Fisting Massage

August 30, 2011

Silvie goes for the ultimate in pleasure. She is wide open to new sensations.

For this she must be well oiled. It is lavished on her waiting body everywhere that the masseuse can reach. Her ass especially is given maximum attention and what a superb ass it is when it gleams and drips. Very soon she is more than ready to welcome the hand of the masseuse reaching deep within her. She lies on her front revealing her delicious ass and on her back with her legs drawn right up.

Again and again she welcomes the exploring fingers.

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Members' Comments

How can she be taking a nap while an entire hand goes into her pussy?
Super vidéo ....But !! Why the masseuse's face are hidden it'll be more exiting to show them
Fisting Massage
If the whole hand is introduced as far as the wrist, followed by a pumping motion to-and-fro inside the vagina, an enjoyable strong whole-body orgasm -- sometimes accompanied by an involuntary squirt -- can be easily induced.
RE: Fisting
I agree. A 'full' fisting requires the complete had to penetrate as far as the giver's wrist. That didn't happen here.
its ok - but that's no fisting she must put the hand full in
The Muic
I felt a bond with the massage music with the masseuse hands and the flow. were can I find that song?
phantastic and so intense
Please more intense fingering and fisting this is great
Please more fistingmassage this is so intense
The masseuse is incredibly attractive. I would love to see more of her. Not necessarily to see her nude,but to see her while she massages the model.To see the look on her face or her reaction to the models' reactions to her touches. I think being able to see facial expressions adds a lot.
like to see the masseuse being massaged like silvie.
goddesse silvie
silvie will make millions of euros or dollars . she is the most sexual female ,along with dominka on peter hegres site
she didn't even put her hand inside
Very sensual and sexy ... Her perfect arse and pussy are a sight to be hold :)
RE: Masseuse
Agreed! The masseuse is far more sensual when she is wearing clothing. It's often good to want. ;)
RE: Masseuse
Its because this is art, not hardcore porn....and yes there sexual but its human art.....
RE: RE: Oil
Excepcional! Bravo! Very exquisite!
Ladies and Gentlemen please stop with the "I want to see the masseuse topless or nude" comments. Members have been stating that for months now and guess what.....she is still fully-clothed. The reason being, I believe, is either she doesn't want to do the massages nude or Mr. Hegre wants all the attention focused on the model and not the masseuse. If neither was the case then we would have seen her naked along time ago. IMHO
Less clothing for sure on masseuse
I agree I would enjoy the video more if the masseuse would have less clothes. Actually slowly remove them or start with very little and drop the clothes. Sort of like the chocolate tropical "Series" That was very hot. I'd love to see the masseuse taste her fingers. Mmmm. No No on the anal. Erotic play between the masseuse and the lady she is pleasing is would be much hotter.
Ride the wave
Beautiful model, hot video and yes, would love to see more of the masseuse. Agree with others that Silvie needs to embrace the "O."
Underexposed masseuse
I have to agree with some of the others. This masseuse is always underexposed. She looks really beautiful. What a shame.
When can we see the woman that makes the massage to Silvie Naked? She is very hot and very sexy! I think, if you ask to the rest of the members, they all agree, that she would be a great add to hegre-art website as a model!!
massage or naptime
I am a big fan of Silvie so I will be kind. Great body but little reaction to what was being done to it or her. She needs to make friends with the BIG "O" : this is not naptime.
The masseuse makes this viedo, love to see her more with less clothing and Silva wow very nice. Nice viedo would also like see more anal play or penetration.
Silvie has the most beautiful pussy when not covered in hair, I love it so much. Great video.
RE: Oil
The Masseuse
No offense to Silvie but I just can't stop looking at the masseuse. I would really love to see "more" of her.
Superb! One naked girl, gently fisted by a nice lady, with all her clothes, sometimes without visible face, is the great magic of those massage sessions. Please continue !
I think you misunderstood me. A fat pussy is a good thing :-)
RE: Fat pussy
A fat pussy is a compiment! She looked very nice fromwhere iI sat. Nice tits, nice ass and a fat pussy!
Cool - but that wasn't really 'fisting'. Surely that implies penetration up to the wrist? I'm loving the masseuse too, we need to see so much more of her, preferably naked as well.
What is the best oil to use for this type of massage?
Very very nice. Unfortunately it didn't look like Silvie was allowed to finish. That would've been even more nice - for her... and me (as Chauncey Gardener once said, "I like to watch"). And as for that masseuse, i love her. That dude that said "fat" should shut it. I think she's done so much for the others that she should get some back. Now that i would love to watch. A step further...I think i've absorbed enough of her techniques that i could help her out. Wishes...
Fisting massage
Not too bad! It's a shame the masseuse wasn't naked too though!
Very nice!
Nice video. Silvie is one of the best. Bless her. I'm still waiting for a guy being massaged then finishing with (visible) ejaculation - only one appeared on here so far! What about Valerie and Mike? They could do it!
Great video
This is really wonderful! The massage series is just spellbinding, but this session in particular takes it to a whole new level. Both Silvie and the masseuse are terrific. This is the kind of action I'd love to see more of with your models.
Masseuse - Fat Pussy
About 14 mins into the shoot we get a full frontal view of the masseuse...wow. Her pussy is fat.
Cute ass and plenty of it. Half the film taken up with shots of her ass suits me just fine. I was expecting some more anal action. This would have fitted in perfectly here but I’m happy to wait a bit longer for that.
I reckon that Silvie shows the way for the other girls to follow. It is just incredible how she takes it to the limit when she opens up her hot pussy to be touched like that. This is one for my collection OK.
Waiting for this
Way to go Silvie! This is what I have been waiting for. I just loved the way the masseuse went in again and again. I couldn’t believe the way Silvie took it.
Covered in oil
It’s all that oil that got me going. The way Silvie got covered in it over and over was something else. The bonus was making her ready to be fingered so deeply. From now on that’s the way it’s gonna be for me and my GF.
Was she cumming at all? I couldn’t make it out with all that oil but nice to think so. How about some movies that concentrate on the girls doing just that? I think it would make great film and I’m sure your masseuse can make it happen.