Lingam Worship

January 11, 2011

In the stark white light of the studio, on a bright white massage table, he lies down and waits for the masseuse with her basin of oil.

As her hands begin to work his body, you can see him breath, and almost feel his tension float away. As she begins to focus on his genitals you see the contrast as he relaxes and yet still becomes excited.

It may look difficult for him to hold back, but it is the skill and talent of the masseuse that allows him to enjoy the massage completely.

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Members' Comments

Good but where's the release?
Great video but what about the release? Kinda spoils it when you watch and are about to burst but the guy is never given a release...
Great video's. Some picture sets of these wouldn't go amiss though
This is very erotic and arousing!
RE: Lingam worship
I totally agree
Lingam worship
If women can climax on Hegre then men should also be allowed to do so during massage therapy
my wife loves men like this
My own sexy wife has a few black men as "special buddies". I've watched her to this, and more with them countless times over many years. You may think I'm crazy but I love it.
where can a guy find a massage like this?
Beautiful video, although it would be nice to see the masseuse's face now and then.
While I'm in no way gay, this chap has the most beautiful penis I've seen. Even I'd be tempted to give it a polish!
A great video for my girlfriend to learn all the strokes. Shows them all so well and the right pace to. All those that are interested in the orgasm, its a matter of how far do you want to go. After orgasm its masseuse nudity and then they might as well have sex together. So then the woman is a porn star and its all the same as the rest of the pornography on the internet. If its about Tantra, then its about exploring the place beyond wanting orgasm. The place of bliss where there is no wanting and only the presence of the moment is important. I encourage people to find this place and after that all your requests for more will disappear.
Beautiful man, beautiful massage. The masseuse is very skilled in the way she touches his genitals. It is not often a masseuse pays such close attention to a man's testicals. I think this sets her apart from the usual. Good massage should have a happy ending. A good orgasm should be seen and shared. It would be a delight to see him cum as the finale of this video.
Wow - please once more
Wow. This guy really has a beautiful body and his penis has a perfect look and measures. Once more he is not brought to climax in this vid - we all want to see it. But he should not be stroked straight to orgasm. The girl should change between teasing and not teasing his penis and decide how fast and how near she brings him to climax. Finally she should take simply away her hands and he has no other way but getting a touchless ejac. This would really be the art of penis teasing.
I third the motion.All massage videos here are hot but need climax for both male and female
Need the release
Gotta agree with the rest...show the climax!!
Just Another Penis Massage
I love the massage films the best of all, male and female. However, the ones with orgasms are, by far, the best. It's like any movie or story...without a climax....is there really a story ? The long drawn out massage is great. But we really need the climax. Only "#22 - Penis Massage" ends with the orgasm and thats why it is one of my two favorite films The second favorite is "the art of Japanese Penis Honoring" because the beautiful masseuse is naked, and amazingly soft and beautiful. Please make a few of these massage films with both, Petre. Both parties naked and a wonderful orgasm to finish the story. THAT WOULD LOCK ME IN FOR LIFE !
Come on, let's see it.
This is another vote for "release." With this model, the visual contrast would be Particularly stunning to see. After That much slow caressing, the product would be totally explosive.
Lingam Worship
I believe we all know that the male is under control with his breathing; however, he MUST be totally excited and would love for you to give him a beautiful, slow, erotic ejaculation where we can all see it. So much slow touching, workship then no ejaculation. I believe in Tantra and Lingam Worship; however, the few sessions I have attended lasted for between 2 to 3 hours; but the masseuse did have control and at one point at the end, told me it was ok to let go if I wanted to. I think we would all like to see that in your video clips. It would really make the session more powerful; believable. After all, what man would want to 'ejaculate' after such an erotic massage. Would you please do this for your subscribers. Thank You Tommy
Love it...BUT (again)
Albeit I am a very straight man, nothing gets me going more than a great massage with a sensual finish. This video has really helped me and a few of my girlfriends REALLY appreciate the art. However, while I am sure that there is a reason for not showing the ejaculation, I just have to admit that it makes a TOTALLY hot session lose it's luster. The Penis Massage video is definitely a favorite of mine and my friends. Can you please make more like that where the finish is allowed? Much MUCH appreiated! Dav
Love the Massage Videos w/ orgasm
please show the orgasm and let us see the masseuse naked. the art of japanese penis honoring was fantastic with the masseuse nude.....just needed to see the orgasm for perfection
Lingham worship
I agree, why no release. Whice video shows release as per comment below? Cannot find.
No satisfaction
I agree with several of the other comments here: let's see the money shot for a grand finale, and much more of the masseuse--she really looks good so far!
female on male
the female on male massage vids just don't do it for me. the best are the lesbian massage where the masseuse is just a little bit masculine, like the one with dominika c.
This isn't the Playboy channel. Let's see reality.
Consider this another vote for "release." It would look incredible to see particularly with this model. It would have also been nice had the masseuse to have been in the nude.
I agree with the other comments wy not see the finish only one video show it...? I can't believe that one of your models can let play so long with is penis without reaction...!!!
RE: Agree
Agree with comments. One movie, "Penis Massage" has an orgasm even a straightbguy like me enjoyed. Cant the rest of the movies with men be reposted to include the very happy ending that I am sure was captured?
This film's great, but I agree with the other comments that it would be much more satisfying if you showed the orgasm.
Ejaculation is an art form...
Pedro...another great film. Very well done...absolutely no complaints. You are a true artist. Please include the orgasm. I'm into chicks exclusively, but let's go the full mile, eh? If we're going to start something together, let's finish it. You rock. Never change. Peace.
These guys deserve release! It looked almost like it at 12:30....
Very Good And Hot
I like very much this film, for its sensuality and eroticisms. No mind the focus on a penis. It is art, and very well done.
I would normally go bongo on watching some other guys junk get pulled, I really would, but this is really kinda hot. So this I can get if I come to the spa? I wouldn’t mind seeing the face of the massoose. How come you dont show that?
Less lingam, more yoni! It’s hot, but I would prefer to see the same massage on a woman. Oh wait, there are plenty of those here...
So Relaxing...
I could almost feel myself on that table, with her hands running over my own body. Nice film, with great sense of eroticism.
I don’t know what that means, but I have a good idea. I wish my “lingam” was so big.