Orgasmic Chills Massage

December 6, 2011

Caprice is quivering with desire. She is feeling shivers deep inside of her.

It is all because of the skilful fingers that play over her waiting body. There’s not long spent in waiting. She cannot hold back when she is caressed deep inside. As soon as that storm subsides it is time for the next one to build up. This time it is even more overwhelming for her. Her moans of longing become more and more insistent.

She has to experience every tremor of her fever through to its climax.

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Members' Comments

So beautiful!
I had to post another comment on this. As she reaches climax between 19:00 and 22:00, those beautiful, miraculous nipples get puffier and puffier. I can't stop watching her! The only thing that could beat this would be to see her roughly bred by a powerful black man.
This is the most beautiful, erotic video of any type I have seen. Ever. Caprice is absolutely breathtaking! Her face is so uniquely beautiful, her hair ravishing, her body delicious especially those perky breasts with their puffy, delicate nipples. Her reaction when she reaches orgasm takes my breath away! Some say she is faking. I think it's real and I have never gotten so hot and wet watching a video. Brava!
Top quality in any possible way you can think of!
If only you could connect minds so you could know exactly what area needs to be touched to yield the greatest pleasure! Some times extra hands could help caress her ears and neck and other erogenous zones to achieve maximum effect.
Orgasmic Chills
Excellent video, top production and visuals. Best of all is Caprice's acting. I don't believe she reached orgasm in either of her films. Why is it we cannot women view her ejaculate, reaching that explosion of vaginal juices, yet men can be seen spitting sperm everywhere????
masseuse face
It will be more interesting and exiting to show the masseuses 's faces !!
Caprice's masseuse
Perhaps we could see more of her! A truly outstanding woman!
Along with a nice body, Caprice is one of a few on this site who have the most erotic and genuine orgasms....
Excellent film, as usual, and the reactions to the orgasms were sweet and complete. What seemed missing in the massage was a little gentle anal stimluation; masseuses seem often to ignore this, though it can lead to the most intense orgasms - I don't mean penetration, necessarily, but just some attention to this sensitive area.
The Most Erotic Video I've Ever Seen
I bought a membership yesterday, but this afternoon was my first opportunity to watch a video in complete, uninterrupted privacy. This one video alone was worth the monthly membership fee. I have never seen anything more beautiful and erotic. Obviously the model is the star of the show, but I have to compliment the masseuse. She is an incredible virtuoso and she "plays" the model like a Stradivarius. I especially love her ability to scale back the stimulation between orgasms while still caressing and staying in contact with the model. I think the low-cut tank top is a perfect showcase for her breasts. And I actually prefer the contrast between clothed/unclothed and think this arrangement more erotic than having both women nude. The music and the photography are superb, unlike anything I've ever seen. I could probably go on and on, but for now, enough. I truly look forward to seeing more of these wonderful, amazing videos in the days ahead.
Lovely, intimate massage. As I have siad before, the models do seem to genuinely enjoy been massaged and the climaxes were fabulous. I wonder what women who watch this site think? Would they recommend this form of massage to their partners? Come on girls: gie us men a clue or two! Also, for the production tema: is there any chance of more lesbian massages please. I really do find these the most erotic. Thanks
What human delight
For we are but mortal, and thus we shall, only in one lifetime, enjoy our physical being... how beautiful!!!
Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous. Love the way she is so responsive to ever touch. Love to hear her cum and cum, it makes such a difference when the models are vocal! I would love someone to do this to me!
damn nice video....only my wish is that the masseuse is complety naked to when she does this type of massages. Please Hegre????? is that possible?? _O_
fine tuning
Super, super video and responsive model. I would offer one observation in that at 9:45 of the video had the masseuse INCREASED her finger action instead of stopping it, Caprice would be screaming and squirming like an Olympician and we would all get a metal ( Caprice's would be GOLD)!
best series of orgasm ... ever!
lick caprice
love to stick my toungue in caprices butisomo
RE: Formats
Totally agree! ERic
Caprice is a girl is perfect Any image or its film perfect Beautiful and fun to see a girl an orgasm
Yep yep, I love all the massage videos. Best thing I've seen in ages. However (isn't there always a however) could we please have the downloads available in all formats just like the other videos.
sexey girl
cannot belive how sexual caprice is in the orgasam
No doubt that Caprice is very special. She is flawless in every way and has that wonderful ability to just relax and let herself go with it--very self-assured and very, very comfortable with who she is. This film raised the bar yet again. And to Cathy--I too do erotic massage and have been told over and over that I am extraordinarily good at it. My clientele is small and very select--it is too bad we are so far apart electronically. But then again, you may prefer a female therapist.
Outstanding Duo
As sensual & erotic as any massage film yet. This particular masseuse always gets the most out of her models ; ) her caressing ways are, by far, the most effective & enjoyable to behold. A true technician of sexual prowess who lets her fingers do all the talking. Caprice joins a select few others that can actually relax in front of the camera & enjoy their pleasure for all to see & hear. Bravo!
More close ups
I want to see more close shots. The more close up the better I like it. For example at about 6:30 there is a great one of Caprice’s ass. That’s what I want. More like that please.
Two of them
You are dead right there Kelsey. The two of them are perfect together.
Watching you
Caprice I want you to know that I want to be just like you. I have watched you again and again and I would love to be massaged the way you are in this movie. Where I live I do not think there is anyone like me but at least I have you to watch.
Sense of humour
You have a great sense of humour Caprice. I know that because of the way you look straight at the camera @12:12. It is like you are saying What do you think of that?
Both sexy
I tell you what I think is great about this movie. It’s the contrast backwards and forwards between Caprice all nude and the masseuse. I kept thinking about how sexy the masseuse looked with those full breasts she has. Then I was back to Caprice. Just could not make up my mind which one was best.
That is so hot, i really love to watch Caprices hot body to be caressed!
worth waiting!!