Kung Fu Massage

January 3, 2012

Who has the power to triumph? He is a colossus of manhood and muscle. She has the soft and tender touch of a woman. Can she bend him to her desire?

They meet in a ritual dance to explore each other’s strengths. He is potent and impressive. She has wiles and techniques that can bring him to his knees. First she must work on him. Her skill leads her again and again to where he is most vulnerable and sensitive.

The monks of Shaolin never had such a contest. They never faced a temptation like this.

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Members' Comments

love her pussy.. beautiful.
Latin Tango
The movements of the couple interacting in this video sets it appart from the other massages. Ever considdered the dance of a completely naked couple? In my view The tango performed by this purely latin guy in all his glory against the hot temperament of Flora has a high potential of viewing pleasure. I feel both their latin backgrounds should be able to result in a stunning video lead by the seductive attration of this extremely physical dance.
She knows men and their mechanics! This is a fun video. The downsides are: (1) She isn't a 10 by northern European standards, but it doesn't matter. and (2) no happy ending, but you get the feeling that happened after the video for sure. She really likes her guy and how he operates, so I liked this a lot.
I agree with Dr Stark here. seemed half assed and with no direction. had potential though if female model had it as a goal to finish the male model. I do enjoy watching these two models work together.
An exercise in frustration
In order for a film to be compelling, it needs to have some sort of narrative, some sort of direction. This movie starts with an interesting idea, kung fu as erotic massage, but after the actors half-heartedly do their little dance fight for far too long, it's clear that nobody had thought ahead about what they would do next. The rest of the film after the apathetic dance-fight is pretty much just 25 minutes of a girl absentmindedly fiddling with a guy's junk with no clear purpose. She climbs all over his body like a spider monkey, with a lot of seemingly uncomfortable positions they pulled off a kama sutra website without thinking to practice them before taping. There's nothing erotic about the apathetic way they dutifully move from position to position, and a couple times I swear the girl falls asleep. I do have a lot of respect for the male model. Despite the fact that his partner could care less about the whole endeavor and makes no visible effort to stimulate him, he gamely remains turgid long past the point where most people would have thrown in the towel. For him to put up such a valiant effort and not receive any relief in the end? It's borderline criminal. By the end of the video, all I could think was, "I need to get to work on my deck if I want to finish before dinner."
RE: kung fu dance massage
ever considered to reverse the roles and allow the male to give the dancing massage. His strength will allow him to carry the girl in so many different variations to touch and move.
Indeed this dancing massage video is one of my favorites also. There is so much close body contact in so many different poses and moves. It is fuming hot from all the intended sensuality, in build up to a climax to expect. The dance like movements together allows for so much more angles and perspectives in visible attractive arousing nudity. It allows for so much variations to explore. Please do. Videos like these may last for 40-60 minutes, to show all movements to the last touching detail.
she is great , realy
Gorgeous film. One of my favourites. I am a 98% straight guy, but am swayed by the kind of temptation that this male model exudes. I sort of wish it was Anna S or even the Queen Luba with him even though this girl is super skilled and cute, but then it would be perfect. But full marks (again) for Petter- iconic stuff.
More of THESE types of movies !!!!!!!
Kung-Fu Massage
I agree with an earlier post that she should have brought him to climax. No doubt she could have; for some reason this site makes a visible male orgasm the exception rather than the rule.
kung fu dance massage
Because of my last post to this massage I have revisited this film a few times. It remains to keep a high value of attraction. The active dance and touch do make this an exceptional movie. It leaves many perspectives to explore, beyond massages only. Active touch and contact of nude male female bodies allows for much more then the obvious narrow minded.
Such well captured beauty is shown here. This is exactly why your films are so outstanding above all others. It is my wish to see much more of these male female all nude interactions allowing all deliberate touch and contact. Windmill
Kung Fu massage
I liked this film a lot. Interesting use of body types; he large - and she small & petite. Loved the way that the female masseur uses her whole body to massage the man, including her hands and feet. She should have been allowed to jerk him off and bring him to a natural climax. Ending felt unfulfilled, in that the man was not allowed to cum.
great idea, but not my kind of models.
end not satisfying
I loved this video. Throughout the entire thing it is very arousing and extremely sexual. I loved the aspect of the woman massaging him with her feet as well. But the end was not nearly as satisfying as it could have been with an ejaculation. Please do more like this though, I loved the different standing positions with the woman elevated. With an ejaculation, this video would have been your absolute highest rated I feel.
I found this to be one of the most amazing videos. I love the other massage videos, but the flawless body movements coupled with the beauty of the models was spectacular. I really enjoyed this! MORE, MORE, MORE!
This is an original idea i think. as i have not seen this type of pla before. well do to all involved, more so to both the guy and the lady. if that were me she was fighting id have cum a lot earlier. this lady while she maynot have all the beauty of the other models on this site sure makes up for that in skills and talent. She knows all the tricks to win over any man or woman.
haha - that thing is so big he can hardly keep it filled with blood.
This has to be one of the most erotic massage films I have seen - truly beautiful in the way it was done.
missing something?
it's true that seeing this rare clip where a beautiful woman massaging a man well mounted, I subscribed to your site, but oddly free of the clip, we imagine that there is an end not in reality I do not understand why we do not enjoy such a beautiful cock in the hands of a beautiful woman like that indeed missing something at the end sorry to tell you, I feel myself rolls bye
Kung-fu massage
A beautiful video. A guy, not only with a great body but a very large, aesthetic penis. The girl's cute but a musclier one might have been more suitable.
RE: RE: something missing
he obviously did!
RE: RE: something missing
Well if you come to the core of tantra, it is the miracle to sense and gain anergy - to come close to an intense feeling of tender, trust, awareness and personal estimation. It is to gain energy in those 30 to 40 minutes and not to waste. So practically it is inhaling the power of given love. To fill the cells with energy for productiv growth. Masturbation leaves you exhausted within 3 minutes time and leaves you in a world of lonelyness. It's the way to overcome.
RE: something missing
I totally agree. It's as if an ejaculation goes too far for a "straight man". I'm straight but the video was definitely lacking a grande finale. If I recall correctly only one massage video with a male on this site actually ends with an ejaculation. I mean get real, who could realistically hold out?!
something missing
Video was great but as usual with any male ones the end was missing. Your massage videos are something else,ground breaking and extremely erotic, with usually some obvious sign of sexual release. Why is it a problem to see ejaculation, which for me would have happened quite quickly!!! such an issue? I think I speak for a lot of us who aren't gay but feel that the film would be more realistic with the obvious result of all this manipulation. Love the variety and subjects of your massages, but please go to the end of the journey like the female ones. Keep up the good work my suscription is due soon!!!!
Sensuality plus
One of the most erotic films of all. I love the juxtaposition of delicate female fingers on stout penis and the subtle wrist action. Absolutely beautiful. Of course I now have an obsessive fantasy with my penis being beautifully teased and massaged. As nuch as I like watching girls massaging girls to orgasm, I want to see much more penis massage. And I think there has only been one guy massaging a girl ever. One thing I do regret is that this would also have been a superb still set. Any reason why there can't be both? Power To The Penis is an all time favourite of mine.
Let’s see more films with this girl in them. She definitely has something very special. She seems to be hiding a very intense and passionate personality. She should have a chance to express that.
Man mountain
Where did you find him? He’s a man-mountain. Bring him back soon please for all us bi-curious guys.
More fantasy
That is a superb opening section with the long slow dance. I suppose you could call it a sort of strip tease and I have never seen anything quite like it before. I am looking forward to seeing more fantasy or role-playing massage movies. There must be a lot of situations as well as kung fu that could morph into a massage session.
I was not sure what to expect when I saw the title of this movie. I thought that massage could not fit with “those cats were fast as lightnin’”. The way it turned out was a real surprise as a sort of slow motion kung fu movie.
Eso es poesia!
beauty and Poetry In Motion
Though I did find this massage captivating at moments, I found it very much like all the other girl/boy massages, in that it (or they) do not seem to be as "Intense" as the female masseuse on a femalemodel. Erotic yes, as intense, no... But it was good in contrast and for the sake of variety. I mean after all we can't keep looking at the same massages over and over...or can we?
More fun
This is better than anything that Bruce Lee ever did and a helluva lot more fun than loads of fellas kicking each other.
KUNG FU MASSAGE - Sensual & Erotic
I LOVE THIS MASSAGE VIDEO. It begins with both YANKA and a kouros engaging in a kind of sensual shadow boxing/dancing reminiscent of what one would observe between 2 people practicing capoeira. Then the interplay between YANKA and the kouros becomes more heated and intimate. YANKA teases and tempts the kouris with her dancing and hands, which soon divests the kouros of his loincloth. The atmosphere between the 2 people becomes steamier and perceptibly hotter --- especially on YANKA's part, who is clearly the dominant in this video. YANKA embraces the kouros and she, too, divests herself of vestments. Both are now fully nude. YANKA takes special pleasure in holding and fondling the kouros' maleness. I felt myself part of a privileged audience viewing this video. I trust that we will see much, much more of YANKA in other videos. (She has a sexy, petite body with pert breasts and a very nice, shapely, tight derriere. )
yes i agree i wa hoping the same thing, she sholdve aleast teased him with her clit! also if she plays with me like that while i am holding her she might get dropped on her head! lol!
Nice but..
I saw this one advertised and have waited with baited breath for it. It is a good video. But once again, an enormous opportunity lost in not showing her bring him to a climax. And to say that he was 'up for it' is an understatement. Frustrated, as he must be.
I find this video near the perfection in light and in frame. Finally a spanish model. I find eastern models beautiful but I love better the mediterranean type of woman. Yanka is tiny and beautiful. Thank you for keeping the level of your work on the high range.
Kung Fu
Ich bin begeistert. Petter Hegre und sein Team schaffen es immer wieder geschmackvolle Filme mit ebensolchen Darstellern zu produzieren. Dieser Film ist bisher das Größte, dass ich von Petter Hegre gesehen habe. Danke und herzlichen Glückwunsch für diesen Film. Die Mitgliedschaft bei "hegre-art.com" hat sich hiermit mal wieder ausgezahlt. Ich warte auf weitere tolle Darstellungen in Bild- und Filmform.
well, I was hoping the lady would get some attention!
This is beautiful, sexy and interesting. Does she conquer him in the end spilling his seed or does she spare his need.