First Erotic Massage

October 11, 2011

They say you never forget your first time. That is so true for her.

She often wondered what it would be like to take massage to the next level. What would it feel like if the wandering hands would stroke her waiting ass? How would it be if those fingers opened her lips? What would she do if the fingers slipped deep inside her? How soon would it be before she climaxed? Most of all, how would she feel if it was another woman that was doing all this to her?

Now she has all the answers.

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Members' Comments

Very peaceful massage
It was lovely. I fell asleep, as it appeared so did the young lady being massaged. She is so beautiful.
bitte ein 2.video von Nikola
Incredible Massage Video
What a great massage video, Petter! As a lover of Nikolas beautiful body, especially her pretty super sexy bare soles. I love the attention paid to her lickable bare feet in the Video! My manhood is at full mast every time i watch it! I wish all the massage videos were just like this!
Unresponsive Monika
The recipient is certainly passively unresponsive to the eye, but perhaps she's one of those women who have undemonstrative orgasms. Or, maybe, (as it was her first massage of this kind), she didn't relax enough to allow her feelings to take over.
For me, the excitement of the massage videos is the model, who begins as a passive recipient and eventually becomes aroused into an orgasmic state. However, in this case, the very attractive model never goes past the passive recipient condition, making the whole exercise boring and pointless.
Pretty girl! The hotness is in the details, but she does seem a bit.. erm.. 'Maguro'.
très jolie
je bande à te regarder nue apprécier ce massage sensuel, j'aimerais te toucher
Oct 11th video
Did she achieve orgasm? Did I miss it. Great sensual massage but I don't think she released.
The masseuse is absolutely amazing - wow - could not take my eyes off her hands and motions - strange and surprising - she's vastly more interesting than the girl getting the massage !
RE: a gander
Mike It is the stimulation of the prostate gland that provides the sexual gratification for men. Women don't have a prostate gland therefore the sensation is not the same. Stimulation of the prostate causes penile erection and ejaculation. Last time I checked most women don't fit this catagory. Certainly there may be the nerve endings around the anus that you refer to but that is not a case for anal entry unless, as I said earlier, it is requested by the recipient.
don't ask don't tell
There seems to be a lot of misconceptions over anal. Anal delivers great pleasure to the woman, period! No one, including me asked to have the modle approve or disapprove of it. The best way would be for the masseuse to slip it in totally by supprise and unannounced. What is the recipient to do? get up and leave the filming? I think not. In the throws of this kind of passion it would be GREATLY welcomed. As our model nears climax, the finger should be S L O W L Y withdrawn and as for us the viewer (customer) , art would be taken to the next level. I feel that if we were to put it to the vote, the number of us sensible viewers would be OVERWELMING. Another added plus would be for the masseuse to slip the naturally moist finger from the vagina under the models nose for a while then into her mouth. What a turn on, not for the squeamish.
Next level?
This was a great massage movie, thanks! Slow and gentle sex is always very arousing. But, as a slight critiscism, these wonderful movies are all very much the same. Always shaved girls; what's wrong with massaging a girl with a full bush, at least sometime? Pubic hair brings out the womanhood in a girl! And why not bind the model down on the bench for massage once in a while? We who have tried it IRL know that it magnifies the experience and arousment. And about anal: why use the rear entrance when there's such a lovely main entrance...? :-) That's just my 2 cents, everybody has their own taste. Well, but that's my taste anyway!
a gander
Women have as many nerve endings in the anus as men. The model could have rejected this in advance if she wanted. As a regular recipient of happy-ending Swedish massages (and a rare deep finger) from an attractive Laotian woman, I vote for all pleasure. Having received massages from more than two dozen tech's for more than 35 years, I vote for a nude and pretty masseuse.
Alex. I agree totally
Have to agree totally with Alex. There seems to be a preoccupation with anal entry by many people who leave comments here. As a masseur. gentle stimulation of the outer section of a female anus is fine but penetrating digital stimulation is not physically required unless requested by the recipient. Lets stop presuming what is good for the gander is good for the goose. If you gentleman want to stimulate your prostate for statisfaction, then by all means do so. But don't presume that it is a necessity of female massage and sexual satisfaction.
I agree!!!! The therapist let this video hot....
First Erotic Massage
AMAZING massage therapist. In my humble opinion, she is what made this video special. Truly hope we see her at work again! :)
I agree. A little anal play would go a long way :-)
Really enjoyed seeing Nikola on film. She is an incredibly beautiful model and to see he on film was a real treat. Hoping there is another massage video featuring her. It would really add a lot to see her moving with the massage strokes and audibly sharing the pleasure of the experience.
Thea training film
All massage models should watch Thea on the table before entering the water!
Nikola's 1st
Numerous thoughts: This is the best and most erotic "technical" massage I think we have seen. This therapist knows the moves and strokes. Loved the attention to anus (finally) and connective tissue in the groin--both super-responsive areas of the body. Had the therapist lost the bandeau under her shirt, this film would have been considerably more provocative--nothing overt; just glimpses. Cool shorts, though. Considering this was her 1st, I guess it is understandable how Nikola could have so much self control. We will have to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope for more response in #2
time well spent over through the ether, would lovve to meet her in person, nice moves.....
The last several massage videos have been fabulous! Hot, beautiful, sexy girls -- and beautiful orgasms as well. Now it is time for another guy, please! just to keep things in balance.
NIKOLA & The Masseuse
While this is a nice sensual massage video, I think to say that it is "erotic" is an overstatement. Were this a massage video like the ones featuring DOMINIKA, SILVIE, TASHA, and THEA (all 3 women were brought to orgasm), then this one could be considered erotic. I trust that there will be more videos featuring NIKOLA fully nude.
RE: missed opportunity
I too strongly agree with Peter! Anal entry is so incredibly erotic and would a glorious addition to the already high quality Hegre site! Well put Peter and thank you for taking the lead on this!
"Sensual Oil Massage" (number 13) has a nice bit of foot massaging in the middle. I'm not really big on feet myself, but it's Anna S in that one and it seems pretty much every part of her body is just sexy as hell - I love that bit in that film.
All this anal stuff...
For those of you dying for anal penetration, first, go look at the Dominika C massage video. You'll get to see just what you want, and she just about squirts all over the table when she comes near the end of the movie. Then, go look at her interview video, and she discusses how she enjoys anal sex. So, in this case, it's a question of the model's personal preferences. I can only imagine that each individual is asked what they are comfortable with before doing one of these videos. For example, what is your personal position on appearing on the Internet with someone's finger in your anus while you orgasm? Frankly, tantric massage of the male involves prostate massage in this manner, while in women, the equivalent tissue is accessible at the front of the vagina. I am of the personal opinion that all this anal stuff in contemporary porn is a projection of male desires through a Freudian censor of homoeroticism. Women don't have prostates. To the extent that this site is showing authentic trantric therapy, you want the "cleansing the lingam" ceremony, not the "cleansing the yoni". IMHO, it is neither surprising nor necessarily homosexual for a man to experience extreme pleasure from prostate stimulation; but men incorrectly assume that women will obtain the same degree of pleasure from anal penetration that they themselves have secretly experienced. Porn actresses may do this on camera for suitable amounts of money; they may even convince you that it's a great time. That's the acting part. But if you had a vagina and an anus, and could choose where you wanted to be stroked inside, I think you'd prefer the former to the latter close to 100% of the time. OTOH, if you have a circumcised penis and a prostate, a hand, mouth, or vagina wrapped around the former and a finger up stroking the latter is guaranteed to blow your mind and your load. The tantric secret is that the erectile tissue in the penis and the clitoris are equivalent, the clitoral hood and uncircumcised penile prepuce are equivalent, and the G-spot (not so much a spot really) and the prostate are equivalent. To massage a G-spot or P-spot, you best go inside through the appropriate portal. To get to the G-spot, enter the vagina. To get to a P-spot, enter the anus. Back to Dominika C's massage video, note that when she finally comes big time, it's with clitoral and vaginal, not anal, stimulation.
RE: missed opportunity
i agree with peter, why not a nice finger in the ass? she already close!
New direction
That description of the film is exactly me. I have been thinking those same things for months now ever since my last relationship finished. I think I need to go off in a completely new direction if you know what I mean.
missed opportunity
All in all this was a beautiful massage film. My only comment is what many of us have pointed out in the past. That is as the tiny piece of the puzzel thats missing. The one that would have maae thist a perfect film. As up close and personal as these are they are missing digital ANAL ENTRY! When are we going to take this to THE NEXT LEVEL? Or am I wrong?
model name
Hi Panda! the model in this massage movie is Nikola.
Whilst the masages are a delight, knowing the models name would be great. Who's the model in "First Erotic Masage" please?
Big breakthrough at last. My wife finally asked if she could join in watching this film with me. I have been trying to persuade her for a long time but she never agreed. This was a great one for us because it is slow and gentle and I think the title helped as well. Anyway she really saw the point of it and you can guess where it led. The thing was that we both learnt a lot from the movie and from each other. Thanks guys!
More dressing up wanted
Best thing for me was the uniform that the masseuse is wearing. Crisp and white and a bit severe like a nurse. That’s the way to do it. I think we should see more role playing and dressing up to go with the massage. How about it?
I loved the way the masseuse spent all that time on her feet. I could watch that all day. How about some feet movies, especially massage ones? There’s a whole load of possibilities that are just waiting for a showing.
Lasts longer
These massage films show me so much. What I do now is stroke myself the way I see it being done here instead of the way I used to do it. This way it lasts a lot longer and is so satisfying.