Massage Sport Sexy

April 5, 2011
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Deux nanas sportives se rassemblent et les petites chatouilles et fessers vont bon train.

Tout d'abord, les muscles fatigués doivent être massés pour retrouver leur forme originelle. Ensuite la masseuse se concentre à fond sur l'ensemble du corps de sa cliente ardente. Aucune d'entre elles ne sait que les guilis vont faire partie de la partie ! Un dialogue de sourd va s'imposer entre les deux filles, ce qui donnera une atmosphère sexy et de prélassement au film.

Le massage terminé, toutes deux auront eu droit à une séance corporelle jouissive.

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Commentaires des Membres

The masseuse was awesome. The model was beautiful, but she was way too ticklish and it really hampered the latter part of the massage. And when she was getting in on her vulva, she could not handle it as she was too ticklish. Other than that, I really liked it.
squirting is the best...once they're willing to "let go", unreal things happen. Cheers.
When I was young (high-school and college) I used to convince girls to let me give them a sensual massage or maybe several. I don't know what it was about some of the girls, but they couldn't handle a pussy rub without yelping like a dog who just got stepped on. At times it took up to 90 minuted before the comfort level overcame the ticklishness enough to get a finger in. Maybe it was Catholic guilt. On the other hand, sometimes the opposite was true, they were begging me to penetrate, and willing to learn to squirt for the first time. There is a time in a woman's cycle where her skin is super-sensitive, and I am not sure that is when you want to be conducting your first sensual massage, haha.
Great film, totally erotic, and fun! I vote for more natural settings like this, rather than the sterile studio shots with a headless masseuse!
Sporty Massage
I had forgotten what a gem Elvira is. Thanks for bringing her back to our attention in this cute and sexy massage. I agree that she has about the most sensual mouth I have ever laid my eyes on. Kudos too to the fellow subscriber who remembered her name so I could go back and re-enjoy some of her sets. If I was her boyfriend I would be concerned about where she is ticklish. I hope it is only because the therapist was female. Let's try this again with a hunky male therapist and see what happens.
Amazingly sexy film, though one longed for the masseuse (a) to get her kit off, and (b) to really come to grips with that very pretty, neat little bare pussy. The tension was considerable - and needed real release!
RE: Sporty
Yes no release. I was expecting some finger insertion in pussy at least .
I think that film is really fascinating : a tall woman with a large and sensual mouth, shapely bosom, ... and the most beautiful shaven pussy I have never seen ! And I love to see her laughing ! Well, I admit I falled in total addiction with her ! I hope there will be other films later with this model. Again, Peter, again ! Kiss kiss kiss to this wonderful and unforgetable model.
Sexy and fun
Great video, nice to see both girls having fum. Don't know the name of the masseuse, but the model is our gorgeous "Elvira"
nice girls
what is the name of the models involved ?
Working well
Like it loads. They are real naturals for this in every way
Happy talk
Sure makes a change from the ultra serious style of lots of massage movies.
Just joking
She reminds me of my last few girl friends. They couldn't stop laughing either.
Easy does it
Great. Nicely handled (no pun intended) and laid back.
A real ball
Good to see them both enjoying themselves and having a laugh.