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Masaje Sensual | Mar 08, 2011

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Duración: 22:48 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

sensual massage
Yes, I loved this massage. Very good masseuse and I think the model had a good time.
Man müsste die orgasmischen Kontraktionen der Pussy und des Anus sehen.
Wow! watching her chest puff out, her nipples harden and her belly muscles contract as she feels her orgasm ripple through her cunt at about 20:20 makes my erection throb and erupt every time!
Not only a PRETTY face but LOVINGLY cheeky : )
Real masseuses + Live sessions = Win!!!
I agree with Londongent. The real masseuses are what sets this site apart from other sites. I apologize if this is a repeat but the entry of a LIVE massage session, i believe, would defiantly set this site far above others.
Such a gorgeous woman! One of my favorites. It really hot to literally see her nipples get so hard in the seconds before she can see her excitement right there!
beautiful model
would like to see more of the masseuse face & her nude when giving the massage
Please more male and female erotic massages. They should all end with the orgasm.
Great Vid, I wonder if you could show some foot massage techniques and back massage. that also will be great please
Amazing website
This site is amazing, I'd thought about joining for a while, but discovering the massage sessions swung it for me and I really like it. Couple of suggestions (which I believe echo those of others) I'd like to see more of the girls doing the massage. Not necessarily their naked bodies (although that would be really good), but if they're unwilling to strip off, I'd also like to see their faces. I'd like to see their reactions to bringing the model to orgasm. Please don't stop using real masseuses though, they're fabulous (and what gives this site a real edge over others).
En is spectacular, the massuese really skilled. Thought it was a good length - prefer to the overly long ones. Still think mic for the model's breathing would enhance the experience.
En's Massage
I liked it. It took a little time to get going but she did it. Am I the only one that noticed that whe she started cumming her nipples gat hard. That was so hot.
En Is Entrancing
When I first saw En on your site, I was thinking, Eh. Then I went back and looked at the pics a bit closer and she sucked me in. Then I realized how lovely she really is and I've been an increasing fan since. Beautiful girl - keep shooting her, please
Short Massage's
The beauty of women pleasuring other women, its the duration of the video, and short video's are not as enjoyable as the longer strokes of pleasure. Please stay away from under 30 minutes!
Too Short
I lovedit, however it would be have much better if we could enjoyed her taking it much longer than almost 22 minutes.
Well she's certainly having fun but Petter why have you spoiled some of the massage shots by failing to capture the true essence of the masseuse's fingers penetrating En's beautiful pussy? Particularly when she's on her tummy - all we see is a hand somewhere between En's legs. A wasted opportunity methinks. And why do Auditory Sculpture get a music credit? Apart from En's moans the film was practically silent.
very nice. but a question: why male masseurs are naked and female masseuses not?
From back best
She likes so much to be stroked from behind I can see
These Russian babes are real ice maidens.
She's the boss
I love the way she is so much in control even when she is cumming.
Inside job
This masseur knows her job inside out and I mean really inside.
More to come
Let us see lots lots more of En. I am sure she can be wilder when she gets hot.
bring back dominika c
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En Trance

En está en un sueño. Es un sueño de placer y dicha y la lleva a través de un laberinto de sensaciones.

Primero es llevada a la relajación total del cuerpo. Sus formas perfectas son como las de una obra maestra de la escultura. La cámara captura cada detalle. La masajista, lentamente, la acaricia desde atrás de una manera íntima y profunda.

Mientras el sueño se mueve hacia su clímax, En espera recostada a que llegue un orgasmo triunfante. Su dormilona sonrisa final lo dice todo.

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