Intense Orgasmic Massage

May 24, 2011

The scene is a temple to sensual pleasure. Candles glow in the soothing semi-darkness. Perfumes fill the air. Let the ritual begin.

First is the purifying wash. Warm and thorough. Then the gentle oil is rubbed all over the body of the waiting woman. Every part, hidden or not, is made ready. Long, strong fingers explore intimate areas from all directions. What woman could resist such vigorous strokes? The lips of her gleaming pussy reveal how strong her response is.

And the final delicious shots show how complete her release is.

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Members' Comments

Agree, very much real. More More More please
Beautiful orgasm at 35:18. This was a real one no faking. Bring her back please for many more. Just lovely
With male masseuse
This scene, with a handsome, well endowed and naked man as masseuse would have been an absolue treat and the HD version of the fantasies of many men and women. Imagine seeing your woman receiving this treatment!
Love the cum at the end. Nice pussy too! I want to see more of En!
RE: Oil
it not oil its jell
Keepin' it real...
I love it that you didn't edit out the queef!
I watched this again and seem to have not seen her cream at the end. My ex-wife used to do that only more so. It was a really thick cream like this one at the end .... yummy
beautiful lips.
some of the most pretty lips on a woman, would give dominick a good battle
What kind of oil is that? It almost looks like olive oil or almond oil...
well....... prostate massage works on men, but damn it's hard to find on a woman
There is such a thing as prostrate massage. Both men and women enjoy this technique. It is not disgusting at all. Please record one and see the veiwer's ractions.
This massage is very exciting ! The masseuse is wonderfull, she has the right touch, a lot of experience and knows where to stimulate her partner. I was watching secretly that videos in my bedroom, I was getting wet and exciting, my hand did not resist and I was beginning to masturbate myself during I was looking them. Suddently, my girlfriend has gone in my bedroom at the moment I was reaching my orgasm! Thank Peter to do such beautifull videos that carry us at the top of pleasure!
i agree i would love to see alittle anal stimulation
Anal is in order now and the, don't you think? I would love to see a pinkie or thumb gently slipped into the bumb for added pleasure to both the model and the viewer.
RE: Massage
I agree totally, you and me to-gether. Sue
I wish I was the one receiving this massage...
RE: RE: Masseuse Spotlight
I wish the masseuse didn't want to remain anonymous. She is gorgeous and as you can see she has a huge fan base. She doesn't have to be naked, but it would be nice to just see more of her. No other masseuse in these videos even comes close to her. What she does to these models is incredible.. I'm looking forward to seeing her do a man like this too..
The most prominent labia are those of Dominika...just amazing
RE: RE: Masseuse Spotlight
I have no problem with the masseuse remaining anonymous, but it would have enhanced the video if she, too, was naked, as we've seen from the other tantra massage videos.
RE: Masseuse Spotlight
sorry, but the masseuse prefers to stay anonymous.
RE: Model
this is "en". you can see her here: http://www.hegre-art.com/models#action=show&id=215
RE: Model
The model is En - yes there are more sets and films of her. And yes you are right.
Does anyone know who the model is and if she's got any photo sets here on Hegre Art? She's got on of the prettiest pussies I've seen. So plump and ripe! :)
one of the best yet peter
wow this is one of your best yet peter. my friend and i really got into it watching together. thanks for such a different sort of website. ciao, alice
OMG - when she glanced over at ME - wow
Masseuse Spotlight
Peter can a profile be done on the masseuse? She is the main reason I keep my membership. She is the one that makes this video spectacular.. Who is she? How can we learn more about her? Can you do a photo session with her? I would love to see her massage a man the same way she did in this video..
delectable peter! hot, wet, oiled and shaved! delectable! wot more can we ask of u! the raw naked uninhibited slapping sound of a woman indulging in primal sexual satiation. i agree with all the other voyeurs, this is without doubt the most erotic stylistic and etherel site on the net. the hottest babes, damn hot in fact! revealing what most of us can only dream of. my girl gets so turned on she cums within seconds when shes watching these films! AND SHE CUMS BIG! can we ask tho, one more favour of u, king peter. as a gesture of thanks to us all who support you and your bevvy of babes, can you do ONE massage session with high definition filming, and close up viewing, of the cut and thrust of oiled up fucking, culminating with the male model unleashing his load all over the beautiful models back or stomach? can i suggest MUTUAL MAGIC MASSAGE - PART 2? and even include two girls and one guy? may i suggest olena o? or anna s? to join in. just once, and i know its not your style, and i wouldnt want you to reduce your site down to a simple fuckfest, but oh how i would love to see you film this just once, and give us all what we now desire SO MUCH.
Maybe best yet
Just spectacular. Love these shoots. Best site on the web, by far.
More of this Masseuse
I love this masseuse.. She is the best one of all your videos.. Please have more videos with this masseuse..
sexy massuse
this tantric massage therapist is not only one the most skilled at the temple she is also amazing looking. love to see her do a naked body to body massage. could you imagine her and gabriella together. with your brilliant photography petter that would be sexyness overload. I am also learning a thing or too. I am mainly subscribing to this site because of these videos. I also love the japanese girls.
Does you good
Don’t know about her but this massage sure soothed away all my aches and pains.
Many many more like these massages please for my pleasure.
Oil and water
The sprinkling with the hose was nice but it’s the magic oil that does the trick every time.
Good time girls
These girls they know how have fun and give also.
Right on
Intense is the word man.