Mutual Magic Massage

April 12, 2011

It's so rare to find a movie that shows so clearly the tenderness that there can be between a woman and a man.

Valerie starts to caress Mike's body. Slowly and tenderly she covers and oils him. He is absorbed in total pleasure. Then he does the same loving service for her. With lingering, sensitive strokes he massages her legs, back and intimate parts.

The camera captures perfectly how different their physiques are. Hers, slender and smooth. His, hinting at powerful muscles. Both perfect in their own ways.

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Members' Comments

Valery & Mike
Will there be an extended video of a Tantra massage given by Mike to Valery, using the whole of his completely naked body body pleasing the beauty of Valery in all her feminine passion?
simply fantastic, petter you have showed us everything except male female penetration,its way past time.
RE: sensual massage
Revisting this sensual massage video it remains so very hot to see. I am still very exited about the pure elegant beauty shown so plainly. The slow touch of these two stunning bodies shining in oil clearly is a pleaure for them as it is for us. We have seen many other perspectives , motions and touches with other couples. This massage of Valery and Mike remains a highly attractive basis to work from again. Valery and Mike also have shown their exitement and arousal in other videos more explicitly. Any change they can explore it as a couple ones more?
Love me Tender
valerie is stunningly gorgeous and with her small frame it would have been so erotic to see her make that huge black cock climax
Mike @ Valerie
I beg to differ with my fellow members. The eroticism is in the massage. It's subtle not hardcore. There within lies the beauty.
I would love to see valerie do a CLOVER oral penis play film
sensual massage
It is just that. Two most beautiful bodies shining over from a tenderly applied layer of oil. The mutual touch of bodies is the pleasure we are to experience. In this situation Valery and Mike do prefer to show a slow melody. Indeed there are may other perspectives and angles of nude couples touching in deliberate contact.
RE: Sensual massage
I completely agree. That seems to the the consistent flaw with this sight, i.e. a lot of teasing, but it stops there. Intercourse can be done tastefully and erotically. Right now, it's like you get all the way to the top of the hill, and there's nothing there. I need the pot-o-gold at the end...
I hope they both got some when the camera was turned off...
Sensual massage
This is a lovely video. Both models are very attractive and sexy, but film could be improved considerably in my opinion if both were allowed to cum and pleasure each other to mutual orgasm. It would seem to me an natural progression?
This is really one of the best massage films I have ever seen. All your films are best - but this is WOW !!! Do you habe more of that type - then pls let me know !
muito bom
to precisando de uma massagem dessa , alguem se habilita ?
very beautiful couple massage session...
this couple massage session is one of the most delicate and respectful of each one of the models: congratulations! the models' attitude renders this session really artistic and confirms the edifying beauty of tenderness in mutual gratification...
Why not go further?
The session is a sensual as it gets. The models must have to hold back from pleasuring each other. I don't see why tastefully, they could orally please each other, and possibly fuck -- if it's photographed properly. We don't need to see insertion -- we understand. Also, ALL models should be nude during massage sessions. There's no reason for anybody to be clothed during these sessions.
Mutual Massage
Ask me if I wouldn't trade places with this dude in a nano-second. Valerie is simply out of this world and with oil on her taut body is even better
All the way?
I can see the problem Petter has. How far can he go without being accused of peddling pornography. Well, of course, what we have is pornography if you take its definition as 'the explicitre presentation of sexual activity to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetu feelings.' This site very happily doesd both, and is the first I've come across which does both successfully. The sight of two people fucking could ertainly be beautiful, handles as Petter handles the massage, for instance. But would the sight of a male ejaculation be 'aesthetic'? I guess it's a matter of opinion, and in the end we must leave it to Petter, to whom all our thanks must go. This is a wonderful site, and gives pornography a good name!
This is amazingly erotic. I don't know how our brother can be limped at times during the session because mine is at full attention throughout the session! I wish they would indulge in a very sensual, loving mutual masturbation session and end with a happy ending in each others' arms. That will be the icing on the cake! Well done for an absolutely fantastic session!
Massage and Orgasm
I love massage in my personal life. Giving and getting massage is a great way to explore sensual pleasure with a compatible partner. I am an advocate of prolonging pleasure but in the end (whenever that may come) orgasm is the ultimate conclusion. Skillful and deliberate slow arousal seperates good sex from bad, good masturbation from jerking off and satisfying full body massage from quicky hand jobs. The end result is the same but the 'art' lies in how one gets there. I think this film hints at what complete sensual sharing can be. The orgasm (his and hers) would be the perfect (and happy) ending. I hope we can take that step (carefully) in the near future.
It may be that the models were only comfortable going this far, not not "all the way" to orgasms. After all they are models and not porn actors. They are stunningly beautiful and this is a stunningly beautiful piece. Thank you.!!!
RE: Tantra and the money shot..
Well, this is clearly not a tantra massage, it's two beautiful people on a soft mat enjoying mutual massage. So the orgasm issue is neither here nor there. And even if it was tantra, orgasm is quite allowed!
That is one very hot video! I agree with the rest of the posts. Some good old fashioned orgasms would be nice. I think they both deserve it. She is really beautiful.
Tantra and the money shot..
I do have to agree with all the rest that seeing a "Money shot" would bring about some kind of closure to the scene, but that's not what tantra is all about..Tantra is about prolonging pleasure for as long as possible. As a Massage Therapist myself this whole subject is "taboo" in the U.S. I have to give Peter lots of credit for trying to stay within the realm of "Tantra" for the most part.. and keeping to its rituals. Bravo Peter!..Bravo!
One of my favorite parts is where she is sliding up and down him and she smiles. She's really having fun there. I just wish she would have given him a tug.
very nice
very pleased with this one, and tantric massage is all about avoiding the orgasm despite the fact so many are waiting for the 'moneyshot'; I guess the guy already came before the 'shooting' (haha) that why he can keep it semilimp.. :) - just one remark : some more closeups, yeah genitals also, would add the last extra point to reach the 10/10-score! looking forward to the next part :)
RE: WOW; Go to complete satisfaction
I agree; we all know that both the male and female are extremely hot and turned on from all the sensual touching and pleasuring. We all would like to see (I speak for all just my opinion of course) complete ejaculation from the man. You have so many orgasmic clips on here of the girls; however, there is something watching a male cum after all the arousal he is getting from his female. If we accept it, why not give it to us. Thank You Tommy
Excellent Camera
It was erotic, however I would have prefer more genital touching.
Mutal Magic Massage
these two have stunning bodies , black is beautiful. This was awesome, I wish Petter would understand what this does to male hormones. I need to see more, litte more on the sensual side, elaborate on the strategic areas.. There's got be a happy ending sometime, whynot with this two....
RE: Why....?
I think a lot of us are thinking just that. Come on Peter, so far we have just one male climax in Massage. For sensuality and quality we know your site is way above out and out porn, but most of us also like to see a beautiful woman bring a man to a climax.
When there are a "female giving female massage film", normaly the the female mastrubate the other female to orgasm, or look alike ... This film are nice looking all the way to the end, but WHY not terminate this nice session with a happy ending for both ???
WOW - A True Full Body Massage
WOW: This is what I call a full body massage. It's amazing how turned on the male probably is; but doesn't come to a 'full' erection. I love when either partner massages the other from the 'rear'.....especially when the female is massaging the woman. Unbelievable, very nice work and camera angles. Now tell us the little secret, ok? Does the male ever have sex with the female after this type of 'erotic' massage. Come on, tell us the truth, because I don't see how it is possible not to come to a full release after such eroticism. Tommy
Really extraordinary: congratulations! But too short. Both bodies are incredibly perfect and they are magnified by the oil. The colour of their skins perfectly matches, so that from time to time, you have the feeling that it is a unique one, male and female. The health that transpires from this reciprocal massage make them greek or latin statues. This is great art. I also lkove the naked background: the eye and the mind are only concentrated on this slow hieratic danse. The pleasure that both have in discovering the other's whole parts of the body is a pleasure I'm sure for them. Thank you very much and please continue in this way, even a bit hotter.
Film with girls
Let's see Valerie in a film with Silvie, Thea, or Linda L.
Climax would be nice
Beautiful. I would dearly love to see a higher level of intimacy between these two. At least for her to give him an intimate massage to climax. Mind blowing..
Go, girl
Valerie gets better and better. She got real personality. I would say the camera loves her.
More please
Mike's a natural for this. I'm hoping we are going to see him starring in his own movie soon.
Real smooth
Valerie and body oil definitely do mix. It really shows her off well.
All alone
I've never seen anything like it. It's like they never knew the camera was there.