Screaming Anal Enema Massage

December 20, 2011

When she wants to freshen up, there are no half measures for her. The bottom line for this girl is that she craves deep fingering of her ass.

Then she will be ready to welcome the warm full bottle. She raises her ass eagerly. It quivers when the drops of oil prepare the way. That’s just for openers. The exploring fingers of the masseur have an extra special way of preparing for what is to come. Long, deep and slow is the way to this girl’s heart.

It’s ass-kicking action all the way.

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Members' Comments

One of my favorites.
Love this video so much, one of my favorites that will be dear to my heart. Wish i could see more films like this, excellent. Lyndsay
The tongue is far softer than a rigid digit and when she is on the edge of orgasm you can taste her response
I would so love to see a model who is open to this kind of stimulation allowing this after the proper prep. work has been done and it could be Tartaric as she is held in a state of suspense where she wants to explode but is held in that state till her G-Spot is massaged to take her over the edge then have her describe the sensations she felt I am sure there is an audience that would love to see a massage like this given if you really love someone and want them to feel all life is about how can you neglect this area of the human anatomy, would so love to see this scene delivered.
Where was the enema?
You only get one shot at life here on earth why not live life to it's fullest by including anal as part of the enjoyment, I know it may not be for everyone but don't knock it if you have not tried it you just might find out it is one of life's greatest pleasures done right with a tender touch.
OMG this massage captures it all!
From the glistening of the oil to the wonderful sounds of her fingers doing their work on her to her response as her hips move to her tender touch to her laughter at the end and her tender touches as she comes down from having had her orgasm it all comes together in this massage Thank You so much for making this for our enjoyment Peter!
Love the effects of the oil and the tight in shot of the crinkles in her spincter and her finger massaging the taint!
Seldom do we see a massage with this much detail. The oil really highlights her features. Just can't take my eyes off this gal Thank You so much for making this scene available.
Ok, Now it's Valerie's turn.
Okay, that was a nice massage video with Kiki. Very sexy. Now let's see a video like this with Valerie. I'm sure most of your members would agree with me. It is due time. Valerie needs an anal massage video.
Kiki is insanely beautiful, and this message is absolutley the best.
Lost the plot
I think Kiki is great. She's smart, gorgeous, willing to explore her limits with others -- perhaps in a way that few can. Still, I suppose there are limits to what I need to see. I truly admire Kiki. But this does not really do justice to her as a woman. I know there are some women who enjoy this. And ultimately it's all a matter of personal choice: Choice in what to display and choice in what to watch. This simply doesn't work for me.
That was absolutely beautiful, It was just wonderful to what her slowly but surly come.
Kiki is the absolute goddess of Hegre, and though other models might look more explicit, this video re-affirms her status as the most erotic and sexual creature on Hegre-Art!
Screaming anal massage
Terrific girl and terrific film (great concept). Who is this model and is she featured anywhere else on this website?
i disagree with those wanting to see more men in these. keep it to the models :)
Anus erogenous zone
I refer to screaming enema triple climax---This is the first that I have seen combining the anus as an erogenous zone together with a naked masseused with a bit of interplay from the subject feeling the masseuse---Come on guys this should be built in to all pelvic massages ---WITHOUT having to go as far as an enema This is a massive feminin climax trigger zone & erotic build up area Lets have LOTS more teasing of the anus
RE: More Men
I disagree with the opinion that more men are needed in these videos. What is so unique and erotic about these videos is how different they are from the typical porn fare that is available. The massage videos are peaceful, sensual, women-centered erotica that are better for not having men, cum shots, and all the other stereotypical things that make mainstream porn so boring. Women massaging women is the essence of this genre and why it is so different and erotic.
More Men
I can only echo what the others have said. The women are totally sexy, but more balance please! I know many many of your members would love to see a beautiful man's body, including his beautiful penis, massaged to climax. The one time you did it, it was stunning. Thanks
RE: More women on men with cumshots!
Yes, having the woman gettin it done AND liking it is 100 times more powerful than just watching the motions
I soooo wait for tantra and nuru massages... And lingam massages!!! So much more for us girls to learn in a esthetic way...
thank you Kiki
Kiki, thank you for sharing this amazing moment with us ... it was beautiful, erotic, stunning ... love watching you!
More women on men with cumshots!
I like this video. But your records show that the most watched video is 'Japanese penis honouring'. My personal favourite is 'Penis massage' where the guy is clearly brought to an explosive climax by the masseuse - no half hearted, 'did he or didn't he come' scenarios, just pure, 100% climax fun. Other similar vids do not show any strong evidence of the male climax. So, PLEASE can we have more massages where the guy is brought to climax by the girl (or girls!). Thank you!
Thank You!!!!!!!!
We have long awaited this one and the film was worth every secound. I watched it over and over with the wife and it sure payed off. Now if you could find it in your schedual to add in the model tasteing her glistening white juices from the masseuse's fingers we will be on our way to greatness!! Thank you again Petter.
Well, that was fun
Not sure I get the enema gig but it sure was fun to watch. Took a while to get her going - like 20 minutes with finger in the ass, thumb in the pussy & fingers furiously playing with her clit while she laid like a stone - but once she got going was HOT as hell. Good stuff.
No Room for Negative Comments on Thie One.
Comments like that of "W" are inappropriate and uncalled for. This video is not only Art, it is Poetry, end of descussion, plain and simple. Do these soothe sayers read the repeated requests in the "Members Comment" section where they post? enough said. Thank you Petter Hegre this one was past due but WEll RECEIVED.
Great video, well done with a beautiful model with a 10+ body. Sorry, but I do not know who the model is ? HELP PLEASE !
love to hear more screaming climax's. watching a beautiful woman haveing an orgasm, is the ultimate fantasy
Finally! This is magic! Need more of it!
Very beautiful work. Pretty anus. Her reserved smile after the satisfaction. More anus related happiness of hers would be appreciated in the next work.
About Time!!
This one is pure "ART" plain and simple. Way to go. My only comment would be, "prolong a DEEP diget in the anus during the entire relief process". Withdrawn S L O W L Y as the subject hits her final crescendo. Other than that Petter, WAY TO GO, and thank you.
A natural progression of the Erotic Art of Hegre. Very beautiful and well done.
well, that was...different!next you're gonna get guys asking why you didnt show her on the toilet! (rolling eyes)
New category
Way to go! This is what I have been waiting a long time for. Maybe there is scope here for a whole new category of movies to go along with massages etc. Enemas!
RE: Unsure
Think positive Paul. You got two movies for the price of one. The enema one and the oil massage too. No problem there that I can see.
Changed her mind
At last I found a way to persuade my G/F to try this. Long time now I have been sort of hinting at it and she was not at all keen to say the least but when we watched this together it changed her mind. Thanks a million.
Lots more
The ass play and penetration with these two is fantastic. It’s definitely something to show lots more of. Go for it.
I think this film is unsure where it is going because only about half of it is about the enema. OK maybe there are practical difficulties shall we say and it is not for everyone. But they do not have to watch if they don’t want to.
Good stuff - as is the pleasure of commenting first. Now, can we get a few more guy/girl massages? Gracias!
Just Once...
If I could do that to Kiki just once, my life would be...