Multi Orgasmic Massage

June 21, 2011

Sometimes there are days when everything is perfect. Like it is for her today.

It’s the massage she will remember forever. Because the masseuse brings out the essence of a beautiful young woman. All the sensuous feelings. All the vivid pleasure of being touched deep within. Then she is aroused even more intensely, to new heights. Sensitive fingers delight her. There are so many of them.

It seems her pleasure will go on forever. How many orgasms can a woman have? How many can you count?

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Members' Comments

two guys
Would love to see something similar with two guys.
Milky white substance
I love it when we see a female reach this level of sensitivity it lets us know how much pleasure she is receiving from her massage and it is a very informative teaching moment for those of us who want to give that special woman in our lives that special attention to her needs, the camera work is expert and we learn so much at how to give real love to someone we share our heart with!
Nude masseuse
Would so love to see the masseuse nude so we can see her response as she gives the massage, nipple erection and other responses we can observe so we can see the response in the person receiving as well as the person giving the massage!
Sexiest massage video ever!
I love this video. The masseuse is just as sexy as the model. Can anybody tell me the masseuse's name?
She is a creature constructed for union, her body pouring the libations of entry and joining. Is she a being wrongly assigned to the planet of perpetual war for perpetual peace?
The climax calls to its minion love, opening the eyes clarifying the mind. The instant of reality clarifying, seeking that which is absent.
now that's how you do a massage,pure erotic class.
the massagist
My eyes were concentrate on her tits [ the massagist ] I hope to see her once to preform nude as many massagists
RE: oil
what kind of massage oil do they use?
Just perfect wow!!!!
Wonderful! Ausgezeichnet!
I love the larger, fuller breasts on this model. I especially love the way they jiggle with each thrust of the masseuse's fingers into her vulva.
The way it should be.
Gorgeous girl, excellent masseuse work. Excellent video, exactly the way they should be: illuminated like an operating room.
Hy. My English is not so god and I will now wright in German. Die Hegre-Art-Videos, wie auch alle übrigen Veröffentlichungen, sind von absolut perfekter Qualität, bieten sehr viel Erotik und speziell im Bereich 'Massage' Lehr- und Anschaungsunterricht. Ich gratuliere den Machern und freue mich auf weitere Filme, Fotos, usw. Lupojunior
Name of Model
This is the perfect massage. It is the schoolbook example of how it should be done. The girl is fantastic. I would love to know her name.
The Missing Component
I have watched this one over and over. I can not help but think it is almost the perfect massage film ever, only something was nagging me, something missing. Then I did what I seldom do. I read the lower comments and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Anal! . . . It is missing ANAL!!! One simple little slip of the hand and you would have aced it. Peter and Sirdurv hit it right on the money. Please consider not leaving this on the table next film. Fingers are there and well oiled, the anus is there ready for pleasure. Just do it.
orgasmic massage
I too would love to see the person who gives the massage.. topless. It would be a lot more interesting.
Sensual Massage Me Please
So wish I were the lucky recipient of that erotic massage. I'm dripping wet after watching. Ive never been with a woman but am highly aroused at the thought of flicking my tongue on that throbbing clit.
well done
really sexually exciting. beautiful girl, wish she could have been more vocal in her orgasm's. would have proved she was really having one
Definitely the best to date. Every orgasm is real. The masseuse uses her fingers expertly, almosts fists her at some point. Filming her face as she reacts to each orgams is well done. Marjana I LUV you!!! It's time to see LUBA recieve a massage. What do you think LUBA?
Why can't the masseur be naked too? I'm sure that she must get turned on doing such an erotic massage - it would be nice to see her play with herself too at the end. And please - can we see a bit more clit - especially throbbing when she comes
petter make more video with Marjana
i hope u petter make a lot video with the sexy and beautiful eyes marjana , before it's too late marjana is freaking awesome girl Thanks Bandots
improved performance
Though this is a great video, what's lacking is "anal entry". This would not only be an added turn on for the viewers, it would be added pleasure for the models. The more squeamish models would be in no possition to object if they did not expect it and the spontaneity of this surprise motion would also add a flare of authenticity.
Though this is a very good video, I also feel more anal play and anal inssertion is essential. These models are in a possition where the added exitement of not knowing that it is coming would add not onlt to the quality of the session but the surprise would add value to the authenticity. Please keep in mind that these viewings are for the viewer and not the squeamish models. Go for it!
Très bon film, il serait intéressant que la masseuse soit nue également et peux être donner un message à 4 mains! Existe t-il dans votre équipe des femmes fontaines? Si oui, il srait intéressant d,en voir. Au plaisir
Have you thought of filming a 4 or 6 hand massage?
I want to see the masseuse's tits, she looks friggin hot. This whole thing would have been better with a nude masseuse!
This is the most fantastic film so far !! I want more of this, more concrete: I actually only this type if films !! And what a fantastic girl with a fantastic body and breast... And again, back to the fantastic lady that do the handwork: Since we never see the face of the girl, then she could be naked ?
thats a wonderful girl , i love here and her climax. for me thats one of the best. I wish the masseuse will be also naked and in focus. She is also gourgeus. hope to see this soon.
Massage oil
Incredible massage! Can anyone tell me what kind of oil she uses where it is safe for external and "internal" use. Id like to give my wife this treatment :)
constructive criticism
Loved the massage. The only thing i would like to see more of is more massage videos with anal fingering. Also, the woman doing the massage needs to be naked also.
RE: RE: Marjana
That was great, I know this is a classy site but the only thing that would have made it better was a finger or two in her arse so both holes were being worked and for the massuse to be showing us her hot naked body.
The whole hand
I was hoping to hear her say "more" and react to the thumb being tucked in and inserted. She can clearly do it and may well enjoy it as a regular activity. It wouldnt be breaking new ground here, but it would be very welcome
RE: Marjana
Sure Marjana is great but I think the massuess is super hot! Wouldn't we all like to see her spread eagle too?
I think Marjana is hands down one of the most beautiful women you have on your site. I would pay even if she was the only model on here. She has the perfect body and the best pair of blue eyes i have ever seen. I would love to see more videos where the girls talk cause accents are so hot. I love me some Marjana.
I could help you out with this problem!
just great
This is what we pay our dosh for. Great model, great action, great video quality and direction. What we are lacking in the massage videos is another (to add to the one) male ejaculation. Great to see a female masseuse bringing a guy to ejaculation.
Academy award winner!!
This is by far the best massage video so far here on Hegre-art.com. If they gave out Oscar's for massage video's, this would get it hands down. Also wish we see more models like her...I find some of the models on here a little too skinny. She is perfect. Maybe in the future we can see women that are BBW...big beautiful women getting massages!
Both Marjana and the stunning masseuse genuinely looked like they were having so much fun. Her arse clearly was crying out for a little finger too. Like so many others, it would have been super cool to see them both naked - or are we just too greedy?
Very genuine performance by the model, I really think she liked it. She was so wet, recieved three fingers with joy. And very teasing - my absolute favourite masseuse's nipples were showing through the t-shirt because they popped up off the bra. I'm will dream about that tonight...
Once again, I wish I could receive such a massage.
Absolutely the best yet.... Would have like the masseuse naked and perhaps some anal play... but a 9/10 overall!
RE: Multi Orgasmic Massage
amazing once again... yes ask your masseuse if she would consider wearing just panties and a bra!!! that would be fucking hot.
4 Handed Massage
I wonder when we will see a four-handed massage? My understanding is that it's a common tantric practice. It would have been wonderful to see one masseuse working Marjana down below while another fondled her lovely breasts.
RE: Multi Orgasmic Massage
The model is Marjana, and there is a gallery of her massage session, posted on Hegre-Art a few days ago.
Multi Orgasmic Massage
This is by far the best sensual massage on the entire site. It is the first one where the model lets herself go and just enjoys the experience. A lot of them just lie there like pylons. Who is the beautiful model? How many orgasms did she have? . . . I counted 11 for the model and I would guess at least 4/5 for the masseuse. So many people have suggested that the masseuse do away with her outfit and work in the nude also. That would really add to the massage.
Multi Orgasmic Massage Suggestion
The work you produce is amazing; the women are gorgeous and the clips are very erotic. I enjoy them, they are mesmorizing. Do you think you could do the massages with the masseuse being in the nude as well...that would be fabulous and even more erotic. Thank You
It was like watching a musical instrument being played by a top class performer. She deserves a round of applause.
All in the detail
It’s great to see everything in such closeup. Let’s have more. I’m sure she said that too.
Background noises
Loved the sound effects. They just put the finishing touch to it.
Credit where credit is due
This masseuse knows her job inside out. What a genius she is.
Gimme more
That’s what I envy about women. They can come and come again. She just proved it.