to ever find it, because so many sites are focused more on men and what they want. I finally found a site that I really love. It's the first time I've ever paid for any type of site subscription, ever, which is a testiment to how much I love it. But now I see all these suggestions on how to change it. Most of the suggestions are changes that would make it be something I don't love. I like that one person is giving and one person is receiving. I like that the giver is clothed, because its not about their body, its about the receiver's body. I don't particularly care if the giver is a man or a woman, because again, its not about their gender either. Actually, I do prefer it when the giver is a woman, because she touches exactly where and how a woman likes to be touched. I like that it doesn't include sexual intercourse or blow jobs, because that would spoil the whole "lay there and receive this gift of full body pleasure." And I hated it when she was looking into the camera, posing with his penis, rather than focusing on his pleasure. That seemed out of character for this site. There are already literally thousands of sites that include "the next level" of sexual intercourse and blow jobs, and I go there when that's what I'm in the mood for. There's only one site like this. It's like when people move to a small town to escape the city, saying they love the small town rural lifestyle, yet they immediately start making suggestions on how to "improve" it, based on their own personally tastes, and after awhile, it becomes more and more like the city they moved away from. Please keep this site as it is. My favorite aspect of it is that it's real. I'm so tired of a lifetime of watching faked orgasms. While I would love a happy ending in every video, I would rather it stay real.
hot radiating
Mutual touching naked bodies all over is such a great pleasure to see. For both participants the heat and pleasure are so obvious. This is exactly why male female completely naked massages are thrilling to capture in your images. Using all of each others bodies rather then hands only most certainly will make heating radiance much more.
How beautiful it would have been...
....when the masseuse was straddling him....to insert him inside her....breathtaking, really...and a logical conclusion rather than masturbation. Porn? No way. Gorgeous love-making, yes.
RE: Impressive Gay Man - Gorgeous Nihonjin
I agree I wouldve came alot in this video especially with her sitting on my dick playing with it and also with her big breasts in my face during the massage. My fantasy is her and Fabi giving me a four hand massage for 90 mins.... LAWRD!!!!
Male Massage
I not that few white (European-type) males enjoy the pleasure of a massage in your videos. I assume that this isn't a racially-motivated decision, as I'm sure there would be numerous volunteers.
How About.....
....something more, well, educational? Perhaps a tantric massage for the woman as well? Nicely done here, though.
Great girl, love her teasing. His penis is not the most enjoyable to watch, no offence, and she obviously is desperate to make him come however he is hardly responding. Disappointing end, it would have been great after 50 minutes to see him spray.
Mind Blowing Boner Massage
Hegre-Art hat es einmal mehr verstanden, einen herrlichen Massage-Film zu produzieren und ins Netz zu stellen. Ich persönlich kann von einem solchen 'Hammer' nur träumen, bin aber sicher dass eine Massage dieser Art und mit einer so sinnlichen Masseuse auch bei mir Leib und Seele in Wallung bringen würden. Herzliche Gratulation ans ganze Team sowie die Darsteller und freue mich auf weitere Filme. Uebrigens: Ich habe mir alle 63 Veröffentlichungen angesehen und bin sehr begeistert!
Impressive Gay Man - Gorgeous Nihonjin
Over 30 min before this guy got a boner? And over 50 min and he never cums? This guy is a gay as a double rainbow. Kudos to Ms Geisha. A straight guy would have only been good for a 10 min video
all this and no visual by he. Either amazing control or well mannered for the sake of a awnsomely beautiful experience to watch. Senuosly attentive methodical attention. I am most impressed.
did not realize this was the most watched video
Hopefully there will be coming a next episode on this beautiful erotic clip/movie
Konata is perhaps the most beautiful of all ladies on this site and I like women of all nationalities. This is amazing!!
allow luba to japanese honoring mike
i wonder how if luba massage mike with japanese penis honoring
So arousing
What a delicious film, so sensual and arousing visually and sonically. Such a beautiful man with that delectable powerful penis, and how delightfully the masseuse worships it. It doesn't get much better than this for a biseaxual man who loves both masculine and feminine beauty.
Thoroughly enjoyed Konata in " The art of Japanese Penis Honoring " would love to see her do a massage of another black man as this film was one of the most erotic that I have seen without stepping into the hardcore arena ! The contrast of her light skinned beauty and his black toned body is remarkable and I am sure that positive response has been overwhelming. thank you again and we need to see her again with maybe Lexington Steele or Mandingo ?
RE: Awesome
Nothing wrong with being gay. Be proud of it.
The more I watch this film the more teasingly erotic it becomes: WHAT a tease the last thirty minutes provides - there are moments when you are absolutely sure she is going to kill his cock, or at least place it to her cheek; others when a real 69 seems possible. How the guy manages not to cum at least four times during the session is mystery. I will be happily surprised if anything more erotic ever appears on this splendid site! Many congratulations and thanks.
RE: Massage
P.S. - Apologies - on a closer look he clearly does ejaculate, though it's an ooze rather than a geezer! Great.
The lady's breasts are rather too generous - surprisingly so for a Japanese - for my taste, and I don't care for the rather pronounced bush of pubic hair; but the massage itself and her care for the black boy's cock are wonderful - these cross-ethnic massages are excellent. I'm a little uneasy, like several other members, at the fact that these massages of guys by girls end inconclusively; ejaculation isn't a dirty word or a dirty event, and would bring closure to what are often very beautiful episodes.
Japanese Penis Honoring
Just joined after viewing some of the massage galleries. excellent quality and photography. highly erotic. want to see more of the Japanese / Asian girls with well endowed Black Men. the contrast and the taboo of the situation is highly erotic. It looks as if Konata was getting aroused later in the film. Orgasm would really add ...I feel, but in any event we need more interracial . I am White but the power of this film is amazing ! Thank You for this site
RE: Truly Sensual
Recently joined the site after seeing previews of the massage films. excellent stuff ! I agree the orgasm would be nice but I especially like the contrast of the Asian Girl and the Black Man . I am hooked on Asians anyway and this coupled with a well endowed black guy is exciting.Konata really looked as if she was getting aroused towards the end of the film.
Truly Sensual
I do find these to be the most sensual and erotic videos on the net today. I agree with most on here stating that bringing the man to climax would add a whole new dimension to the sensuality. Please leave the ones that you currently have, but add another genre with male orgasm. There are a number of women who climax on these videos, but let's add more. I applaud the quality of the work performed!!!
konata and lulu
anyway you can have a pretty asian man blown by these two honeys? it is boring to see beautiful asian women doing everyone EXCEPT asian men! We got cocks to massage ALSO peter!
so close
Has any consideration been given to giving us what you are alluding to here? You've done everything but give us what this video makes us want....
RE: RE: weird
One more thing, and this pertains to all but one of the male massage videos, my girlfriend gets very turned on by these and the Lingam massage but she keeps saying "let's see how great this Goddess really is and show her making the man cum to orgasm." Not only that but she would like to see if any of these women have any interesting techniques that she (I doubt it) doesn't know to make a man ejaculate fiercely.
RE: weird
Fully agree, it is like unwrapping a fancy wrapped gift and then find discount inside...
Not sure I'm following you here. I guess it's all right to show women having 'explosive' orgasms (Explosive Orgasmic Massage, Involuntary Orgasm Massage, and on and on) but for a guy it's off limits? Or does art somehow in your mind, dictate that a guy can't cum? What is that all about? It seems to me that a massage that cool should show everything as in a real world experience. Just like those lucky girls. I've been to Japan and Thailand and had similar experiences. Why are you ashamed to show it? Does showing a man cumming all of a sudden make it dirty, non-art? I'm not sure I'll still subscribe to this even though it's very well done but you hold back for some neurotic reason with the male models and I think that's just plain and simply...... Weird.
all sexual activity
Your site has broken some new barriers in artistic sexual context. The videos are beautiful and sensual. Please continue the video artistic exploration of ALL human sexual activity, including oral sex and sexual intercourse.
OMG allow her to kiss it
waiting for tantrac massage vol. 2 !!!
Totally awesome! I think its about time we stop living a double standard where women only can be showing off their bodies! Its about time us guys are doing so and Petter it is so great that you are featuring this now! Lets hope you continue this and bring us more male models getting massaged or even just plain nude! I am not gay, but enjoyed this film tremendously! I am very quite comfortable with the male body especially my own! So it is most welcome to see this! I love how this man came out first to pose being flacid! Then the part when the lady reached down between his legs and did a circle rub on his shaft was so wonderful! Then when he turned over to see his beautiful penis was a sight as much as seeing the pleasure on his face as she massaged his shaft! More Petter Please!
4 hands tantric massage
wonderfully erotic massage videos. Truly lovely. I hope that Hegre will expand his repertoire to the 4 hands sensual erotic massage.
sensual interracial
Being a black male and having a former thai girlfriend this brings back some lovely memories. The female model is perfectly formed and so playful. This is probably my favourite movie on the site and i would love to see more interracial movies.
Was wären wir Menschen ohne Sex? Wir sollten Gott jeden Morgen auf Knien danken das er uns den Sex geschenkt hat!!! Ohne Sex wäre wir Menschen verlorene Wesen im Universum! Wir danken Gott, dass er Mann und Frau und den Sextrieb seiner Schöpfung geben hat! P.S. Der schwarze Hengst kann nur so lange wiederstehen weil er die Augen geschlossen hält! Würde er den Anblick dieser sinnlichen asiatischen Sexgöttin erleben, würde er sich schon längst in geiler Wonne ergossen haben!
The best massage video I have ever seen! Even better, it would have been if you had seen the cum shot. If the aspect of art is not harmed
more penis massage videos please
best massage vid ever. very erotic. Keep going. more asian gals please.
This is really turning me on! I am hard to feel exited after 35. But your web wake me up. I like the series of massage. Keep walking,massaging!
Well, I did
hard to believe he didn't finish, maybe edited out for art sake and make us wonder? brilliant if so...leaves us gussing and feeling so many things as you watch it the second time knowing he didn't cum, and makes you feel as a man or woman how such a tingling massage would feel ( i've had a massage) nothing like this un fortunatley....but exciting to watch I must say and well, I did..
it is amazing how he can resist so long. And I had in some area the feeling that she felt uncomfortable just to pleasure him without getting him. Perfect movie! Thanks!
The Art of Japanese Penis
Wonderfoul and exiting, the contrast for black & white are excellent. Very nice babe, but I prefere to see the end with cumshot how in other show "penis massage". My compliments Hegre ... don't stop! Regards
Great video, but I agree that his finish should have been shown just as a climax to all of her work.
I haven't even finished watching the entire video yet and this is easily already one of my top three favorite videos from this site. I notice a lot of people posting suggestions on what to add to the videos such as climaxes, oral sex, etc. My only comment on this is that Peter is the artist, the models from this website are his paint, and the computer screen/camera lens is the canvas. While it is entirely within reason to hope and wish for more "hard-core" sexual activity, I think we should leave the final product in Peter's more than capable hands. I am a new member here and I can already tell that the focus of this website is more artistic than it is sexual; more sensual than it is carnally provocative. If I want to see a man climaxing upon a woman's face I will go to another site. If I want to see the beauty of mutually beneficial eroticism and shared respect I will come and stay here--where I find myself spending many, many hours.
Penis Honoring
Just a HJ, but couldn't have been filmed or performed better.
Well, this one broke my mind.
I have never driven off of a cliff before, but that was the sensation I felt when I watched the video end and this guy didn't cum. How he didn't with what she was doing to this man was beyond me. That said, oh my GOD she is hot. I could have used a few more views of her delicious pussy and asshole, but her face was so gorgeous I honestly didn't mind. Just having her tease this dick with her little fingers and the insides of her thighs was so good. I sincerely hope we keep seeing videos like this as time goes on. I just love the way it starts, her reaching between his legs, and touch his smoothness--I can almost feel her fingers when she starts the massage. So good. Just, so good. Thank you, Hegre Art!!
A very nice movie, as always. Some small suggestions though: Yes, I agree that one likes to see the man come after such an edging session. As well as a woman of course. And, please make the men and women who receive all this wonderful treatment writhe, sound out loud and really show their appreciation! Not just stillness and completely quite, just breathing harder. But not exaggorated sounds and movements of course, that really can destroy a good movie, but just natural moaning and writhing. I could guess what I would sound and look like anyway, under that girl's hands... :-) And I have this wish for seeing massage combined with bondage. maybe one day...? :-) And, but maybe that's just me, when it comes to women, please more bushy girls receiving massage!!! :-) The video "Yoni massage" is my absolutely favourite so far, as both the masseuse and the customer sound and react just perfectly to the situation.
Great film. As to Lily's comments, the day you have a man message another man like this is the day my 5+ years of membership ends.
Beautiful but anti climax at the end... Should have seen the happy ending and her mouth to better use....
Honoring massage
Peter, this is one of your most artistic and gorgeous works as of yet. On the side of improvement, do us a few favors... -The man's finish should be included. On her skin would do. -Let this amazing women use her mouth on his skin. That would be astonishing to watch. -Someday have a man do this same massage. Yes, you've done some thing like it...but duplicate this and women will indulge in it. -Explain the massage before hand so we don't see her looking to you for direction...it ruins the moment very quickly. -Have the women use more of her body to tease the man. She came close, but she needs to be attentive to his mouth. Konata the masseuse is world's above the other competition...she actually enjoys touching her man. She shows how women should treat men. This far outdoes the other male massages you have had. Keep exactly this theme going...You rock!!!!!!!!
So long!
How can he last so long?
Great, great movie She is like a doll and yet very seductive More of these movies please
more more!!
I'm really getting off on this kind of movie. Let's have plenty more.
She really knows how to handle herself and him but how can he last out so long?
nice contrast
Cool movie. These 2 are great with each other, so different yet both together what they want.
Perfect casting. This guy is really equipped and you can just see her thinking “I wonder?”