Triple Big O Massage

January 31, 2012

Sometimes your luck is in. It is for her. She has got three in a row.

This is the moment every player dreams of. It’s time for the big pay-out. After the suspense of the build-up there is the thrill when you hear the rush. It’s all getting released. Lingering caresses of her hidden folds prepared the way. Firm grip on her nipple pushed her further towards a climax. Confident fingers explored inside and around her. Shuddering orgasms sweep over her again and again

Every one is a winner.

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Members' Comments

i prefer rial orgasm. but a lot of fake orgasm. i want to see her genuine orgasm and contractions. please. i don't want to regret a purchase
Es ist wunderbar wenn sie anfängt zu stöhnen und zu jammern - und man weiß, sie kann dem Orgasmus nicht entkommen.
I have just joined. That has to be one of the most amazingly erotic vidoes I have ever watched; nothing crude or exploitative about it. I am amazed at the dexterity of the fingers of the female masseusse. Gents:if you want your wife/girlfriend to be truly orgasmic, watch this.
I felt her sexual energy
I'm loving watching the orgasm build. Yoni massages rule!!!
really nice
She is so beautiful!
Does anybody know what oil is being used?
I am a woman. this is an erotic video, but a tip for guys out there.....that scratching up and down motion the masseuse uses over and over again on the clit is actually quite painful when repeated for so long and so many times and had me cringing in my seat. A much nicer and even more orgasm friendly alternative is to use a flat finger (or fingers) and rub back and forth (left and right), not a curved finger scratching up and down. Otherwise, the rest of her technique is spot on. And for the record, Mirabelle puts her hand on the masseuses hand to get her to stop.....
.....a real orgasm is so beautiful!!
A+ to both
Wow,Mirabelle is outstanding in every way.Not only can she have a great O, she knowe how to make it last! Lucky her, lucky us. However,THIS masseuse deserves a big bonus for her skills as she really knows when to pick up the pace and stay with what she is doing when Mirabelle starts singing. MUSIC TO OUR EARS!
Just spectacular. One of, if not the best yet. These films may be doing more for the female population than anything else on the web. Is there anyone who isn't trying to take what we see here and please the woman in their life? Never get enough of these.
BETR: O O O O O ...
fantastisch, excellent, himmlisch...
einfach irdisch-himmlisch fantastisch!!!
Orgasmic Massage - Male
Triple Big O is a wonderful treat !!! When can we have some thing similar with a male ?
triple O's with Mirabelle
Excellant. Truly erotic and very exciting. More, More, More
RE: Counting
Just 2 Os but second one was very intense cause of several incomplete OS.
very nice clip. sadly the masseuse isn't naked....my wish is that someday you will make a video like that were the masseuse is also naked. many thanks already ;)
O O O O O ...
Well, Mirabell it is. I've watched this video a couple more times, and what a debut performance. Likewise, I can only imagine that the masseuse had a wet spot in her panties since, first, she clearly has done this before, and second, she taps that pussy like she means it. If that was my job, I'd love to get a client like Mirabell, someone who gave such wonderful feedback instantly for every stroke. Can you imagine what the masseuse got to feel inside of Mirabell while every part of her was quivering like that? If it had been me, I'd have squirted in my pants about the time that Mirabell was screaming her head off there at the end. Mind you, I'd have been tempted to take the chance of loosing my job by slipping in more than a finger or two as well. We'll all have to get together again some time and do this again real soon.
Absolutely gorgeous. Would love someone to give me a massage like that, although I'd need more gspot massage to make me cum hard.
She has the most amazing eyes.
Wow!!! Simply amazing...probably among the most erotic things I've been fortunate enough to witness!
Mirabell's Os
There's nothing in the world like Mirabell cumming! The best feeling on Earth! OMG!
This is why I joined. Only one complaint, and that's the sky cam or whatever you want to call it. I've never liked it, not in sporting events or anywhere else. I would rather be watching at eye level, but again I loved this massage.
Interesting Technic
I will try at the earliest opportunity.
What sweet song thy beauty sings - and a major tip of the cap to the fabulous masseuse for her incredible stamina.
She is the new model Mirabell
RE: RE: erotic
OMG!!!!....unbelievable!!!!....beautiful girl, beautiful body and beautiful orgasm's!!!!
OK got it - it's Engelie, right? Simply beautiful!
RE: erotic
Most definitely agree with Greg. This is the one type of erotic movie where I am not thrust into the action, but taken along gently by the hand to a most sexual crescendo. This way, it's not just a visual but a total sensory bliss. And yes, that includes my brain as an erogenous zone, too :)
Great movie, luv it - but I still don't know ... who is she?
There are way more than 3 Os here. Way more.
RE: erotic
absolutely agree with your opinion. It's not important if the masseuse is naked or if she touches enough the g-spot bla bla .. I like the massage series because you don't just see a hot girl getting a massage naked, you can listen to her voice too when she gets an orgasm. A real one , not a fake. Fantastic !!
Oh yes...Come girl come
no one mentions the new flying cam? it takes it all to a whole new level!
I think finally the type of orgasms that you would see from such an intense and sensual massage. This massage had one purpose in mind and that was to get her/model off, and very sexy to see that as well. I love these massage films because can just fantasize about being the one touching or being touched. You talk about a happy ending. Half the fantasy is that there is very little interaction is some of the massages, just the model receiving. Unless it is a tantric massage or lesbian massage I do not care if the masseuse is naked. The models are good enough for me. You would not get too many skilled sensual massage therapist for these videos if they were asked to be naked or show their face. But you always get some bozo commenting/perseverating on naked masseuses or some massage genius talking about g spots, anal play and critiquing massages. Just shut your brain off and enjoy the show. I know I did.
Re: Strange
That totally misses the point Carl. The whole idea is to have this exciting contrast between the cool detached masseur who is so precise about every move she makes and the nude girl on the table who is receiving all these wild sensations.
It looks strange to me when I see a nude woman having all these orgasms and the woman giving them to her is dressed like she would be in some public place in her usual clothes. I would rather see her in something more revealing.
The close-up shots in this movie are great. The ones at 17:30 and 18:50 in particular are just what I want to see. Keep them coming.
Amazing. She is so petit and gets gigantic orgasm's. Wish I could have as many in so short time, and so intense. Why was i born a man :)
Triple? I can count to four, I do!
The way she grips the hand of the woman massaging her and the sides of the table says it all. That is the kind of detail that makes the difference.
Simply wonderful...........
The masseur knows what she is doing alright but whatever happened to the G-spot we used to hear such a lot about? Seems to me it is getting neglected. Admittedly there is some fingering but IMHO not enough of that kind of penetration.